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Spontaneity and The Noise Next Door

I was spontaneous! I did something spur of the moment!

By spur of the moment I mean I went to a gig 4 days after booking tickets. So close to the gig date that I couldn’t have the tickets posted. That’s how cool I am… I had to collect them.

Calm down I hear you say, what is she on about? 4 days notice isn’t spontaneous. I know, I know, spontaneous means;

‘coming or resulting from a natural impulse or tendency; without effort or premeditation; natural and unconstrained; unplanned: a spontaneous burst of applause.’

I looked it up in the dictionary.

But for me this is great.

To most people spur of the moment and spontaneity means NOW. Thinking, oh let’s go out tonight. There’s a show on, shall we see if there are any tickets left. 
Well spare tickets aren’t as easy for me, as in most venues there are only limited seats (spaces) I can use. These being such a small percentage means that chances are they are sold.
Also I only have a PA certain hours, days and evenings unless prior arrangement.

I’m just not usually a very spontaneous person. Wether this is due to me not easily being able to be, and I’ve just grown that way. Or it could be that I wouldn’t be a spontaneous person whatever my situation. I’ll never know!

Well anyway, for this spontaneous event I went to Norwich Playhouse to see The Noise Next Door.

Upon browsing a Norwich Playhouse programme I’d picked up, I noticed four faces and a title I swore I recognised. I thought ‘these are something familiar I can imagine discovering at Latitude Festival’. After a few seconds on Google I realise I have seen them at Latitude, in 2013, it all comes flooding back to me and I remember, they are hilarious!

I want to go, I must go, oooh I already have a PA/friend working those exact times, shall I go, I bet there aren’t any accessible tickets left, I might as well try, should I, I’ll phone, what’s there to loose, what are my chances, I’M GOING!

Aren’t I glad I turned into this spontaneous being. What more could you want on a blustery cold February evening (just a few days before Storm Doris visited) than to laugh so much you hurt?!

My view of the stage, with The Noise Next Door caricatures as backdrop.

With accents and impressions that would offend any nationality, The Noise Next Door put on an improv show that can only be blamed on its audience. A performance of songs and sketches of which content is decided and improvised depending on what the audience shouts out. We went on a journey with a flying zebra, solved a murder mystery involving Delia Smith, and learned how many of Norwich actually know what the moon is.

The Noise Next Door are a brilliantly funny, spontaneous (just like me!), creative, quirky, fast-thinking quartet that I can’t wait to see again, and highly recommend you do too.

5 thoughts on “Spontaneity and The Noise Next Door”

  1. It sounds like a great laugh. I love those improvisation shows, and ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ always had me in stitches! You are right to be proud of your spontaneity! 🙂


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