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The Bucket List – Norwich

I’m not much of a chip fan really. I know I wrote about these chips. And this post is inspired by a bucket of chips, but really it’s my least favourite form of potato. It’s the stuff with them that interests me.

I say a bucket of chips because this post isn’t about my bucket list at all. I don’t really have one. This bucket list I first discovered on Instagram via mouth watering food photography. That’s what Instagram is isn’t it, and travel envy.

The Bucket List is a restaurant and food truck kinda thing that serve chips loaded with everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Your favourite topping on chips. Meats, cheeses, sauces, pickles, vegetables. There’s even a roast dinner version.

I’d been meaning to try out these Insta worthy buckets since I first saw them a year or so ago. The main store is in Cromer, a local seaside town, but not local enough for me to have visited recently. Then I heard they had a truck by Norwich Castle, but again life got in the way and time flew by.

Last week while scrolling Instagram, (because I do that a lot less now), I saw a delicious looking bucket of familiar looking chips with the caption ‘And we’ve opened… you can now find us permanently in Norwich at Chambers Cocktail Company.

I had a pre planned lunch date with a friend coming up, so suggested we head on over. Her instant reply was ‘yes!’.

I’ve spoken about the Tombland area of Norwich before, it’s a beautifully historical architectural part of the city, but isn’t known for its wheelchair access. Or so I assumed. This is the second time I’ve been proved wrong.

Although Chambers Cocktail Company isn’t on Tombland, it is pretty much.

As is routine with almost everything I do, I began the research. Unlike most, I can’t just show up to a venue expecting to get in. Unfortunately the whole world still isn’t wheelchair accessible, so I like to get in touch with a venue before rocking up.

I instagrammed Chambers (as this seems to be my social media choice of the day) to enquire about access and was sent a friendly reply informing me that the venue was indeed wheelchair accessible, however somebody would need to bring a lower table downstairs for me. If I wanted to book a table they would be happy to accommodate. So I booked.

I wasn’t sure where Chambers was located as this isn’t an area I’m very familiar with, but easily found it just past Olives café. Which reminds me, I need to visit there again sometime soon.

Looking down the street there is Chambers Cocktail Company on the right. Tables are outside and a wooden cube has the words The Bucket List on outside to doorway

A narrow doorway with a small lip of around 2cm was the only entrance I could see. Not that this was a problem, I squished through, just avoiding my elbows.

The ground level was sort of on two levels, separated by a couple of steps. Annoyingly two too many steps to allow me access. Wasted steps I like to call them. Steps that are just there to be steps. A slope would do the job perfectly well.

Taken from the ground level looking up two steps towards a seating area with low comfortable chairs and tables

I had visualised that the lower floor would be mainly high tables, and my prediction was correct. These high bar stool tables seem to be the thing lately, although I don’t think anybody has yet realised nobody likes them. It’s not just those of us that can’t reach them. I can guarantee you that any place I go that has those stools always have free ones when all the regular seating height tables are full. It’s frustrating.

Photo taken at wheelchair sitting height, the bar is on the right with high stools and opposite are more high tables with stools. Too high for a wheelchair user

I appreciated Chambers realising the height would be difficult without me saying and before me turning up, I also really appreciated the offer to move a table downstairs for me. But wouldn’t it just make a more accessible world to have accessible tables?! I get it at a bar, but these tables are popping up everywhere. My local Starbucks is full of them, standing there empty waiting to become useful, feeling awkward and unwanted.

Anyway, mini rant over, Chambers did their best and predicted my needs. I didn’t feel a bother.

When the table arrived however it was low. Very low. Coffee table kinda low. There was no way I could eat from it, however it was much more sociable than the stools for chatting with my friend. I made do with a menu board on my lap, chips are lap food after all. A dining height table would be a bonus though.

