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That Time I Didn’t See Ross Noble

I should be at the theatre tonight.

Right now as I publish this post I should be chuckling so hard that my face hurts, as Ross Noble tells his surreal ponders in that excitable Geordie accent. Instead I’ve got my heated blanket on my lap, and the rubbish that is Saturday night entertainment is on the telly.

You ‘Generation Z-ers’ don’t know what you’re missing. Saturday night telly was epic back in the day. The 90’s, when anything goes, there were people bashing each other with giant cotton buds while others tried to recollect a long list of items running past them on the most random conveyer belt you’ve ever seen. Those were the days.

But back to today.

Back when 2019 wasn’t appreciated nearly enough, I purchased tickets to see Ross Noble. I used to be quite the theatre goer, would you believe?! I even wrote about it a few times.

Covid then struck, and well, lingered, so much longer than even me and my pessimism expected. Ross Noble was postponed multiple times, until today.

And I have decided not to attend.

Those that know me will know that this is a big deal. I’m all about the live entertainment, it is what my year is planned around.

It is absolutely my choice to miss out, my choice to still be extremely cautious, my choice to be a downer. But it’s not my choice to have a condition that makes me high risk. I want to be out, I want to get on with life, but I also want that life to be a longer and relatively healthy one.

I recently received another letter in the post from The Government (I really need to figure out how to unsubscribe, they pop up almost as frequently as those irritating emails wanting to sell me some junk). This one officially announced that shielding has ended rather than just being on pause, at the same time as it suggested I still be extra careful, only mix with the double jabbed, get people to take a lateral flow before meeting me, and consider asking visitors to wear masks in my home.

This letter was written by the same government in England that have decided not to make Covid Passports compulsory, made mask wearing optional, and allow those living with a Covid positive household member to roam the streets.

Yet I should be vigilant.

Either they’re sending mixed messages, think I’m unlikely to have a life anyway, or they’ve opted out of responsibility to the apparently ‘vulnerable’.

Not trusting the general public to use their common sense or have the consideration to wear a mask inside the auditorium, I decided to give Ross Noble a miss. It’s the first time throughout this pandemic lark that I’ve felt I’m kind of missing out.

I have been out though. And not just to a graveyard this time.

I quite enjoyed this summer and making the most of the outdoors.

I finally visited my local zoo (by local I mean a 10 minute drive away) for the first time in maybe twenty years.

We arrived early hoping for a chilled day, and it went as planned. We could easily get up close to all the animals as there weren’t many people around.

We timed it perfectly for feeding time with the tigers.

A tiger standing up on its back legs to reach lunch, that is raw meat on the end of a stick poked through a fence.

And the giraffe enclosure was ramped at different heights, so that we could be face to face with the this handsome thing. Look at those lashes!

A giraffe head looking at the camera. He has grass hanging out of his mouth. There is a large expanse of grass in the background.

A time slot had to be booked for arrival, which limited the queues. And masks were to be worn inside, even though I’m not sure the reading capabilities of the general public were of a good standard as most seemed to go maskless.

A flock of pink flamingoes by a large pond. Some are laying curled up and some are standing.

We also recommenced the tradition of a family day out at Pleasurewood Hills.

I got that sea view back with a trip to Walcott. Although rather inaccessible for the wheels, with no ramp down towards the beach, no pathway across the sand and very limited dropped curbs, the fish and chips alone would be worth a return visit.

A deserted sandy beach, dull blue green sea and blue sky with small fluffy white clouds.

Life’s not all bad.

My 2022 currently has an epic lineup of rescheduled shows and gigs. So please Covid do one. And please humans be kind.

