Accessibility Problems That Make Me Abandon My Virtual Shopping Trolley – Guest Post

I’ve raved and ranted about what accessibility means to me. That’s my viewpoint, what I know and what I need. I moan about steps at store fronts, narrow isles and ridiculously small lifts. Online shopping isn’t a favourite of mine, though I do take for granted that at the click of a button I can… Continue reading Accessibility Problems That Make Me Abandon My Virtual Shopping Trolley – Guest Post

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Disabled Access Day – Isn’t Just A Day

Inadequate access. Good access. Crazy access. Access. It’s basically why I blog, why I started writing and ranting to you almost four years ago. I wanted to raise awareness of what access is, how it can improve and the places that get it spot on. Because it’s a part of my life. Access isn’t just… Continue reading Disabled Access Day – Isn’t Just A Day


If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #3

If we were having coffee I might struggle to find a suitable table. The day after I wrote this post about chips that included a mini rant about tables, my rage got multiplied. I went into the world famous coffee chain I have a love/hate relationship with (Starbucks) to find they’d had a refurb. Some… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #3

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Circus Of Horrors Psycho Asylum

We’ve all seen The Greatest Showman haven’t we? The musical movie sensation that brought circus back and made us realise Zak Efron is in fact a man. A grown up one, no longer singing at the most inappropriate times, in school. I have a vague memory of going to the circus as a child, I… Continue reading Circus Of Horrors Psycho Asylum

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The Bucket List – Norwich

I’m not much of a chip fan really. I know I wrote about these chips. And this post is inspired by a bucket of chips, but really it’s my least favourite form of potato. It’s the stuff with them that interests me. I say a bucket of chips because this post isn’t about my bucket… Continue reading The Bucket List – Norwich

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12 Frustrations Of Being A Wheelchair User

You may remember my 11 Perks Of Being A Wheelchair User? Well there is a flip side to most things and bound to be some frustrations too. Surprisingly these are not often to do with the wheels themselves, more often its environment, society and unaware beings. Although there are today around 1.2 million wheelchair users… Continue reading 12 Frustrations Of Being A Wheelchair User


5 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Christmas Day

I’m watching Elf while I write this. Well I started to write this, then I ended up just watching Elf. So now I’m writing this with Elf quotes and Christmas music in my head. ‘I am a cotton-headed ninny-muggins’ If only I could craft as quickly as Buddy! I do love a Christmas film, even… Continue reading 5 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Christmas Day

Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions With – Kirsty

Taking a short break from my Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair mini series I would like to introduce you to Kirsty for this months Twenty Questions. A fellow blogger with a disability, only one quite different to my own. Following Kirsty and her blog Unseen Beauty has made me consider access in a new way.… Continue reading Twenty Questions With – Kirsty

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Prezzo Tombland Norwich

I recently enjoyed a delicious meal at Prezzo Norwich before a comedy gig. You can read about the night and Prezzo’s amazing Hogwarts style lift here. This short post will focus on the accessibility of Prezzo’s accessible toilet, which can be found as part of my ever growing ‘To Wee or Not to Wee’ toilet… Continue reading Prezzo Tombland Norwich

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That Festive Feeling

I’m not known for being the biggest fan of Christmas. I don’t hate it, but I’m not a super fan of the actual day it’s self. Or the greed and need for everything to be perfect. It’s all a bit of an anticlimax if you ask me. I’m not ungrateful, I love giving and receiving… Continue reading That Festive Feeling