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It’s Summer

It’s hot. Really, very, hot.

I’m not a fan of moaning but it’s in our nature isn’t it, being British. We always need to have something to whine about. We’re not very good at dealing with it either, are we, weather I mean. Of most kinds. It’s too cold, too wet, too hot. There’s snow drifts, floods, hose pipe bans. Maybe it’s because we get all the weathers but not enough of any of them. A few days of sweltering heat then it’s back to grey skies and we all forget it ever happened. Until it next happens and we talk about it as though it’s new, this weather. Oh remember that time in 1974 when it was really hot? No I don’t. I wasn’t born.

It’s summer though, it tends to happen annually, yet still we are unprepared.

So it’s the hottest week of all time and I had the longest hospital appointment ever. In a hospital without air con. Because that’s how my life goes lately. While on the subject of my smooth sailing life (not) can I ask all hospitals why they don’t invest in more hoists?! Waiting over 1.5 hours for an X-ray purely because I need a hoist is not ok. It’s surprising how inaccessible hospitals actually are.

Anyway, rant over, I always have to get one in somewhere. Back to the subject of summer.

I was chatting with Amelia over at You Can Always Start Now, about how slack I’ve been lately with this blogging lark and she suggested starting a summer tag to kick the creative juices and share the summer feels.

As I sit here melting on a sunny 36 degree Thursday afternoon in July, way too hot to craft, I thought what better time to get in the summer spirit.

Favourite summer activity when I was growing up?

Being in the outdoors. Because iPads and Netflix didn’t exist. What I remember most about my childhood summers are long walks with my Nan, Grandad and their dog. Spending time in the garden with my sister, making up games and having picnics. Does anyone else remember going in search for petals, flowers, leaves and twigs, mixing them up into either home made perfume concoctions or mud pies? I can’t be the only one.

Favourite summer treat?

I’m not a big ice cream eater, it has to be really hot and I have to be in just the right mood. I’m one of those people that does not accept ice cream as a dessert offering. Ice cream is not dessert. However when the planets align and my moment comes there’s is nothing better than a luxury locally made vanilla dairy Ice cream. So long as it doesn’t melt too quick, and I’ve got a fork handy.

Are you a flip-flop person?

Ha. I am a Converse person whatever the weather.

Hot and humid?

I love the sun, we don’t get all that much of it here in the UK. Not hot summer sun anyway, so I like to enjoy it while it’s here. Sitting down all day in a wheelchair though, being surrounded by materials that don’t breathe, does make it hard to cool down. I’m not particularly good at breathing myself either, with low lung capacity and rubbish muscles. The humidity makes that harder to control, along with my hair.

How do you feel about the beach?

I rather like the beach, even if it doesn’t like me all that much. I live fairly close to the sea, around a 40 minute drive, yet don’t visit nearly enough. Although I can’t go on the beach itself, my wheels sink in sand, I enjoy the feeling of being by sea, on the edge of an island looking out. They also do great fish and chips, and melt in the mouth hot donuts!

Favourite summer activity as an adult?

It’s still being in the outdoors. Festivals mostly, I’ve grown out of making my own perfume and mud pies. I like being around nature, especially outdoor concerts. I also love a summer fete. What happened to hook a duck?

Favourite summer meal?

I love a barbecue. It’s the stuff that goes with it I’m there for though, the meat isn’t star of the show for me. I’m all about the potato salad. It’s the whole event I enjoy about a barbecue, going all out on the variety of side dishes, dining outside, being around family or friends, the smell.

Favourite summer vacation?

Travel isn’t easy if you’re me, especially abroad. I have only been on a plane once in my 34 years and that’s when I was 6 years old, less fragile and a lot smaller. Airplanes aren’t cut out for wheelchair users. Saying this that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy getting away. A few years ago I went to Center Parcs for the first time. Even though it’s only a few miles down the road I didn’t feel like I was minutes from home. That time I went with the girls, but earlier this summer we went as a family. The views are stunning and there is even a man made beach.

Through trees and bushes is a lakeA lake with trees in the distance. To the right are a group of ducks heading to the waterA photo looking through the trees in a forest. Only trees can be seen surrounding me

Let’s not forget Disneyland though and my epic trip last summer. The place of childhood dreams! I love it so much we are currently planning a return trip next year. But in the meantime we can reminisce with my three part series Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair.

Favourite summer read?