32 thoughts on “That Time I Didn’t See Ross Noble”

  1. Its actually so nice to read this because I’ve been feeling much the same and seem to be much more cautious than a lot of people. It makes me feel like I’m being paranoid so I’m glad I’m not the only one. I am so sorry you missed such a long awaited performance though. Much love. Chronically ill Kat x

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  2. OK, I had to look up Ross Noble, but it sucks you couldn’t go to the show. Live comedy would have been just the right medicine, too! I get it–and I get not trusting the general public to look out for everybody else. We went to a vaxxed-folks-only party last night–for a friend’s son’s 21st birthday. And it felt so good to just laugh and dance and not mask up. But such fun isn’t without its risks, too. Feels like we’re all risk assessors now! And it does feel like in so many places the risk analysis and mitigation has been foisted upon us regular citizens. I’m not always up to the task, I admit, and I’m really for post-pandemic-times to kick in already.

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    1. Yes, I’m so ready for 2019 to return! Well maybe 2018.
      That’s a great idea having a vaccinated only party, helps everyone to feel safe and relax a bit. I’m curious if there were any anti-vaxer feuds about it?
      It’s a shame, live comedy would be the perfect medicine right now.

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      1. Yes! Who knew 2018 was such a heyday, right!?

        No anti-vaxer feuds that I know of–in the Metro D.C. area there don’t seem to be too many holdouts.

        You make a good point about live comedy. My guess is it’ll be huge when this is over–we all need a good laugh!

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  3. I think you’re right not to go out. But it’s a terrible shame. If everyone still wore their masks and continued to be careful, then everyone, including the vulnerable people, would feel safer going out. Here in Ireland we’re still wearing masks in shops, restaurants and all indoor venues. For indoor dining, a covid cert has to be shown. (To prove you’re vaccinated)
    Yes, we all want it gone, but unfortunately we’re stuck with it for now!

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  4. Covid be done, yes please and thank you. Fortunately here in Canada, we are now at this very moment able to visit with our own children and grandkids, which we were fortunate enough to do as an entire family for the first time since the start of C… for the Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend, and we had so much to be thankful for.
    Take care on your end, and stay safe.

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  5. Saturday night TV did used to be good, didn’t it? Catchphrase (done properly with Roy Walker), Gladiators with those giant cotton buds you mentioned, Mr Blobby!

    I’m so sorry you’re missing out on Mr Noble. I’d quite like to see him, too. Are you able to get a refund on your tickets? That’s literally the first thing I was wondering. I’m such a tight arse. I hope you do because this isn’t something in your control – well, choosing to stay safe is, but the Covid situation isn’t. There’s an expectation now that people “should” be going about their life normally, when the situation isn’t really that much different from last year when you see the stats. I don’t imagine you’ll be the only one declining the risk so there should be a policy in place for those not wanting to go because of Covid to have a straightforward refund.

    I had to do a supermarket run today. Got back with a migraine and felt like I’d been hit by a truck so I lost a few extra hours. But the stress of doing it gets worse as you find less and less people wearing masks. So it’s a personal choice now, and thus it’s fine if you want to be a giant turd and not wear one. But at least stay away from others and keep your mouth shut. And what is it with staff without masks coming right up into your face? I had to very reluctantly ask someone for something today so I stood a few feet away from the maskless staff member and she still walks up into my face practically shouting her reply. Despite me jumping back, she edged forward again. It really boils my piss.

    Moan over.

    I’m really glad you got to go to the local zoo. That really is pretty local at 10 minutes away. You’ve got some great shots – it looks like you got up quite close to the giraffe. I’m a wee bit jealous. They’re gorgeous creatures, so strange and awesome. I hope you had a great time. I like the sound of a chippy, too. Not had one in years now. I’ve not yet eaten anything from a shop/takeaway during the pandemic, nor been to a coffee shop, so my 2022 will be filled with food, cafes and more food.

    Here’s to Covid going and doing one. Stat.


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    1. Oh I love it when you come over for a rant Caz, we’d be excellent at putting the world to rights over a brew and cake!

      I’ve noticed to few people are wearing masks in shops and cafes now. But I have found the classier the establishment the more respect people seem to have for others, with a lot more wearing masks, including staff.
      Oh Mr Blobby, my sister was terrified of him! I met him and Noel once as a kid and went on a charity helicopter trip. The places having a disability gets you!!

