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Halloween Afternoon Tea – The Assembly House Norwich

This has been a long time coming guys. But here it is. An Assembly House themed afternoon tea post made it to the blog before 2021 was out.

There was this cakeaway review beck in 2020 when the world turned upside down and the lovely people that make The Assembly House what it is gifted me this doorstep delivery.

But this time, we are actually under a roof!

That was the quote of the day as my friend and I laughed about how we’ve only seen each other in our gardens for almost two years. A sad hysterical little laugh, but you have to don’t you.

Me in my powered wheelchair, I have red hair and a yellow jumper. I am at a table with my friend who has blonde hair tied up. There are teapots and plates with crumbs of food on. The room looks grand, a chandelier hanging from the centre.

Anyway, it feels like some normality has returned to life. Even if just for a couple of hours.

We’ve both been semi shielding for what seems like an eternity. Which makes meeting up weirdly chilled. Because who better to meet up with when you’re a shielder than a shielder. Both with our best interests and fragile health at the forefront of our thoughts, lateral flows and mask wearing are just how things roll.

Now, I’ve got a little bit ranty lately on the whole pandemic isn’t over thing and people aren’t wearing masks or making space or showing consideration. And our government aren’t helping blah blah.

I’ve been out for the odd lunch or coffee or supermarket trip, and I’ll tell you what it’s made me become… a little bit snobby. What I’ve realised is, the classier the establishment, the more they seem to care. Now I’m sure this isn’t a new thing, it happened before the pandemic, you get what you pay for. Mostly. And I didn’t mind a bit of a bargain. I’ve eaten off of many a sticky ‘Spoons table back in the day. The day has gone. I want good food, friendly service, mask wearers, and a whole load of sanitiser.

Well, I felt very looked after, welcomed, safe and considered dinning at the Assembly House.

For this visit we did ask to sit in the smaller room, just to feel a little safer with not so many people around or passing by. It’s still a lovely room, having had a bit of a makeover recently.

On to the fun stuff.

A three tiered cake stand. Sandwiches on the bottom, savouries in the middle, cakes on the top. All layers will be described below in the post. There is a white teapot, milk jug and plate in front.

I swear the sandwiches are getting bigger and the bread fluffier. I’m certainly not getting smaller. Unlike most things. You know, like chocolate bars when you were a kid seemed to go on forever and now the same ones are gone in two bites? Well these sandwiches are the opposite.

They were a good selection too. The smoked chicken and mango chutney being my favourite, with the mature cheddar cheese and bramley apple chutney coming in close second. Supported by the traditional egg-mayo with cress, and ham and mustard, it made for a winning first tier.

That middle savoury tier, though. Well I think it’s my new favourite.

Never had I ever had a savoury choux bun until now. Filled with red pepper, sun-dried tomato and basil cream cheese this light and airy bite was rich and delicious without being too heavy. This is definitely a step up from the tasty regular that was a filled bridge roll, and I hope it gets to feature again.

Next up is possibly the best sausage roll I’ve ever had. Meaty and herby goodness in a crisp and flaky shell. We could eat that sausage roll full sized, if you ever fancy adding it to the menu Assembly House?!

And that warm three cheese toastie… it’s been an Assembly House afternoon tea staple for a while now, (my first taste being at this Harry Potter theme) and I hope it stays that way.

The cheddar cheese witch’s finger, a kind of cheese straw slash biscuit mash up, was super crumbly (in the best way) and really packed a punch.

Once the savouries are demolished it’s time for a top up of unlimited tea and the plate of warm scones to arrive.

In the words of my friend that day while eating the cheese, Colman’s mustard and chive scone, “this is the best scone ever, I think it’s even better than normal.” Either we’ve been locked away too long, or the Assembly House have improved on something I never thought possible. Maybe a bit of both.

The fruit scone was delicious topped with the strawberry jam or clotted cream. Or should I say cream and jam. How do you top yours?

Now for the cakes.

Photo taken looking down onto the top tier of cakes. There are 4 of each type.

I started with the Eye Scream Sunday Shot, because it’s not the kind of thing I could ask to be boxed up to take home. Let’s just note here that I did box up and take home a few bits in no particular order, because I’m a small eater and an afternoon tea is way more filling than you ever imagine at first glance.

So, back to the Eye Scream. I’m really sorry lovely Assembly House crew but it just wasn’t for me. The orange ‘ice cream’ outweighed the chocolate mousse in proportions that I found too sweet. I wanted that bitter cut through, but I didn’t get it. This pains me to say, so let’s move on to happier times.

This themes twist on the usual Gateau Opera was The Vampire’ Wedding Cake. Many delicate layers of almond sponge interspersed with raspberry coulis and cream cheese frosting. It was sweet and creamy but not too heavy.

The He’s Looking At You Macaron. Light and fluffy with just the right amount of chewy centre and blueberry burst, I could easily go for more of these.

Next up was the Witch’s Familiar. A green chocolate frog that oozed rich salted caramel. Let’s just say things got messy, but it was worth it!

And aren’t I glad I saved him until last… The Gingerundead Man with his little iced fangs was by far my favourite. I thought I’d quite like him anyway, as spiced things are my thing, but he really packed a punch. It was the chewy gooey kind of biscuit that made him even better than expected. He was fresh, zingy and not too sweet. I ate him head first and have absolutely no regrets.

