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It Takes Time To Be Disabled

I was having a nightmare with my repeat prescription the other week. Who am I kidding, I have a problem with prescriptions most weeks. But this particular problem had taken an email, a phone call with a doctor, a couple of phone calls with the pharmacy, a visit to the pharmacy, missing items, another visit… Continue reading It Takes Time To Be Disabled

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101 Things I’ve Done in 2021

Ye I know, you’re laughing at that title already. Thinking ‘well we’ve all been in a pandemic, half of that was in some form of lockdown, and she’s been semi shielding the rest’. Well if there’s one thing a global pandemic has taught me, it’s appreciate the small stuff. Because that’s stuff too. I’ve said… Continue reading 101 Things I’ve Done in 2021

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7 Things SMA Has Given Me

Today marks five years since I published my first blog post. It feels like only yesterday, and also feels like I’ve never not blogged. What did I do with my time before? What did I procrastinate from? Because as much as I do enjoy writing, I’m even better at finding other things to do while… Continue reading 7 Things SMA Has Given Me

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Finding the Little Joys

A few weeks ago I read a post by blogging pal Amelia at You Can Always Start Now. She was enjoying the rare treat of sitting in a cafe drinking coffee. She was ‘Grabbing my wins as I can get them’. Luxuries and treats are considered different to a year ago. Back in the good… Continue reading Finding the Little Joys

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Failing at Feeling Festive

It’s December, the first week of it has flown by and it feels weird. I don’t feel festive at all. I think, because I last saw the real, living world back in March, I’m a bit frozen in time. Trapped in some kind of time warp without Richard O’Brien singing along. The seasons have changed… Continue reading Failing at Feeling Festive


A List of Things I Weirdly Miss

I shared a post on social media last week that I’d written two years ago, when I’d been enraged at the inequality of booking concert tickets as a wheelchair user, which spurred a rant called Booking Accessible Tickets – Mission (almost) Impossible. Rereading this post got me thinking. I actually miss this stuff. I don’t… Continue reading A List of Things I Weirdly Miss


9 Winter Warmers For Dealing With The Cold

The older I get, the less a fan of winter I become. It’s 4.30pm right now, and it’s dark outside. I feel like hibernating, I mostly do (Edit: Even more so now we are on lockdown 2.0 of a pandemic that's been happening for going on a year now). I have no intention of leaving… Continue reading 9 Winter Warmers For Dealing With The Cold

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4 Celebrations – 4 Years Blogging

As the title suggests, to celebrate my four years of Wheelescapades, I have four things to tell you. I’ve learned some stuffWho’d of thought I’d make it to year four? When I pressed publish on this very first post I didn’t know what would happen. Not many people saw it, nobody knew it was there.… Continue reading 4 Celebrations – 4 Years Blogging

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Aims Accomplished – Aims Not Resolutions 2020

January may not have started off well, flu really is evil. I’ve ended the month on a high though and as D-Ream sang ‘things can only get better’. Of course, the first event I properly left the house for, after leaving hospital, was afternoon tea. I couldn’t have planned it. Well I did, but you… Continue reading Aims Accomplished – Aims Not Resolutions 2020


Friends, Flu and Frustrations

January is usually the longest month of the year, feeling like it has at least 372 days in it. January 2020 has felt quite different. Yes it’s 2020. I’m still having trouble typing and saying it. Sounds like the future doesn’t it?! Twenty Twenty. Well if we are in the future, it still feels pretty… Continue reading Friends, Flu and Frustrations