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101 Things I’ve Done in 2021

Ye I know, you’re laughing at that title already. Thinking ‘well we’ve all been in a pandemic, half of that was in some form of lockdown, and she’s been semi shielding the rest’.

Well if there’s one thing a global pandemic has taught me, it’s appreciate the small stuff. Because that’s stuff too.

I’ve said before about disabilty kind of preparing me for a time of restrictions. Because it’s not just now for some of us. But let’s not get all gloomy and ranty.

As we are on the cusp of saying farewell to 2021, hoping and wishing that 2022 has something good in store (just as we did at the end of 2020!), I look back at the things I’ve done, in 2021.

(The writing of this post was sparked by the reading on this one)

101 Things I’ve Done In 2021

1. Kicked it off in lockdown 3.0

2. Watched my sister open her 30th birthday gifts over FaceTime.

3. Did my first Covid PCR test (for research)

4. Ordered letterbox cheese to be delivered to a friend.

5. Did a real life jigsaw for the first time in years.

6. Woke up to snow.

Three tiered planter covered with snow. Green leaves and twigs poking through.

7. Made pigs in blankets toad in the hole.

8. Received postal flapjacks.

9. Sold all my jewellery making stuff.

10. Listened to some epic audiobooks.

11. Had another FaceTime birthday for my niece.

12. Got all the feels watching the penultimate season of This Is Us.

13. Got 3 Covid-19 vaccinations. Not only to protect myself, but also my family, friends, community, and country.

14. Ditto the flu jab.

15. Discovered cheese and marmite hot cross buns. Then ate my weight in them.

16. Ate smoked salmon sandwiches at home. The things we miss can be random.

17. Painted over 100 stones, taking part in a worldwide creative project.

100 painted stones arranged in a circle on a wooden floor.

18. Made multiple batches of soup in my trusty soup maker.

19. Had a giant cake delivered from a not so secret Valentine. (My Uncle).

20. Made cinnamon sugar for pancake day.

21. Spent time appreciating my garden.

Fluffy daffodils in peach and white.

22. Experienced the relief of multiple negative Covid tests.

23. Completed my first ever diamond art.

24. Enjoyed conversations with my cats.

25. Made a Victoria sponge.

26. Had my blueberries substituted with peaches from Tesco. Like what?

27. Visited Addenbrookes hospital for the first time since I was a baby. For an exciting assessment.

28. Had a garden Easter egg hunt with the nieces.

29. Wondered if The Walking Dead will ever come to an end.

30. Had a CT scan.

31. Watched a royal funeral.

32. Joined HelloFresh to spice things up a bit.

33. Found out who H is in Line Of Duty and sighed with the nation.

34. Was stabbed 9 times by 3 anaesthetists that failed to get a spinal block in.

35. Froze under a heated blanket in my garden for a picnic on my birthday #PandemicLife

A dark red tray filled with slices of cake, scones and tubs of jam and cream.

36. Completed my first scratch foil art.

37. Advertised for a new PA, got stood up and ghosted multiple times before I found one.

38. Got my first pair of bluetooth earbuds. Yes, I’m not cool.

39. Had afternoon tea delivered.

40. Relived my youth with Midnight Sun.

41. Started Risdiplam. The first oral treatment for SMA, with the aim to halt progression. A moment in history.

42. Celebrated Mum’s birthday with a picnic in my sister’s garden. Never have I picnicked so much.

43. Was gifted Hobnobs by our elderly neighbour.

44. Went in a shop for the first time in well over a year and it didn’t even feel weird.

45. Decided wearing a mask can be cosy and comforting. Plus you don’t have to look cheery if you’re not.

46. Chuckled at Mrs Doubtfire with the nieces.

47. Wrote a guest post all about SMA.

48. Watched ‘Friends’ get reunited.

49. Had Starbucks iced tea in my garden with a friend.

50. Attended online book club discussions.

51. Had the nieces sleepover.

52. Strolled around Eaton Park.

A photo looking across a square lake at a domed bandstand in the distance. The sky is blue.

53. Ate McDonald’s in heavy rain in my friends garden.

54. Went to my favourite indian restaurant. Twice.

55. De-cluttered my bedroom and the garage.

56. Donated two of my old wheelchairs to a charity in Africa.

57. This trio got together after 18 months.

Me with red hair and an orange jumper sitting in my wheelchair. Two female friends are standing behind me. Both with long dark blonde hair. We are all smiling towards the camera.

