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Christmas Balls

I missed it last year and I was determined not to let it pass me by this time. I mean it looked amazing and bizarre at the same time. I was intrigued and disgusted, curious and apprehensive. I’ve waited a whole year for it to return, just so I can say I had it, I tried it. I’ve experienced deep fried battered stuffing balls!

What I’m talking about it this.

The Grosvenor Fish Bar’s take on a Christmas Dinner. Turkey sausage, chips, deep fried battered stuffing balls, gravy and cranberry sauce. Yes what a combination. A fantastic combination! I must say it was delicious, but then I didn’t expect anything less from the best chippy in Norwich, Norfolk even, dare I say the world? I can’t, I haven’t visited them all. But it is great. I don’t know whether using the word ‘chippy’ is degrading, but then ‘Fish Bar’ isn’t right either. It’s friendly and tasty like a local chippy, but then sophisticated in the food that it serves. Variety and quality. The ‘B.B.L.T’ or ‘Toad in The Hole’ for example.

Here’s their menu of delights for your mouth to water over.

And a Christmas Dinner, do you have a local chip shop that serves up deep fried battered stuffing balls? Well you should, they were amazing. By far the star of my take away carton, soaked in gravy with a dunk of cranberry sauce. Yum. I’d not had a turkey sausage before, so I didn’t really know what to expect, it was tasty though, slightly herby I think. And chips, well they’re just like mini roasties really aren’t they?!

I can’t actually access The Grosvenor with my wheels, it’s part of ‘Norwich Lanes’ which is what it sounds, little back lanes in Norwich’s centre that date back hundreds of years. Full of cobbles, quaint little shops and hipster cafes.

I don’t mind the no access really, you can’t have everything can you?! Generally I go there during summer anyway and eat on the green opposite. It’s not a takeaway I can take home, I live a 30 minute drive away, and no I won’t microwave it, how dare you even think that.

This was my first winter visit, and I heard you can sit in The Birdcage pub opposite and eat Grovenor food. So this is what I did. You order at the chippy, go to the pub, grab a table and a drink and wait for the chippy to bring it over. What fantastic service! Great for wheelers too as the Birdcage has access (apart from the loo), so I can still get chips on a rainy day! Chips and a glass of fizz (or chilled pint if you prefer) what more could you want! The Birdcage also serve a selection of teas and coffee, this was lunch time, so a tea is what I ordered. Plus you know me and tea!

Update – The Birdcage unfortunately closed during the Covid-19 pandemic. However Grosvenor have opened up a little seating area to the right of the chippy, it has a small ramp, but the wonderful staff will fetch the portable ramp on request!

If you live in Norwich, or anywhere really, then I suggest you get on down to Grosvenor Fish Bar and check out this twist on a Christmas Dinner. Or at least try the deep fried battered stuffing balls, they are available separately, 3 for £1.50! Bargain.

Oh, and I do not work for Grosvenor. Good job really, I’d be the shape of a stuffing ball by Christmas!

17 thoughts on “Christmas Balls”

  1. Thank you, Gemma…I remember the Norwich Lanes..many years ago my daughter lived in Hunstanton in the quaintest little cottage and we went there on Christmas Eve it was beautiful and I had forgotten all about that Christmas until I read this thank you for the memory and love that menu …Chicky chicky bang bang..hehe..sounds tasty 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a small world! That’s such a memory, thank you for sharing it and I’m glad I helped bring back those times.
      I might be a little biased but I really do love Norwich! It has so much to discover. 😃


  2. We have one pub in town where you can ‘BYOF’ – bring your own food – and I love it. I think the idea of a pub letting you eat from the chippy in there with your drink is brilliant, wish more places did this! However, you’re own your own with the deep fried battered stuffing balls, I’ll stick with just chips but well done for giving ’em a go!! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great idea to let people bring their own food!
      Yes more places need to consider this, is so welcoming and relaxed.
      Sorry I can’t persuade you to try the stuffing balls! 😃


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