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Halloween Afternoon Tea – The Assembly House Norwich

This has been a long time coming guys. But here it is. An Assembly House themed afternoon tea post made it to the blog before 2021 was out. There was this cakeaway review beck in 2020 when the world turned upside down and the lovely people that make The Assembly House what it is gifted… Continue reading Halloween Afternoon Tea – The Assembly House Norwich

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It’s All The Same Really

It’s been an eventful few days I tell you. I crossed to the other side of my front door 7 days in 10. Most of those I got further than my garden, some of them I even left my town, and one of them I went inside a restaurant. But we will get to that… Continue reading It’s All The Same Really

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Finding the Little Joys

A few weeks ago I read a post by blogging pal Amelia at You Can Always Start Now. She was enjoying the rare treat of sitting in a cafe drinking coffee. She was ‘Grabbing my wins as I can get them’. Luxuries and treats are considered different to a year ago. Back in the good… Continue reading Finding the Little Joys

Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions with – Ami, Undercover Superhero

My final interview of 2020 is here and this month I am pleased to introduce you to Ami, a fellow Norfolk dweller and disability blogger. Ami’s blog Undercover Superhero shares her journey of recovery and a life with multiple disabilities. She also aims to raise awareness of disability by inviting others to share their story… Continue reading Twenty Questions with – Ami, Undercover Superhero

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Failing at Feeling Festive

It’s December, the first week of it has flown by and it feels weird. I don’t feel festive at all. I think, because I last saw the real, living world back in March, I’m a bit frozen in time. Trapped in some kind of time warp without Richard O’Brien singing along. The seasons have changed… Continue reading Failing at Feeling Festive

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Cakeaway Afternoon Tea – The Assembly House Norwich

You’ll know by now that I’m quite the regular at The Assembly House Norwich. Their afternoon tea being one of my highlights of the season. You’ll also know I’m not quite ready to get back to my escapades just yet. Although The Assembly House reopened back in July and those stunning Instagram shots were extremely… Continue reading Cakeaway Afternoon Tea – The Assembly House Norwich

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4 Celebrations – 4 Years Blogging

As the title suggests, to celebrate my four years of Wheelescapades, I have four things to tell you. I’ve learned some stuffWho’d of thought I’d make it to year four? When I pressed publish on this very first post I didn’t know what would happen. Not many people saw it, nobody knew it was there.… Continue reading 4 Celebrations – 4 Years Blogging

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I Went To A Graveyard So I Could Live

Sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it? Well it’s much more true than I’d ever like to wish. The rebel that I am not, I went for a walk the day before shielding was paused. Yep shielding has paused, on the week that cases start to rise here in England UK. But we won’t go into… Continue reading I Went To A Graveyard So I Could Live


If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #6

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I really really miss coffee. Yes I’m predominantly a tea drinker. But I’m a coffee shop coffee drinker and it’s coming to iced coffee season. My favourite of them all. I want to sit in a café. I don’t want anything epic, just a quiet people watching… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #6


Friends, Flu and Frustrations

January is usually the longest month of the year, feeling like it has at least 372 days in it. January 2020 has felt quite different. Yes it’s 2020. I’m still having trouble typing and saying it. Sounds like the future doesn’t it?! Twenty Twenty. Well if we are in the future, it still feels pretty… Continue reading Friends, Flu and Frustrations