58. Met a hedgehog in my garden.

Close up of a hedgehog on the grass.

59. Ate fish and chips in the park while getting stuck in sand.

60. Decided to live with my bladder stones. For now.

61. Had a Greggs sausage roll.

62. Watched both versions of Willy Wonka in the same day.

63. Got drive thru Starbucks for the first time.

64. Finally reached the end of Dexter, then they announced they’re making more.

65. Sat in the sun drinking a brew in The Assembly House gardens.

A grand Georgian house can be seen over a green hedge.

66. Wrote 22 blog posts. Including this one.

67. Brought the outside in, filling my bedroom with plants.

68. Had fish and chips by the sea in Walcott. First sea view of the decade.

Looking out over an empty sandy beach. The sea is still and green. The sky a clear blue.

69. Watched people enjoying theirselves at Latitude Festival. On the tv.

70. Beat my niece at battleships.

71. Went to the zoo and met these lashes.

A giraffe head looking at the camera. He has grass hanging out of his mouth. There is a large expanse of grass in the background.

72. Ate homegrown tomatoes.

73. Mourned at the loss of Sean Lock. Comic genius.

74. Went to Pleasurewood Hills.

75. Went to a garden centre. And another.

76. Visited the village my Nan used to live.

77. Celebrated my sister’s 30th birthday 9 months late, with afternoon tea at The Assembly House.

A large oval empty table that seats 22 people. It is in a very elegant Georgian style room with a grand piano at the end.

78. Gave my bedroom a complete makeover. Sage green, leaves and chill.

79. Supervised the building of furniture as a cat sat in it.

A black cat has curled up inside a white wooden chest of drawers shell where the drawers should be.

80. Raged at anti-maskers, anti-vaxers and most humans.

81. Went bowling and didn’t loose. Or win.

82. Decided not to see Ross Noble at the theatre.

83. Went back to doing word searches in real books instead of apps.

Close up section of a wordsearch with lines in green pen.

84. Appreciated the summer more than ever.

85. Enjoyed being under a roof eating Halloween themed afternoon tea at The Assembly House with a friend.

Me in my powered wheelchair, I have red hair and a yellow jumper. I am at a table with my friend who has blonde hair tied up. There are teapots and plates with crumbs of food on.

86. Jürgen on GBBO. Need I say more.

87. Became obsessed with reading fiction. Well more so than normal.

88. Had my hair cut in a salon.

89. Ate Christmas Balls at Grosvenor.

90. Had a hot chocolate doorstep delivery.

Hot chocolate in a brown cardboard cup with a wooden spoon sticking out. It is topped with cream, chocolate swirls, crumbled shortbread and caramel sauce. The cup is sitting on the inside of a windowsill.

91. Sent my Covid positive niece some goodies.

92. Watched a load of made for tv Christmas films.

93. Got a living Christmas tree called Terrance.

A small real Christmas tree in a gold pot. It has gold baubles on and is sitting in front of a brick wall and wooden trellis.

94. Had the McDonald’s festive chicken that tasted too good to be McDonald’s.

95. Had lunch with my group of friends for the first time in 2 years.

96. Crocheted Harry Potter as a Christmas gift.

A crochet Harry Potter toy. Holding a crochet wand and broomstick. He is wearing the Gryffindor scarf or red and yellow stripes.

97. Rediscovered my love of mulled wine.

98. Celebrated Christmas at my sister’s on Boxing Day.

99. Played a board game with family.

100. Got some cool little air plants.

Two diamond shaped glass wall vases part filled with white stones. Green and red spiky plants grow inside.

101. Made it through 2021.

What have you done in 2021?

An image to pin. The photo of fluffy daffodils with title text 101 Things I’ve Done In 2021.

29 thoughts on “101 Things I’ve Done in 2021”

  1. Well you certainly made the most of your time. Fair play to you! No time to be bored.
    I just did a very bold thing half way through reading! I’m so mad at myself.
    I just googled who is H.
    We’ve just finished season 5 of Line of Duty and are be waiting for a repeat showing of season 6; on whatever channel.
    I just couldn’t help myself when I saw it on your list. (Don’t tell my husband) 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And at the last knocking you caught the blooming thing x Get better and be safe. Flapjacks in the post sound right up my street as does a visit to lashes. I am the power of three having been vaccinated 3 times then the Flu, same as you. I have zoomed grandchildren, taken playwriting courses and cooked over Zoom. I have been scared been worried and been sad. But I have learned lots to improve my writing read audio books and kondoed our home. I have loved the zooms and felt safe I could without doubt be a recluse, I have a postcard pal in NewZealand. A new adventure for my pen, but not travelling leaves me stuck for any adventurous cards but if she sticks at it one day we will climb back in our motorhome and zip to places she will be pleased to learn about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, need to add that one to the list! I’m well though thank you. Extremely lucky. Hopefully it shows the jabs are doing their job and keeping us safe.