Because I’m a little slow on posting, and I did have the afternoon tea the day before it ended. I’m afraid you’ve missed out on these delights.

Fear not, though. The Assembly House always have a trick and new theme up their sleeve. The magical Narnia theme is running now, over Christmas, up until 2rd January 2022. So get on it.

Here are some other afternoon themed teas I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

And you can head over to this Pride Unicorn themed tea post for accessibility details.

An image to pin. The same cake stand photo as above is cropped with a dark grey header at the top and title text ‘Halloween Afternoon Tea - The Assembly House Norwich’ in orange text.

19 thoughts on “Halloween Afternoon Tea – The Assembly House Norwich”

  1. I had this post my Mac notes to check back on because my comment didn’t seem to submit and the like wouldn’t stick either. I gave up, logged out of WP and then forgot to come back to check until now. Looks like it has disappeared – I’m really not feeling the love from WordPress. I can take the hint. Here’s the original comment…

    I’m very, very glad you’ve been able to get out and under a roof other than your own, and for a themed afternoon delight, no less! It’s great to see and I hope you both had an awesome time. I love the creativity of everything here like the Gingerunbread Man, and the sweet treats look delicious.

    I do find that snobbiness is typically warranted when guessing the number of Covidiots in a place. You go to a dive-hole like where I live unfortunately and pop into a One Stop, and nobody bothers wearing a mask or keeping their mouths shut, not back at the start of the pandemic and certainly not now. It’s a crammed free for all with people shouting and coughing everywhere and that’s an understatement. I actually miss the stickiness of Spoons after all this time though because they had the best chips. You’d eat and then place bets on whether you’d be able to move your feet afterwards or whether they’d be totally stuck to the undisclosed fluids on the floor.

    I like the sound of stuff getting bigger and better. I’m fed up of sounding like I’m 90 and going “back in my day, chocolate bars were a proper size for an adult, not made for a tiny Borrower with a gastric band like they are these days”.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry I’ve been incredibly rubbish at replying to comments recently.

      Oh you’re not the only one saying ‘back in my day’ about things. It must be sign that we are getting older, that we now have a my day. We’ve gone over the hump of when everything appeared great. Well, that’s a little depressing!

      Oh are there still mask wearers out there somewhere? Saying that, with the rule change this week I hope more people start to take things a little more cautious again now. That’s probably wishful thinking. The mask development does make me laugh though. Wear a mask in shops and on buses, but not in cinemas or pubs or nightclubs. Because all the Covid only hangs out in Tesco. Or maybe the government want to look like they’re doing something without actually doing something.
      I best stop ranting there.
      Thanks for stopping by Caz.

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  2. Ooooh Gemma….I am salivating.
    I am glad you and your friend have managed to get out and what a lovely outing! I can’t believe how much food is there. I would also need a doggy bag. The savouries sound absolutely out of this world. I have never heard of a savoury choux bun, but I wish I could try one. It’s a shame about the ice cream shot, but it sounds like everything else made up for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh it definitely made up for it! There was so much food. When you say afternoon tea, some think dainty sandwiches, but this is so much more. It was a nice little break from the monotony of pandemic life as a ‘high risk’ person. They made me feel at ease. Lovely to see my friend too, after so long.

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  3. Oh, like heaven! I always adore these reviews from you. YUM! I would love that gingerbread vampire, too. I’m a big spice person. Give me all the cinnamon, cloves, ginger, etc. My mom would often make gingerbread with a warm orange sauce on top–so good. OK, need to go raid my kids’ Halloween candy stash maybe. Love your posts. Keep them coming, Gemma!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad you made it out and visited with your friend. Here in Canada, we are also slowly starting to get more out and about, although my husband and I tend to stick to ourselves and only visit with our own children and grandkids. We have visited with one other couple, so that’s good, but we still prefer to keep things simple and stay home. I have tweeted your post for you

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  5. Isn’t it great to get back out in the world – safely? We still fight it here in the US, but in California, we are cresting 80% fully vaccinated – yet we still must wear masks and social distance a bit to keep it from flaring up and I say bravo to that! My wife and I got our booster shots yesterday – a Moderna shot that didn’t hurt a bit and will protect me from the few remaining holdouts to endanger us all! Thanks for sharing the delicious pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. YES. I am lucky to be in a city with 80%+ vaccination rate and still stringent rules that are now shifting to penalize those who AREN’T vaccinated…such a stupid political divide when it is designed to save ALL lives

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  6. Im so happy to hear you were able to go out safely and meet with a friend!! The spread looks amazing! What a great day !
    Christmas market season is coming up here in Germany and I am hoping to venture out. But, trying to determine which markets will be following 3G versus 2G rules. I just want to be as careful as possible, I never want to catch Covid again!!

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  7. Such wonderful delights! I agree about still being careful. The only venue that I feel really safe is the Kansas City Symphony and the ballet. One has to have vaccination cards ready to be admitted and masks are required. They take it seriously. Take care and stay safe. Terri

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  8. So happy to hear about the adventure and the delicious sandwiches and sweets. Totally jealous but I’ll let it go!! I agree if establishments want people to return they have to take measures to make us feel safe. I won’t go downtown in the evenings for supper or drinks as too many people not caring. We are so not out of the woods yet. Stay safe friend.

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