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Aims Accomplished – Aims Not Resolutions 2019

My first week of January 2019 has been spent colouring, followed by eating cheese and chocolate. Not together, although that is kind of nice too.

I’ve had quite a chilled start to 2019 and that’s how I intend it to continue. Chilled adventure is what I would like to achieve.

You might remember at the beginning of 2018 I set myself some aims for the year ahead? So let’s start with a little update of last years aims. Remember I said they are aims, something to work towards!

I decided that I would take part in lent, an unreligious tradition of mine. Although I missed a couple of years previous, I did complete lent in 2018. What I learned from this is I am a breadaholic. I like to challenge myself, I think it’s a way of having control. There aren’t many things we can control in life, myself even less. So why not make life a struggle and deny myself something I love!

My next aim was to complete a year long photo challenge on Instagram. I chose the FMS (Fat Mum Slim) photo challenge. I had taken part in this for a few months before during 2016, however I wanted to complete a whole year this time round. I did it!

Although sometimes I got a little stumped on some of the prompts, and to be honest some were a little repetitive, it really got me thinking about the things around me and stuff that means something to me. I feel these quick snaps show a glimpse into my life and what makes me me.

Third aim on the list was to eat lunch by the river. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to eat any food by the river. We had a magnificent summer and I had ample opportunities, but life happened and time went by, too bloomin’ fast!

This next aim was a slight cheat as I already had the trip planned. I was headed to Disneyland Paris! I wanted to write an informative post about wheelchair travel and accessibility at Disney. Well I got there, and it was fab. I even wrote a mini blog series all about Disneyland Paris In A Wheelchair.

Disneyland castle with post title over. Click this image to go to part 1 of my Disneyland Paris series. Click to read part one
Mountain scenery at Disneyland with title text over. Click to read part 2 of the seriesClick to read part two

It’s a small world ride with title text over. Click to read part 3 of Disneyland seriesClick to read part three

Read more was a big aim of mine for 2018. For the first year ever I underestimated how many books I’d read. Only by one, but still I surpassed my goal! I read 16 books in 2018, I’ll maybe fill you in on these at a later date.

My reading was much more focused due to joining a book club, one that I don’t even have to leave my house to attend. The lovely Natalie at Surviving Life’s Hurdles set up The Surviving Life Book Club. Here I have been introduced to some new authors and books which I would never have otherwise read. Being part of a book club also means that each book I take part in has a deadline book discussion. This prompts me to read regularly and make time for reading. It also gives me opportunity to chat about the book with others. Which I love.

I hope to continue taking part in The Surviving Life Book Club as it is one of my best 2018 discoveries.

I pledged to start my One Line A Day memory book and am on track and have started making notes for 2019.

The next aim was to do a good deed. I wanted to make a difference to somebody else and hope that I have done.

I wrote a post in November telling you about a local organisation in Norwich that help those living on the street and less fortunate. The People’s Picnic. I wanted to highlight the need for organisations like this and how we can all do our bit to help. I purchased two items from their wish list to be sent to them, and know that my fellow bloggers also contributed. It’s never to late to do your bit, just head to my blog post and follow the relevant links.

My next two aims were craft related. I wanted to learn a new craft, and to complete a new project every month. Ok so maybe I was a little too ambitious here!

I attended two craft workshops last spring. Of which I had every intention of telling you about, but that didn’t happen. Instead here are the photos for proof.

A collage of photos from my lace making class. On the left you can see a lace snake I made. On the right you can see threads and pins.

I learned how to make lace, and was gifted a lace making kit to continue. I will!

An embroidery hoop with white fabric inside. There is the beginnings of a pattern being stitched in white thread.

I also experienced the frustration that is Hardanger Embroidery. I really like the effect it creates, yet for some reason I haven’t gone back to it.

I don’t think I completed a project every month, I did however craft every month. Here are a few of my creations, I hope to tell you more about my crafting adventures this year.

A collage of craft projects I have made including a sock unicorn, a crochet superhero doll and crochet ducksAnother collage of some finished and unfinished crafts. A cross stitch key ring with an image of a tea cup and the words tea time. A large yellow duck make by progging, similar to rug making

Next was to declutter. In all aspects. Well I sold six pairs of my beloved Converse, and purchased two more. That’s progress.

I organised my phone so that I was less easily distracted. Only necessities are on the ‘home screen’ as to not clutter my mind, and spend hours browsing ‘stuff’. Other apps are in groups such as ‘blogging’ ‘shopping’ ‘games’.

I also had a huge wardrobe sort out and have bagged up at least 20-30 items. They are currently sat in my garage waiting for me to decide what to do with them. So if anyone knows of anywhere local that could make use of them let me know. These may also end up helping those of The People’s Picnic.

I was to revisit Bella Italia. You may remember my disastrous dinner here the previous year. The totally inaccessible accessible toilet and the disgusting cutlery. I tweeted, as our generation does, and was contacted by management. Offered a gift card and told serious meetings would take place.

Well I went back, I haven’t reported my findings to you sooner as there wasn’t much to report. I had tasty food, the service was ok, our cutlery was clean. Normal expectations met. Yet the tables were still all extremely close together and the accessible toilet still inaccessible to me. I understand it’s going to take some work to improve the access, but currently that toilet is kind of pointless. I will continue on this mission!

Finally, I’m still not on it with Flipboard, so let’s not go there.

So that’s 2018 done and dusted. I think my aims went relatively well, I found it good to have a set of ideas in my mind of what I would like to accomplish.