      Zoom has been a great discovery over the past couple of years, I’m glad it enabled you to take part in activities and see family.

      It’s certainly a year of emotions. I too could make a good recluse!

      Postcard pal sounds like a great idea. How did it start?


      1. We had been exchanging comments on each others blog then she joined Blog and inspire Facebook group and our blog friendship showed some things we had in common and I asked if she would like to swap addresses and we were off. A card bi monthly one to Her then one to me.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Also had quite an exciting 2021. The highlight for us as a family, the birth of a grandson! Thanks for sharing your list at Blog & Inspire FB Group.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hot chocolate doorstep delivery. I got a wee bit jealous reading that.

    I love your rundown of 2021. You have a pretty cool list there. Oh, and that photo of the giraffe – it’s gorgeous. They are one of my favourite animals.You have some amazing hobbies. You’ve written about some of them before, but that crocheted Harry Potter is lovely and I love your painted rocks.

    Looking at this list, you’ve had a fairly busy year. I hope that 2022 can bring more outings. And doorstep hot chocolate…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Doorstep hot chocolate should be a thing shouldn’t it?!
      There were definitely some highlights to my 2021, it’s great to look back on them when we mostly consider these past 2 years to me nightmare ones.
      Happy New Year!


  5. The small stuff is definitely still stuff. To astrophysicists, a “small” asteroid is still the size of Birmingham, so it’s huge to us but not to them. Not sure where I’m going with this.

    I love that you’ve done this list and I applaud the effort to go to 101. I think it’s a really good idea, especially when the pandemic years seem to have gone way, way too quickly and we can feel like nothing decent has happened. Or at least, that’s how I feel.

    My mum seems interested in seeing what a large stick up your nose to tickle your eyeball feels like. I’ll have to suggest she does one for research. She’ll never want another again.

    When you wrote “did a real life jigsaw”, I read that as “life size”. Checked the post and remembered it but my first thought was like a giant pig-sized piggy jigsaw. That would be pretty cool. A challenge for 2022? 😉

    I love that your uncle got you a giant cake for Valentine’s. That’s so sweet, quite literally.

    I used to love The Walking Dead. Maaaany years ago, I’d started watching it when it came out with my boyfriend at the time. We split, I had surgery then I could never face watching it again. No idea where I was in the series, which is the exact same thing that happened with GOT. How many episodes can such shows have? It’s not Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Simpsons. Is Walking Dead still going now?

    There are some sad lows here, like the stabbing by anaesthetists (and finding out the identity of H), but lots of really good things too, like yummy food, creativity, Risdiplam, friends, family, outdoor adventures again. Lots of goodness.

    Wishing you all the very best for a happy New Year, Gemma – I hope 2022 is kind to you and is filled with lots of small joys. And that Covid fucks off. xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get where you’re going, I like the metaphor there. Things are different for us all.

      Oh it really has gone quickly hasn’t it?! I mean I’ll be glad when this pandemic lark is over, but time just goes way too quickly sometimes!

      Ha, get your Mum a bunch of lateral flows. It will make her day.

      Hehe. Now a life size jigsaw, that would be fun! Can the pieces be large or do they have to be tiny still?

      Oh The Walking Dead is unfortunately still going. I mean I loved it, but there’s a time for everything to end, and I feel we’ve long passed that. But no quitter, so I shall be watching it until the end of time… actually I think they have now decided one last season. I just hope we get a conclusion.

      Happy New Year Caz! And thank you for all the support over the past few. I hope 2022 is kind to you.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. What a list! So much happened during a year in which it seemed like nothing was going to get better! Glad that you made it through safely, got to reunite with loved ones, and had some exciting new adventures as well…let’s plan for a brighter and healthier 2022 for us all – happy new year to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. What a fantastic year-in-review! “Never have I picnicked so much” had me lol-ing! Well done, Gemma. 22 posts–that’s fantastic. I had a pretty slow blogging year–too much work. But I aim to rectify that, this year. Happy 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

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