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If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #12

If we were having coffee I’d apologise for being AWOL, there hasn’t been much to talk about of late. And what there has would turn into a rant. That might be coming soon. I’ve been mostly reading, so nothing much has changed there. It’s been a reading kind of year. When you can’t go many… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #12

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My Year In Books – 2021 (part 2)

It’s been a bit quiet over here of late. There’s not much to report, but there will be new coffee talk soon, so stick around for that. I have been reading, though. Quite the variety these past couple of months. Here’s my latest lineup, and if you missed the previous instalment head over to My… Continue reading My Year In Books – 2021 (part 2)

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My Year In Books – 2021 (part 1)

Back at the start of 2021 I wrote a two part blog post My Year In Books. There wasn’t must going on in life, and that doesn’t seem to have changed that much. With yet another lockdown through the first part of this year, and more shielding to be done, I reached that stage where… Continue reading My Year In Books – 2021 (part 1)

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My Year in Books – 2020 (part 2)

Its been well over a year since I wrote one of my usual reviews, the type this blog was established for. The day to day life of a person on wheels. This past year my ramblings have turned into the day to day life of a frustrated shielder, plodding along. It was that or take… Continue reading My Year in Books – 2020 (part 2)

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Finding the Little Joys

A few weeks ago I read a post by blogging pal Amelia at You Can Always Start Now. She was enjoying the rare treat of sitting in a cafe drinking coffee. She was ‘Grabbing my wins as I can get them’. Luxuries and treats are considered different to a year ago. Back in the good… Continue reading Finding the Little Joys

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February Blues and Other News

So February came accompanied by the usual illnesses. For me February seems to be the worst month for catching germs (those little critters!). I think it’s a combination of things, the weather is wet, dull and cold, but there are also changes happening as spring slowly appears. The weather doesn’t know what it’s doing and… Continue reading February Blues and Other News


Books and Blogs – I’m a Guest

Reading and I have had an on off relationship over the years. As a young child I loved being read to, although I wasn’t that open to new books. Like most kids I loved repetition and I’m surprised my Chicken Licken book survived so long, due to either dog-eared death or cremation by my Mum.… Continue reading Books and Blogs – I’m a Guest