Title text placed over a blank diary page. Click to pin on Pinterest
Pin this

Here’s some of my aims for 2019 –

Get my writings out there

I have become quite fond of writing and would really like to write a few pieces to order as such. To have a brief. I would like to feature on other blogs or websites. To reach and rant to a whole new audience.

Do a good deed

I’m keeping this one from last year as helping others is a win win in my opinion.

There will also be lent again

I like denying myself the things I love, it’s fun.

I still haven’t eaten by a river

Maybe this year will be the time I dine by water!

Visit a local place I haven’t before

Although I love to discover new places I am also a creature of habit. I think having wheels can add to this. Sometimes it’s easier to stick with what you know than do the research. Can I get in? Are there steps? An accessible loo? Parking? Same old story. So often when you find a great place you stick with it. As do many of us I guess. Well I aim to find some place new I love and tell you all about it. This may be a restaurant, a town, a venue, but I think it will be local. Sometimes the greatest treasures are right on your front door.

Give audiobooks a chance

We’ve established that I love reading, it takes me to a world away from life. I’ve never listened to an audiobook, I’ve also been a bit against them. But then I was against Kindles for years and now I couldn’t live without mine. I’m on my second one.

What I love about reading is the characters you form and voices you create in your mind. The idea of an audiobook for me is like being in someone else’s head, their interpretation. However I’d love to multitask. What could be better than reading a book while doing my crafting, reading on the bus (I physically can’t), reading with a brew in hand (again I physically can’t). So I shall indeed try an audiobook!

Work on my Pinterest

I can pin pretty pictures, bakes I’m never going to bake and crafts I’m never going to make, all day long! I have some awesome boards going on. But apparently Pinterest is a brilliant media for bloggers to get their work out there. I read some great posts via Pinterest, but how do I get my posts read. That’s what I aim to figure out.

Find my new love (wheelchair)

Wheelchairs are harder to come by than you think. There are the standard kind that I’m offered by the NHS, then there are the fancy kind that can cost £20,000 or more. My current wheelchair was around £10,000 six years ago, and as you can understand that money isn’t easy to come by. I’m not a blogging superstar yet. My wheelchair is still working, but it’s getting tired and my needs are changing. It’s not as comfortable as it once was. As you’ll also understand my wheelchair is my life, I literally go nowhere without it.

I have recently decided, due to the lack of money growing on trees, that I’m going to give an NHS supplied wheelchair a go. The last time I had one was almost twenty years ago, there have been improvements since, and if I don’t try I will never know. So watch this space to see if I find my new love, or have to stop buying Converse and save every penny for a new chair!

Do you have any aims for the year ahead? That one thing you wish you did but still haven’t?

You can keep track of my progress here on the blog, or follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s to a calm and fun filled 2019!

Selfie on me with red hair and wearing a yellow wooly hat

24 thoughts on “Aims Accomplished – Aims Not Resolutions 2019”

  1. You could, if it floats your boat, combine your Lent-based aim with your helping someone aim by following 40 Acts ( While it is Christian based, it doesn’t need to be. You don’t have to read the meditations, or do the more overtly “religious” challenges. I’ve done this for 3 or 4 years now, and enjoy it every time. But I do find it a challenge too. If you want to know more about how I did it, go to my blog and look at the “40 Acts” link.
    It may not be your cup of tea, but I thought I’d mention it….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I’m having trouble finding your 40 acts on your blog. Please could you give me some examples of previous challenges you’ve done, or a link to them?


      1. Hi Gemma. I’m sorry you couldn’t find a link. Here’s a link to one of my blog posts from 2017 which might give a flavour of some of the Acts/Challenges given by 40 Acts – and my reactions!. They are a bit “Christian” in their flavour though, but don’t let that pout you off if you’re not religious.
        There’s a link at the bottom of that post to others in my “40 Acts” category. I didn’t really succeed very well last year, as I was going through treatment for breast cancer during Lent (well, for most of the year, actually!) so I didn’t follow the Acts very well.
        I’m definitely giving it another go this year (in fact I’ve written one of the meditations!) so even if you don’t do it yourself I hope you might read how I get on!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never been part of a book club before, I really am enjoying it. It’s great to be able to discuss ideas.
      Oh, I’d love to see some of your creations sometime.
      Here’s to a fab 2019 all round!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you’ve done incredibly well! It made me chuckle when you said, “So why not make life a struggle and deny myself something I love!” – that sums up my thoughts on lent, make life a struggle and more miserable! But I can understand wanting to do it, maybe I’ll try it this year. I’ve also been trying to declutter, it really does have a refreshing effect. Well done on parting with the Converse, not sure I’m strong enough to do that until they fall apart and go to clothes recycling! Flipboard can wait, and fingers crossed a little more time will see more changes where Bella Italia and their toilet is concerned! I loved this post, it made me think about my year ahead (as I’ve been putting off doing it, despite recommending doing it on my own blog. Me = hypocrite). Here’s to a calm, fun-filled, and positive 2019  ♥
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One of the bonuses to not walking is forever having clean shoes, definitely a plus for when I come to selling them on!
      Do let me know if you take part in lent, I’ll be there to cheer you on 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I could do with some calm, for sure! And I’m so looking forward to your crafting posts. Your stuff is amazing! I wonder, with your lace-making, if you’ve run across this blogger ( who has posted about making Belgian lace. She’s always in Paris or Bruges. I’m always jealous. Well, thank you for your 2019 aims. Inspiring. Yes, I shy away from “resolution,” as “aim” seems somewhat manageable! Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

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