A List of Things I Weirdly Miss

I shared a post on social media last week that I’d written two years ago, when I’d been enraged at the inequality of booking concert tickets as a wheelchair user, which spurred a rant called Booking Accessible Tickets – Mission (almost) Impossible. Rereading this post got me thinking. I actually miss this stuff. I don’t… Continue reading A List of Things I Weirdly Miss


9 Winter Warmers For Dealing With The Cold

The older I get, the less a fan of winter I become. It’s 4.30pm right now, and it’s dark outside. I feel like hibernating, I mostly do (Edit: Even more so now we are on lockdown 2.0 of a pandemic that's been happening for going on a year now). I have no intention of leaving… Continue reading 9 Winter Warmers For Dealing With The Cold

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4 Celebrations – 4 Years Blogging

As the title suggests, to celebrate my four years of Wheelescapades, I have four things to tell you. I’ve learned some stuffWho’d of thought I’d make it to year four? When I pressed publish on this very first post I didn’t know what would happen. Not many people saw it, nobody knew it was there.… Continue reading 4 Celebrations – 4 Years Blogging

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Aims Accomplished – Aims Not Resolutions 2020

January may not have started off well, flu really is evil. I’ve ended the month on a high though and as D-Ream sang ‘things can only get better’. Of course, the first event I properly left the house for, after leaving hospital, was afternoon tea. I couldn’t have planned it. Well I did, but you… Continue reading Aims Accomplished – Aims Not Resolutions 2020


Friends, Flu and Frustrations

January is usually the longest month of the year, feeling like it has at least 372 days in it. January 2020 has felt quite different. Yes it’s 2020. I’m still having trouble typing and saying it. Sounds like the future doesn’t it?! Twenty Twenty. Well if we are in the future, it still feels pretty… Continue reading Friends, Flu and Frustrations


If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #3

If we were having coffee I might struggle to find a suitable table. The day after I wrote this post about chips that included a mini rant about tables, my rage got multiplied. I went into the world famous coffee chain I have a love/hate relationship with (Starbucks) to find they’d had a refurb. Some… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #3

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Crafting With A Physical Disability – Finding My Thing

I’m a fidget. I’m not very good at doing nothing. If I’m watching tv I’m crafting, if I’m crafting I’m watching tv. I can even craft and read now thanks to my audiobook discovery. For somebody that can’t move very much, I’m never still. My hands have to be kept busy, and if they’re not… Continue reading Crafting With A Physical Disability – Finding My Thing


Me, Myself and SMA

August is SMA awareness month. I’m pretty aware all year round, but I invited you guys to put to me some questions. I talk a lot about access and wheeling around. But I don’t talk a lot about my actual condition. There is so much more to SMA than having wheels. In fact having wheels… Continue reading Me, Myself and SMA

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Three Whole Years Of Rambles

That came around fast. Yesterday marked three years since I posted my very first thought on here. It was a confession of why I blog, and my reasons haven’t changed much. I’m still just as shocked now when I get a view or follower as I was on that very first day when I had… Continue reading Three Whole Years Of Rambles


99 Problems But The Wheels Ain’t One

It’s not all about the wheels, in fact it’s not really about the wheels at all. I’m not a Jay-Z fan I can rarely finish a whole slice of cake I’ll never know if I make a good brew Books are heavy My TBR pile will definitely outlive me I can’t take a good bite… Continue reading 99 Problems But The Wheels Ain’t One