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Three Whole Years Of Rambles

That came around fast. Yesterday marked three years since I posted my very first thought on here. It was a confession of why I blog, and my reasons haven’t changed much. I’m still just as shocked now when I get a view or follower as I was on that very first day when I had… Continue reading Three Whole Years Of Rambles


99 Problems But The Wheels Ain’t One

It’s not all about the wheels, in fact it’s not really about the wheels at all. I’m not a Jay-Z fan I can rarely finish a whole slice of cake I’ll never know if I make a good brew Books are heavy My TBR pile will definitely outlive me I can’t take a good bite… Continue reading 99 Problems But The Wheels Ain’t One

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34 Things I’ve Learned In 34 Years

It’s my birthday today, I’m 34. As a teen I dreaded getting old, I grew out of that though. I now think of it as a privilege to age. Many people don’t get that chance. I thought getting old meant drinking tea all day, not knowing what song is number one, struggling with technology and… Continue reading 34 Things I’ve Learned In 34 Years

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The Ups And Downs of Reading, Books, Ebooks and Audiobooks – World Book Day

I saw a lady on the bus this weekend, she was reading a book quite intently and I felt a little envious. It’s World book day tomorrow. Of all the national and world days this is one I approve of. Along with national tea day, obviously. In my life both should be celebrated everyday. In… Continue reading The Ups And Downs of Reading, Books, Ebooks and Audiobooks – World Book Day

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Aims Accomplished – Aims Not Resolutions 2019

My first week of January 2019 has been spent colouring, followed by eating cheese and chocolate. Not together, although that is kind of nice too. I’ve had quite a chilled start to 2019 and that’s how I intend it to continue. Chilled adventure is what I would like to achieve. You might remember at the… Continue reading Aims Accomplished – Aims Not Resolutions 2019

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100th Ramble – 100 Things I Love

Believe it or not this is my 100th blog post. I have written 100 of these things, that are now floating around the internet. That’s quite scary to think about actually. I’ve written way more in my head, and there’s a stack of them in my notes app. But not everything reads as well to… Continue reading 100th Ramble – 100 Things I Love


The Vote Is On – Bloggers Bash Awards

So it seems my ramblings are up for an award! Shocking right? Thank you to whoever nominated me, I’m (almost) totally speechless. i know it’s anonymous and all that but if you tell me who you are I’ll buy you a massive slice of cake! I’m not very good at this kinda thing. Taking compliments… Continue reading The Vote Is On – Bloggers Bash Awards

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February Blues and Other News

So February came accompanied by the usual illnesses. For me February seems to be the worst month for catching germs (those little critters!). I think it’s a combination of things, the weather is wet, dull and cold, but there are also changes happening as spring slowly appears. The weather doesn’t know what it’s doing and… Continue reading February Blues and Other News

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2018 – Aims not Resolutions

I ended 2017 with a post reflecting my year of blogging. Although I began writing a blog in 2016 I feel I didn’t really get to grips with it until last year. I decided to make blogging my main focus, my main hobby, a part of me. I honestly didn’t realise the amount of time… Continue reading 2018 – Aims not Resolutions