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  6. I’m not even going to comment with my thoughts on this so-called government and its Covid response… You’d probably need to delete it for vile language. Like others, I think you’ve done the right thing, keeping yourself safe. Because the government sure as hell won’t bother to.

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  7. I think you’ve done the right thing by not going, but it doesn’t make for a fun Saturday night in. Have you been able to swap your ticket for a later date. A later, safer date. Although who knows when that will be.

    The government in England contradicts itself so much with its lack of rules and attitudes. To tell you that you’re still vulnerable means they know the risk is high, but they’re now focusing on getting back to normal….and the vulnerable are not included in that. What a caring, thoughtful government.

    And yes, you’re right, whatever happened to Saturday night television? We only had three channels when I was young but there was always something worth watching. Or maybe I am looking back with my rose-tinted glasses…

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    1. Unfortunately this was a one night show, well in my area of the country anyway. I did manage to get a refund even though they don’t generally because it was my choice not to attend. Not much of a choice I’d say, but they understood me being at high risk.

      Oh don’t get me started of the current government in England and the shambles I feel it all is. Yes, you’re right, saying I’m vulnerable is them admitting there’s still a high risk. But those of us with disabilities don’t contribute to society or have lives and jobs, so the staying at home isn’t a problem 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

      I think we all look back with rose tinted glasses. Nothing wrong with that!


  8. I know people are tried of “COVID” but it is still here whether people want to admit it or not! We need to have valid government ID along with vaccine passport to got to a restaurant or attend an inside event like theatre. I’m happy with that. Masks are still mandatory on the bus (again happy). Problem here is trying to get people to vaccinate. So take care of you and yes to disappointing but people don’t get it and you can’t trust them to have vaccine or wear a mask if not mandated.

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  9. Ahh Gemma I believe the government want people to take responsibility wear a mask be careful and begin their lives sensibly. After all so many said ‘I am an adult I do not need to be made to do the obvious We do not want to be living in a nanny state.’
    But in fact most are lazy selfish people who do not care about others. My mask is on if I go into any shop cinema theatre or venue, unless it is outside. I may be the only one in a queue wearing one but if that is what it takes then I am doing it. I love the Giraffe and the fact that you got to have outside fun.

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    1. Yes, the unfortunate thing is that many of these ‘adults’ have very little compassion and common decency. But I’m with you in the mask wearing, even if I do get the odd look hear and there. I remember a time when it was the non mask wearers getting the frown.


  10. I think this government is beyond a joke. I think you’ve done the right thing not going to Ross Noble – I’ve been to one live show since covid and 99.9% of the audience weren’t wearing masks. I wore mine and so did my friend. It unfortunately isn’t worth the risk. I’m double jabbed and take as much precautions as I can but sadly many other people don’t seem to be.

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    1. Ha, you said what I wanted to say but much more to the point! It does feel like a joke.
      It’s good to see others agree that I’m not just overreacting and being stupidly cautious. I wear my mask anywhere inside and even sometimes outside if there are lots of people around.

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      1. You’re absolutely not overreacting. I honestly don’t think asking people who are able to – to wear a mask – is such a big thing to ask! My husband and I wear masks if we’re going to the shops etc. He works from home pretty much full time now. I’m in work two or three days a week but I wear a mask and sanitise etc.

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  11. It is indeed a shame that, after the year+ we all spent virtually quarantined at home while the battle against the corona virus raged, far too many people have decided that it’s suddenly “over”…here in the US, we still have areas of the country that simply refuse to get vaccinated, even when the death and hospitalization rate is now virtually ALL from the unvaccinated…their choice to die, but totally unfair to put others at risk with their callous indifference….sorry you have to take more precautions due to others…

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    1. We are fortunate here in that the majority are vaccinated and we are now starting on a third ‘booster’ shot for those at a high risk, I’m waiting for a date myself.
      But yes, far too many think that it is over. I don’t think our government helps with that message. We didn’t all stay home a year for nothing, let’s not ruin it now!

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