99 Problems But The Wheels Ain’t One

It’s not all about the wheels, in fact it’s not really about the wheels at all.

  1. I’m not a Jay-Z fan
  2. I can rarely finish a whole slice of cake
  3. I’ll never know if I make a good brew
  4. Books are heavy
  5. My TBR pile will definitely outlive me
  6. I can’t take a good bite of a Big Mac
  7. Narrow doors
  8. Ignorant people
  9. The format of Netflix makes no sense to my brain
  10. The style of my hair is dependent on who does it
  11. Getting a lift
  12. I’m an overthinker
  13. It’s very rarely actually ‘my’ photo
  14. Shingle
  15. Peanuts aren’t stabable with a fork
  16. My arms reach isn’t my arms reach
  17. I’m addicted to Hollyoaks
  18. I drink tea in pubs
  19. I’ll never get round to crocheting all the wool I currently own
  20. I’ll still buy more
  21. I was meant to be a fidgeter
  22. Aeroplanes don’t like me
  23. Paper straws (Don’t even get me started)
  24. I’m not good with options
  25. I like the pain of getting tattooed
  26. But all other pain terrifies me
  27. My cats never come when I call them
  28. But surround me when I enter the house
  29. I love the idea of a dainty teacup, but my hands don’t
  30. My neck is so bloomin wobbly
  31. I want to do and see everything
  32. A pen is not always The Pen
  33. Doing anything takes me much less time in my head than in my actual life
  34. I’ll never make every project in all of my craft books
  35. Scissors hate me
  36. My hair isn’t straight or curly
  37. Once one nail starts lifting, I pick at them all
  38. When I find a jumper I love l wear it to its death
  39. Maoams are too darn chewy
  40. Being a boss
  41. I practically have stalkers
  42. Late people
  43. The slurpy noise a straw makes at the end of a drink
  44. When I don’t press the space bar quick enough to get a . (full stop) automatically
  45. Being way down on the digital library loan list
  46. Then all the books coming in at once
  47. Farmhouse chic tables with those inaccessible legs and chunky frames
  48. Low tables
  49. High tables
  50. I have too many password variations
  51. WhatsApp chats with 273 unread messages
  52. Social congregations on pavements
  53. Shop signs on pavements
  54. I sink in sand
  55. People heading at me while staring at their phone
  56. Purchasing tickets
  57. Limited wheelchair spaces
  58. I’m obsessed with time
  59. My cough is more feeble than a cats
  60. I don’t breathe well when asleep
  61. Germs
  62. Crowdsurfing would break me
  63. As would rollercoasters
  64. I love rollercoasters
  65. I don’t function well in the cold
  66. Spiders
  67. Doctors don’t always know best
  68. Pharmacies
  69. People rushing through doors when it’s actually held open for me
  70. People that are too touchy
  71. Text slang irritates me
  72. Getting to bed is like an event
  73. As is getting up
  74. Itches
  75. I’m easily distracted
  76. I procrastinate
  77. Potholes
  78. Cars parking near dropped curbs
  79. Cars parking on pavements
  80. Broken lifts that never get fixed
  81. Birthday cake candles are too powerful for my puff
  82. Public transport
  83. Bargain baskets cluttering up shop isles
  84. Noisy eaters
  85. Pavements that, without warning, gradually get more narrow
  86. Coat wearing
  87. Country lanes
  88. Straws that don’t bend
  89. Everything I do is known
  90. Ice cream melts
  91. Things behind doors
  92. People with rucksacks
  93. Rain is wet
  94. Writing by hand takes me forever
  95. Unpicking my cross stitch mistakes
  96. I should have been a perfectionist
  97. Fatigue
  98. Trying on clothes
  99. Stairs

What are your problems?!

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An image to pin. A cloudy sky background. With title text placed over. 99 Problems But The Wheels Ain’t One.
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21 thoughts on “99 Problems But The Wheels Ain’t One”

  1. Noisy eaters & those that constantly faff with noisy wrappers and crisp packets 😂😂😂
    Love your list, Gemma! I’m tempted to make my own, but it’d be more like 999 problems because I’m an expert at moaning, and none of them are going to be important, reasonable ones like yours with potholes & tables. I actually find the Netflix format to be quite good these days, but then again I tried a free trial of Now TV and that was hellish! Have you ever tried that? I couldn’t make any sense of it! I wouldn’t say rarely finishing a whole slice of good cake is a problem, that sounds like a challenge to me 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes I’m with you on the faffing with noisy wrappers!
      I do have NowTv, it is very confusing too. I find it hard to find new shows on these tv app things, I end up browsing for ages and getting nowhere. It’s much better if a friend just recommends something!
      I’m sure many of your moans are justified, we have our frustrations.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting post Gemma! Text slang.. abbreviations annoy me to, cu later… brb.. whole messages typed like that.. grrr…

    Pot holes and country lanes both not good! Having to reverse or hide in a hedge on a country lane very bad!

    Liked by 2 people

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