Civilisation Not As We Know It

Remember when we had coffee last month and I said I’d been home for 12 days straight and kind of liked it? I spoke too soon. I take it back.

Covid-19 was in the background a little then. We were aware of it as a nation but not scarily affected. Well now it’s right in our face.

Up to last week there were still people irritating me by sharing unreliable statistics claiming it was only a flu, and we are all overreacting.

I wasn’t overreacting.

Other fools then starting bulk buying, thinking they’d never see pasta or loo roll again. Those things are the least of my worries.

I got my NHS letter informing me I’m ‘someone at risk of severe illness if you catch Coronavirus’. As someone that is concerned when they catch the common cold, has been hospitalised many times with chest infections, and was ambulanced for flu just this year, I had myself on the at risk list weeks ago. All the same, official confirmation terrified me.

I’m now receiving daily text updates and advice from the NHS. I’m unsure if this is comforting or anxiety boosting. Constantly reminding me of my fragility. First they tell me to pack a hospital bag, like illness is imminent. In a second breath they suggest I do sudoku to pass the time. These mixed messages and constant reminders are making me paranoid. There is an opt out option, but then I worry I’ll miss something.

It’s weird how from inside my house the world still seems the same. Until I switch on daytime tv or scroll through Facebook. I’ve been trying to do less of that though.

I’ve been eating blue cheese with Christmas chutney. It’s actually called that. I don’t know what day it is, the tv schedule is messed up and nowhere is open. I may as well act like it really is Christmas and maybe 2020 will speed by. If I watch Home Alone will everything go back to normal?

I’m taking advice from my cats. Don’t worry they’re not speaking and I’m not hallucinating yet. But they’re super chilled, worry free and experts at social distancing.

It’s hard to social distance when you rely on another being for your every need. If I stayed 2 meters from everyone I wouldn’t eat, drink, wash, move or breathe. Sitting in my wheelchair till mid June isn’t an option, as much as I may have considered it.

Mid June. That’s the soonest I’m likely to leave my house (unless I get Corona that is). That’s the soonest I’ll see my family and friends other than on a screen.

So those of you struggling with a few days inside. Who can still pop to the shop, go for a bike ride. Those of you who think you’re invincible. Stop whining and just watch Netflix for a bit. You might save someone’s life.

And those of you coming to Norfolk. Don’t. You didn’t want to know us before did you? Our nice fresh air and open spaces are quite attractive aren’t they?!

The clocks went forward this weekend and I hoped by some time travel magic we may have skipped a few months, but I just woke up earlier, to chirpy birds and more scary statistics.

18 thoughts on “Civilisation Not As We Know It”

    1. We have a daily live update too. Although I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of our government right now. Hopefully as many people as possible come out of this safely. You’re right, it is no joke. Take care.


  1. “Stop whining and just watch Netflix for a bit.” Haha this should be printed on a t-shirt/mug/poster/you name it. It’s almost as if the more you tell people not to go out, the more they want to go out. It’s ridiculous!

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  2. So you’re getting lots of visitors to Norfolk? We’re getting them where I live too. It’s like the “one hour a day exercise” has given people the green light to visit all the quiet, rural areas. In a group, one man said, “But it’s out in the country, so I’m unlikely to see anyone.” Hmmm….people live there. I want to tell them to go away and let me isolate in peace.

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  3. Mid-June. Yes, let’s skip the clocks ahead to there, please. It does seem it took some people a while to get social distancing through their thick skulls. Hopefully most get it now, though there will always be those who refuse. I feel like we’re playing a waiting game–so many things put on hold, a family member’s surgery to remove cancer, for one. Better to wait than risk infection in a hospital, her docs say. Scary times. Be safe–be like your cats!

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    1. I hope your family member is ok and the surgery can happen soon. You’re right those, hospitals aren’t the best place to be right now.
      There were still parks full of people here yesterday. I think our partial lockdown needs to up its game.
      Stay safe.

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  4. “You might save someone’s life.” A person I know said he/she (don’t want to identify anyone) was healthy, unlikely to catch it, and is not in a vulnerable group. When a neighbor pointed out to this person that he/she could carry it to another neighbor who might well die, he/she began to tone it down at least a little. Nice thoughts, and I hope we can get out about soon.

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    1. I’m glad it was pointed out to them that’s it’s not just ourselves we need to consider when social distancing. It’s the silence of this virus that makes it so deadly.
      Stay safe, adventures will come soon.

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  5. You’re doing the right thing not consuming too much news it can be information overload and increase anxiety. I am just hoping things calm down soon. Stay safe hun.

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