If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musings #1

If we were having coffee I’d tell you mine is a latte. I know I’m generally a tea drinker, a tea addict some might say. But I do drink coffee too, only the proper kind that I can’t make at home.

I’d tell you a cat is sitting on my desk right in front of me. As in my way as he could possibly be. I’m all squished up typing on my phone.

I type on my phone often. It looks unsociable and like I’m just browsing Facebook, but I’m not. I quit that for lent. I’m actually working away on ideas for blog posts, writing blog posts, organising staff rotas, and playing Scrabble. I do all these things on my phone while looking like a bored social media obsessed teen. When in fact it’s often just easier to type on my phone. It’s faster, my fingers reach it better, and it’s convenient. I’m never further from my phone than a teen is. We do have similarities.

Why is it cats like to sit in our way, occupy the working space? Those attention seekers. But when I’m chilling they don’t come over to snuggle, no, it’s their way or no way.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that although I haven’t been writing much, I have been reading plenty. I’m still in the book club, we just finished reading ‘All The Light We Cannot See’, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve also read ‘The Librarian’ via the Libby library app. Quite a different book for me, but I suggest you give it a go.

I read on my phone sometimes too. Handy things aren’t they phones? 13 year old me would have dropped my tamagotchi at the thought of all the things my now IPhone can do. We had dial up internet then, that made futuristic noises as it tried to connect. Nobody could make a phone call while I surfed the web. Surfing is quite an active, fast sport. Our dial up certainly wasn’t.

If we were having coffee I’d ask what books you’ve been reading and if you have any recommendations?

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I’ve seen some good stuff at the cinema lately. I didn’t even have any issues buying accessible seats. Well space, I have my own seat. I like the start of a year for good movies. Award season.

If we were having coffee we wouldn’t speak about Brexit, it makes me yawn-rage. But I would tell you about some great comedy I’ve seen at Norwich Playhouse this month. One familiar favourite and someone (Ivo Graham) reletively new to me. I’d tell you how much I enjoy an evening of comedy, there’s not much better for the soul or the stomach muscles. I should have a six pack by now. I’d also tell you that I took a flask of tea, but you wouldn’t be surprised.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you sometimes you kinda forget you have wheels, and other days it’s shoved right in your face. Like yesterday. Access seemed to be against me wherever I went.

Getting on the bus was a mission when the driver parked the ramp on muddy grass. I got stuck in a lift smaller than a cupboard. A different lift to last time. A lift that was newly designed and installed. It took about twenty million manoeuvres to get in and twice as many to get out. It felt like it anyway when everyone was watching, waiting. The only spare tables in this restaurant were bar stool height. Nobody wants to use them, it’s not just us wheelers. Another thing to add to my list of reasons never to go to a Wetherspoons. But the bottomless brews keep tempting me in.

As I wait for the second bus home (I miss the first as the driver sees us and can’t get away quick enough), it finally pulls in right in front of the glass shelter thingy. In the perfect position for me to not get on. I can’t fit the other side of the glass, near the curb. It’s perfectly too narrow for me to fit. I was at the front of the queue, until everyone realises I can’t get on so they push in front, not to be forgotten. The odd nice lady asks if I need help, she’ll tell the driver to move. Though he can’t, he is squished front and back with other busses, all on a schedule and moving for nobody. He waits, I wait, an uncomfortable wait, while everyone wants to get going. Including me. When he can finally move and let down his ramp for me to board, everyone watches while I hold them up further, three point turning, hitting a post and various human shins. A full bus is a wheelers nightmare, this is why I timed it to be at the front of the queue.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I hate buses, but I’ll be getting one again next week, even though I have a car. Because that’s the sort of fool I am.

If we were having coffee I’d remind you it’s my birthday next month, how could you have forgotten. I’ll be 34. Thirty four. To me that sounds old and young. Sort of in the middle. No midlife crisis yet though, unless you count wanting more tattoos, a body covered in tattoos. Because that’s what I want.

My cat collection has grown to 4 in the last year. So my life goals are gradually coming true. I love it. This is my crew…

A photograph of my four cats sitting in a row on the windowsill. Through the window it is a sunny day.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I think I’m getting a new wheelchair next month and I’m kinda nervous and apprehensive. A wheelchair isn’t just a chair with wheels, it’s a life, a freedom, a friend, a pair of legs, an assistant, a bodyguard, a part of me.

I’d also moan about the clocks jumping forward last night, missing that hour of life. That hour I could have done so much with, but know in reality I’d have just used for more procrastination. Or sleep.

If we were having coffee I’d boast about the guest post I have with Travel Breathe Repeat right now, telling you my 10 Tips For Wheelchair Users Planning a Disneyland Paris Holiday. I love writing posts for other blogs and aim to spread my writings more this year.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you March also included a trip to the circus and a new afternoon tea discovery. But I can’t tell you much about those now or I’d have nothing to write in April.