I’m not generally one to read books more than once, even though I hoard them. Nor do I have a certain time I like to read a certain genre. I probably read less during the summer months as I like to get outside more and see what events are going on. What’s great about summer reading though is sunny evenings. I can read into the evening without artificial light or straining my eyes. Yes I’m getting old. This is the first summer since I discovered audiobooks, and when it feels slightly less like being cooked in my garden I may venture out for a listen and chill.

Secret summer indulgence?

Iced beverages from evil unmentionable chain brand coffee shops like Starbucks. I know, it’s awful of me, but they do make the best iced coffees known to man. Also, this blood orange frozen iced thingamajig with too many words in its title is amazing.

An image to pin. A Starbucks plastic cup with a green straw. The cup is filled with red iced liquid. In the background is a beach with people in the distance. Title text It’s Summer is placed over the image.
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You’ve had a little insight into my summer, tell me yours?

37 thoughts on “It’s Summer”

  1. Isn’t it funny that Summer seems like so long ago!

    I loved this summer but I am not great when it is so hot and I remember the 25th July well! I thought I might actually die!

    I hope you enjoyed the cooler weather, Here is to a great Autumn x

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  2. Always great stuff! I live a 40 minute drive from the Pacific Ocean: Santa Monica or Malibu, your call – yet we rarely go…why? TRAFFIC. There are 30 million of our closest friends and neighbors in the great Los Angeles area, and most are right in front of me when I’m driving…that said, the view of the ocean is summer at its best!

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      1. Here in LA we have 30+ million people all sharing the same roads…the joke is you can give directions like this: “take the 5 to the 60 until you get to the 15 then cross over to the 605 and up the 405 to the 101 and 134 – will take you right to the 210”!

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  3. I live a 5 minute walk from the shore, I love it, it’s part of me not surprisingly there are a few beaches nearby, one, a five minute drive away now has an element of accessibility to it in that there is a ramp and platform down to (and on) the sand.
    Not perfect, but improving.

    As for (the lack of) accessibility in hospitals don’t you dare apology for ranting. It’s absolutely justified!

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    1. That’s great one of the beaches near you has a platform on the sand, there’s not one local to me as far as I’m aware. So beach time with the nieces is limited. I can bribe them with fish and chips or a few 2p coins though!

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  4. I saw the X-ray debacle on social media, it’s utterly stupid to only have one hoist. I’m sorry you had to go through that, not a day you want to be waiting around either. Fear not – it’s chillier today and, in true British form, back to grey skies and rain! 😆

    “Does anyone else remember going in search for petals, flowers, leaves and twigs, mixing them up into either home made perfume concoctions or mud pies?” – YES!!! I’m so excited, I’ve never found anyone else who did this as a kid. I’d go hunting for things with my friend Katie and we’d go to her house or mine, sit on the bathtub and mix them up, adding bubble bath to form some totally disgusting perfume creation. Loved it!
    Caz xx

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    1. Good to meet you fellow perfume maker! We had the childhood, kids don’t know what they’re missing.
      Yes the good ol dull skies are back with British tradition. Although this weekend has been quite nice with some sun.

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  5. Love this!
    I used to spend a lot of time sitting on the grass with friends talking about life then as we got older, about boys. We would look for four leaf clovers! I found a few which tells you how much we talked. LOL!

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  6. I am with you friend with the humidity and the hair. When I think about it – it is being by the ocean more than the beach that does it for me. The water, smell the whole package. I can see harbour from my bus stop in the morning. YES to BBQ. Love your summer tag. It was fun and even funnier when friend do it!

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    1. Nice to look out towards the harbour while waiting for your bus.
      Sometimes I feel the need to carry hair straighteners with me, my hair can go so wild!
      Thanks for starting the tag.


  7. There are also few hospital clinics with chair scales for wheelchair users.. hoist, well staff have to be trained and I haven’t observed many hoists.. though hospitals obviously have them. I hadn’t thought about planes before, very hard if you can’t mobilise, and I guess you can’t take your chair on the plane.
    I’m not a fan of the heat, but I do love ice cream. I prefer summer to winter though. Sorry I would struggle in a hot country.
    Very interesting answers, Gemma.

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    1. Although snow is pretty I’m with you and do prefer summer. Just having the sun shining can make a day more positive.
      Hoists aren’t expensive in the grand scheme of things, so there should be a few more. It’s not just those with disabilities that need them in hospital either. It’s a shame and would just make people’s visits less stressful.

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  8. What great responses to the summer tag Gemma! I enjoyed reading all your answers. We’ve heard all about your heatwave and I feel for you. It’s winter here but quite mild where I am at the moment so I’m not complaining. Take it easy and keep cool.

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