Friends, Flu and Frustrations

January is usually the longest month of the year, feeling like it has at least 372 days in it. January 2020 has felt quite different. Yes it’s 2020. I’m still having trouble typing and saying it. Sounds like the future doesn’t it?! Twenty Twenty. Well if we are in the future, it still feels pretty… Continue reading Friends, Flu and Frustrations

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Praise You Like I Should

People tell me good access should be a given, that places/businesses/people shouldn’t be praised for letting me in their building, a ramp shouldn’t mean a gold star. I agree. Access should just be a thing that happens. Not a topic of discussion, a cause for complaint or reward. Everyone should be able to experience everything.… Continue reading Praise You Like I Should

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Gig Going – Like Anyone Else

‘Like anyone else’ Those are words I’ve longed to hear for a lifetime. That they should even be considered news in 2019 is unacceptable yet not all that shocking when you’re in my wheels. Having a disability doesn’t mean I want special treatment, equality is all I ever ask for. More than anything I wish… Continue reading Gig Going – Like Anyone Else


If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #3

If we were having coffee I might struggle to find a suitable table. The day after I wrote this post about chips that included a mini rant about tables, my rage got multiplied. I went into the world famous coffee chain I have a love/hate relationship with (Starbucks) to find they’d had a refurb. Some… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #3

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Shooting Stars And A Black Carpet – Ed Sheeran Chantry Park Ipswich

Ed Sheeran tickets were on sale. You may remember the last time this happened and my rant that preceded. This time I’m happy to report things went much smoother. Equally smooth anyway. There would be only two venues left for Ed Sheeran’s record breaking two and a half year long Divide World Tour. One of… Continue reading Shooting Stars And A Black Carpet – Ed Sheeran Chantry Park Ipswich


Me, Myself and SMA

August is SMA awareness month. I’m pretty aware all year round, but I invited you guys to put to me some questions. I talk a lot about access and wheeling around. But I don’t talk a lot about my actual condition. There is so much more to SMA than having wheels. In fact having wheels… Continue reading Me, Myself and SMA

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Three Whole Years Of Rambles

That came around fast. Yesterday marked three years since I posted my very first thought on here. It was a confession of why I blog, and my reasons haven’t changed much. I’m still just as shocked now when I get a view or follower as I was on that very first day when I had… Continue reading Three Whole Years Of Rambles

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Alice In Wonderland – Afternoon Tea Week

I’m sitting here with my cat in a bit of a blur, me that is, not the cat. The cat isn’t from Cheshire but I do feel like I’ve been down a rabbit hole, that could be the sugar slump though. It’s afternoon tea week and I’ve been to another afternoon tea at The Assembly… Continue reading Alice In Wonderland – Afternoon Tea Week

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It’s Summer

It’s hot. Really, very, hot. I’m not a fan of moaning but it’s in our nature isn’t it, being British. We always need to have something to whine about. We’re not very good at dealing with it either, are we, weather I mean. Of most kinds. It’s too cold, too wet, too hot. There’s snow… Continue reading It’s Summer

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Pickles, Bugs and Turkish Delight – Peter Beales Rose Gardens

Why is it we travel miles to visit places but never take advantage of what’s on our doorstep? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it is. We talk about beautiful views when on holiday, there are plenty right around us though. It was due to be a sunny Saturday (it wasn’t all that… Continue reading Pickles, Bugs and Turkish Delight – Peter Beales Rose Gardens