Accessible Toilets, Norfolk

Prezzo Tombland Norwich

I recently enjoyed a delicious meal at Prezzo Norwich before a comedy gig. You can read about the night and Prezzo’s amazing Hogwarts style lift here.

This short post will focus on the accessibility of Prezzo’s accessible toilet, which can be found as part of my ever growing ‘To Wee or Not to Wee’ toilet review collection. Fun!

This loo was easy to find and get to, I could see it as I wheeled off the lift. It’s actually right by the steps when the lift isn’t being used, so just be careful when reversing out not to fall down them!

The door was wide and swung outwards, it wasn’t too heavy, not that I can open it anyway, but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you are more able.

The first obstacle was the baby changing table. It was one of those flip down kind, the only problem was it was constantly flipped down, it would no longer stay upright. This took up a significant amount of space.

The bathroom itself was an ok size for myself but not particularly big, there wouldn’t be enough turning space unless you had a very small chair. There was some space to the right of the loo should you need to transfer. One bin slightly in the way, but not the common issue of multiple bins.

It was nice to see the red emergency cord hanging to the floor, it was slightly tucked behind a grab rail but not tied up.

Speaking of grab rails there were plenty. A pull down one on the right of the loo, two fixed ones to the left and one on the back of the door (to assist in pulling it closed).

The accessible bathroom was clean and tidy. The decor in good condition even though it wasn’t particularly fancy. That would be an added bonus though.

There were two mirrors, one above the sink which would only be useful if you’re standing, but the one on the back of the door was longer and lower, meaning you could use when seated in a wheelchair.

Probably due to the mirror being on the door, there seemed to be no clothes hook. This is often overlooked in accessible toilets, which can be frustrating.

The sink was low and overhanging, with the soap dispenser between the taps allowing easy reach.


Changing Places 0/10

Space 5/10

Cleanliness 8/10

Decor 7/10

Safety 7/10

Practicality 4/10

Entering/access 8/10

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