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Back In The Crowd – Barbu NNFestival

I told you I’d be back. Didn’t expect it to be this soon did you?! I was watching Britain’s Got Talent not too many Saturdays ago (because what else would I do with my spring Saturday evenings?!) when I had this sudden urge to be part of an audience again. It had been a good… Continue reading Back In The Crowd – Barbu NNFestival

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That Time I Didn’t See Ross Noble

I should be at the theatre tonight. Right now as I publish this post I should be chuckling so hard that my face hurts, as Ross Noble tells his surreal ponders in that excitable Geordie accent. Instead I’ve got my heated blanket on my lap, and the rubbish that is Saturday night entertainment is on… Continue reading That Time I Didn’t See Ross Noble

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Praise You Like I Should

People tell me good access should be a given, that places/businesses/people shouldn’t be praised for letting me in their building, a ramp shouldn’t mean a gold star. I agree. Access should just be a thing that happens. Not a topic of discussion, a cause for complaint or reward. Everyone should be able to experience everything.… Continue reading Praise You Like I Should

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Gig Going – Like Anyone Else

‘Like anyone else’ Those are words I’ve longed to hear for a lifetime. That they should even be considered news in 2019 is unacceptable yet not all that shocking when you’re in my wheels. Having a disability doesn’t mean I want special treatment, equality is all I ever ask for. More than anything I wish… Continue reading Gig Going – Like Anyone Else

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Shooting Stars And A Black Carpet – Ed Sheeran Chantry Park Ipswich

Ed Sheeran tickets were on sale. You may remember the last time this happened and my rant that preceded. This time I’m happy to report things went much smoother. Equally smooth anyway. There would be only two venues left for Ed Sheeran’s record breaking two and a half year long Divide World Tour. One of… Continue reading Shooting Stars And A Black Carpet – Ed Sheeran Chantry Park Ipswich

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It’s Summer

It’s hot. Really, very, hot. I’m not a fan of moaning but it’s in our nature isn’t it, being British. We always need to have something to whine about. We’re not very good at dealing with it either, are we, weather I mean. Of most kinds. It’s too cold, too wet, too hot. There’s snow… Continue reading It’s Summer

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Pickles, Bugs and Turkish Delight – Peter Beales Rose Gardens

Why is it we travel miles to visit places but never take advantage of what’s on our doorstep? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it is. We talk about beautiful views when on holiday, there are plenty right around us though. It was due to be a sunny Saturday (it wasn’t all that… Continue reading Pickles, Bugs and Turkish Delight – Peter Beales Rose Gardens

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Westfield Stratford, London Stadium – Accessible Road Trip To Muse

Summer has arrived. Sort of anyway. The weather doesn’t seem to know what it wants lately, which means I never know what to wear. I had a woolly hat on the other day, in June. June! The sky has been a bit on edge lately too. The start of summer generally means gig season to… Continue reading Westfield Stratford, London Stadium – Accessible Road Trip To Muse

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Circus Of Horrors Psycho Asylum

We’ve all seen The Greatest Showman haven’t we? The musical movie sensation that brought circus back and made us realise Zak Efron is in fact a man. A grown up one, no longer singing at the most inappropriate times, in school. I have a vague memory of going to the circus as a child, I… Continue reading Circus Of Horrors Psycho Asylum

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Booking Accessible Tickets – Mission (almost) Impossible

Warning: this post may contain rants. In fact it is probably one big long rant! So Muse are on tour again, my single favourite band in the world. I loved them as a teen and then saw them at V Festival 2004. Why does 2004 not sound that long ago when it’s actually almost 15… Continue reading Booking Accessible Tickets – Mission (almost) Impossible