In the bottom right hand corner is the low coffee table we were given. Behind are some bar stools at a high table. There is a large window in the background

Although I didn’t use the facilities during this visit I did note there is an accessible toilet on ground level with easy access. It had a wide door that open outward. At this time the light inside wasn’t working, so would make for a fun loo trip and pointless photos. It should now be fixed and I hope to update this info on my next visit.

Now for the good stuff.

Although Chambers Cocktail Company is quite obviously a cocktail bar, I asked if they served tea. They do. It was around midday so that’s what I opted for. Who am I kidding, you all know I would have ordered a brew whatever time of day it was. Because that’s the sort of person I am.

A photograph of the current menu. It includes the buckets we ordered at £7.50 as described below. Along with sweet potato chips and various sauces.

Next was one of the hardest decisions of my life. Well of that week anyway. What bucket of chips would I order?! I’m not a big eater, do I go sensible and order something small, not too many toppings. Instagram can be deceptive, maybe the buckets aren’t that big. You only live once. I went for the ‘Bit Of Brie’. It was huge. Now I’m a lover of cheese but even I was shocked at the size of the chunk I was served, deep fried, on my chips. They were then sprinkled with crispy bacon and drizzled with cheese fondu sauce, sweet chilli sauce and aioli. It was amazing.

Looking down at the table there is my bucket of chips with Brie as described above and my cup of tea with a straw in

Close up of my deep fried Brie with all the toppings

I chose well. Which isn’t always the case. You know when that friend orders something that looks way better than your own? That didn’t happen. We both devoured as much as we could handle and would have eaten more was it physically possible. She ordered ‘The Nuggs Bucket’

A close up of my friends food. Chips topped with crispy chicken pieces, barbecue sauce

The menu of loaded chips can differ by the day, I find this exciting and a good way to try new things. However when I find something I love I do tend to crave more and get hooked. These chips I was hooked on.

Well it wasn’t really the chips, although they were good ones, crisp and fluffy. Thrice fried I’m guessing. Because the more fried the better seems to be the thing.

An image to pin. A photo of my bucket of chips with the title text. The Bucket List Norwich
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14 thoughts on “The Bucket List – Norwich”

  1. Oh yum! I’m glad they tried to think of your needs and make arrangements but as you say, it’d be better to have the likes of accessible tables downstairs in the first place. Maybe they’ll take more of these things into consideration since your visit and review.. 😉 Those really are some impressive looking buckets of chips. I blatantly would be the boring person ordering plain chips though..! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It sounds like they were really accommodating which is great but just having accessible tables downstairs in the first place would make life so much easier! I have noticed more and more cafe’s and restaurants with these high tables which are no good for most people! The chips look really good. Ahhh I can’t wait for melty soft cheese to be back in my life again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would struggle if I couldn’t have melty soft cheese, I feel for you! You’ll have to make up for it soon 😊
      High stools are probably not so comfortable and relaxing for yourself at the moment either?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had to sit on one in McDonald’s yesterday and it wasn’t the best shall we say. You can’t reach your bag on the floor and there’s no support for your back too. I hope this isn’t a new trend for everywhere I saw some parents unsure about whether their children should sit on the stools too. I just think they are a bad idea all round and are restrictive to more people than they help!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Some man I suspect… They’re a pain for those of us who don’t have accessibility issues too. My other half is less than 5 feet tall and she struggles to get up on the ludicrous bar stools, there’s no support for the back and you can’t put you bag on the floor, because you’d be out of touch with it and that’s not a clever idea in most places these days. I’m 5′ 8″ and I struggle too. Bloody daft idea.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m also 5’8” and a T10 para. It takes 2 people to get me up and 1 or 2 to get down. And then… sometimes the stools aren’t steady enough for me to balance, and rarely can we push the stool in. I’m with you on this!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Just impractical for everyone really then! Yes I’ve seen people struggle to get up onto them. Older people or those with any leg or back issues struggle. The only bonus I guess is space saving, but that doesn’t work if nobody uses them. Useless invention.


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