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Tiny Lift for Tiny Shoes

Whilst shoe shopping for my niece’s birthday recently I encountered a lift like no other lift I have come across before. This lift did not fit my wheelchair, let alone my PA to accompany me!

Tiny lift in Clarks Norwich

You see I can’t use a lift alone. Although I have been abandoned in one before by my friend, who got out too quickly leaving me behind going up and down with a couple of old ladies, friendly old ladies that pressed the button for me to return to the floor my friend was waiting for me to appear on!

I’m sure the manufacturers and designers try to think about button placement and height, however due to my limited movement I still can’t press the button to either call the lift, or instruct it as to where to take me.

Anyway back to this particular shopping expedition, and my niece’s shoes. I’m sure one of the lovely shop assistants would have gone upstairs and fetched some shoes for me to look at, but I didn’t see anybody close by. I could have even sent my PA upstairs to have a look for me. But that’s not the same as browsing the shop yourself. Maybe seeing something you totally didn’t think you would like or buy. Also by this point after laughing in shock and confusion with my friend and PA at the ridiculous size of the lift, I was put off spending my money here. 

I resorted to buying online. Don’t get me wrong, internet shopping is a phenomena I could only dream of as a child, you can order something one day and own it the next, from the worn in armchair in the comfort of your own home. Spending digital money from plastic cards, it feels like you haven’t spent a penny, until you log in to your internet banking and see those figures dwindle. Did you know you can even pay with your fingerprint now… your fingerprint!

As it happens there wasn’t anything that took my fancy online at Clarks anyway (I did grudgingly look).

I decided on ordering a pair online at Schuh Kids, which brilliantly arrived the next day. 

Why are tiny shoes so cute?

21 thoughts on “Tiny Lift for Tiny Shoes”

  1. I do love little tiny shoes, actually I love big shoes as well. Shoes in general, and boots too. No, of course, I don’t have a footwear fetish!!
    That lift is ridiculously small. If Clarks want more customers then they need to sort that out! 🙂

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      1. I am not keen on lifts, especially if they are tiny like that. I do, at least, have a choice. It is crazy to expect someone in a wheelchair to be wedged in on their own unable to reach any buttons!

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  2. I went into a Clarks once and noticed the grown up shoes were upstairs, so I asked where the lift was and they didn’t have one. I left and went to Schuh, too. I even try to avoid buying Isla’s shoes in Clarks now, but they are such market-hoggers.

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  3. Accessibility really isn’t taken seriously enough still and thank you for highlighting the issues. Tiny shoes are the cutest. I think you can get some amazing shoes for little ones now. Makes me wish my feet were smaller!!

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      1. I think you’re so right. Have you heard of DisabledGo before? I know they’re working with hospitals and other places on accessibility x

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