If we were having coffee what would you tell me?


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23 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musings #1”

  1. I love your kitties. I’m sorry you had so much trouble with the busses. I, too have been doing more reading and less writing. I am much more of a coffee drinker than tea. I usually make my own, but a coffee from a coffeehouse is a special treat.

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  2. I find my phone harder on my hands because of my joints, though I also find my knuckles can get sore using my laptop for prolonged periods too. You definitely get a lot done on your phone. I love Scrabble, will have to download that again as I lost it when I last reset my tablet. But I must say, I still miss the classic tamagotchi!
    Cats have a way of inserting themselves into inappropriate situations. My cat likes to sit on my keyboard, or stand in front of me and turn around, as if I want to see his bum. Anything for attention..!
    All The Light We Cannot See, I’ve heard a bit about that. Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll add it to my TBR list.
    I’ve been reading lots of Jonathan Kellerman, doing a catch-up of lots of his I haven’t read. Literally have a pile of them in my room after raiding the library and reserving several! I’ve also got a new Karen Rose to collect so I’m looking forward to that.
    Brexit is a definite no-no. There are just no words for such a messed up situation…

    What date is your birthday next month? Maybe you can pimp up the new wheelchair with birthday balloons! 😀

    A comedy evening sounds fab, laughter is good for the soul. Which you definitely need after all the bus hassles.
    My life has been so…uneventful. Just getting by, unsuccessfully tried to have my stoma stitches removed, got a follow-up with the surgeon tomorrow, picking up new glasses Thursday (which I don’t like, but Specsavers don’t have glasses for someone like me who doesn’t suit glasses!) and I’ve been drinking enough hot chocolate to fill half my veins.

    Lovely to hear what you’ve been up to Gemma! 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. Oh yes cats do like a bit of attention at the most inconvenient times, and what is it with showing off their bums?!
      I haven’t read any Jonathan Kellerman, I don’t think, but love a crime/mystery, so will be adding him to my list thanks.

      My birthday is on 25th, I might have the new chair just in time… fingers crossed it all goes well. It can take some wearing in. A bit like anything new when you’ve had the previous for years!

      I hope your follow up appointment was a success and you’re feeling as well as can be?
      Oh I know the feeling about glasses, why is it some people can pull them off perfectly?! I struggle to even find sunglasses without feeling like a 10 year old or a gangster!

      We must have a Scrabble battle sometime, over hot chocolate!

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  3. Congratulations on the guest post and good luck with the new wheelchair! Nobody queues for buses at all here and you can get on from three different doors, so it is chaos with people falling over each other to get on before anyone inside even has a chance to get off!

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    1. Thanks 😊
      Oh wow that sounds chaotic and stressful! Having access to multiple doors could be a good thing for me. But it’s hard enough here when everyone is pushing to get on the bus (like it’s going to drive off without them!) when I haven’t even had chance to get off.


    1. I’m hoping this will be a series too!
      Oh yes, it must be so uncomfortable trying to sit on stools that don’t have a back to them. At least I have the comfort of my own chair. It’s so popular now to have high seats, but they are always the last to be used.
      One day we must do tea and cake 😊


  4. If we were having coffee together Gemma, I would let you know how easy it would be for you to visit us down in New Zealand. We are great at accommodating people with physical challenges. Though like with most things, always room for improvement. Coffee in the morning and a quality Earl Grey for an afternoon cuppa 🙂

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  5. I do a lot of work on my phone too. Always typing.
    I read All the Light… and I loved it.
    Just finished Pachinko which was a great read. Currently enjoying The Diary of Two Nobodies from Gogglebox couple Giles and Mary. I LOVE it.

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  6. I’d tell you that I had a wine with the brand Cattoo last night–which combines two of your favorite things. And I don’t currently have any cats but do have one tattoo, which I have had for more than 20 years now! I’d also tell you happy almost birthday! 34 is nice, I only wish I remembered it better. I’m glad you enjoyed ALL THE LIGHT… I’m reading his memoir, FOUR SEASONS IN ROME, which I’d recommend if you liked his novel–and like reading about Rome (and twins). The twins parts kinda bring back a bit of twin mom-PTSD for me, but it’s a good memoir. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

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    1. I had to google Cattoo, but wow. I love wine too, so.
      Thanks for the recommendation, I shall check that out. Definitely interested in reading more from him.
      I’m quite happy with the age 34, too many people worry about getting older, it should be a privilege.

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  7. It is a good job you don’t live here, Gemma and decide to get a bus..No ramps just a big step up…Although they are very helpful so they would probably all help you on and off …Not sure how elegant that would look though …But it would be one of life’s experiences 🙂 x

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