A Jolly Good Brew

As you know I love a good cuppa, so when I saw that Jolly Brew Tea Co. were looking for tea loving bloggers to review some of their supplies I jumped (wheel-skidded) at the chance! I love trying anything new, particularly flavours of tea.

Firstly I have to say how much I love the company name, oh so very English it is!

I was generously given three tea samples to try for you. The packaging was simple and rustic, pouches made from brown paper with a resealable top. Great for keeping the leaves fresh, and also appeared good for the environment.

Scrumptious Spiced Apple

Opening the sachet smelled really good. Fresh and appley with a hint of tea. I do love that fresh tea fragrance! This one is an actual ‘tea’ so contains a medium amount of caffeine.

Lots of colourful bits were interspersed within the leaves. It’s quite pretty and vibrant before you even start to brew. I could have these leaves standing in a container looking lovely!

Brewed my first cup for 5 minutes and didn’t add anything. The sachet does say this tea would work well with milk, but personally I don’t enjoy things too milky, so decided to try without. (I did try with milk at a later date but my preference is without).

You could taste the tea. Yes I know it’s tea and that might be an odd statement. With fruit teas sometimes they haven’t actually got ‘tea’ in them. They are light. This one has the depth of tea. A little bitter, but I like this. It had the crisp sharpness some apples do.

I would definitely consider purchasing more of this, I think I might even try adding a drop of honey in my next cup.

Proper Peppermint

Im not always a fan of minty stuff. Mint choc chip ice cream is never top of my list. Sometimes I find mint too strong and overpowering.

The dried tea smells fresh. Made from peppermint leaves this one is decaffeinated.

I’ve tried various brew times on these leaves and for me 2 minutes is adequate. I find this gives the perfect minty sweetness. It’s zingy and fresh, without tasting like toothpaste!

There was quite a minty aftertaste that lasted a while, but it wasn’t too strong. Freshness. I also really liked the sweetness that came through.

This tea was soothing and relaxing. Mint tea also has many health benefits including helping with digestion, nausea and headaches. It also felt very cooling on my throat even though I drank it hot.

I will definitely consider mint tea as an option now after trying this, and am glad I still have a couple of brews left in my pouch.

Celtic Campfire

It looks quite ordinary. Nothing exciting to report. Tea coloured, fairly small leaves.

I’ve just opened the sachet. Oh my goodness, I’m sorry but it smells horrid. Like smoke. A mixture of bonfire and barbecue, I can’t quite decide.

Brewing for 3-4 minutes the smell rises.

This is going to take some effort to drink. It may well taste delicious, but smell is an important factor when it comes to taste.

It looks like tea. I decide not to add milk to the first cup. I don’t want to complicate things and at that moment the thought of adding creaminess was too much for me!

I tried to drink it as hot as possible as I think often that’s when tea has the best flavour.

I just couldn’t do it. This tea is not for me and it’s not often you’ll see me type those words! I’m not saying it’s awful tea (honestly!), we all have different likes, and this isn’t one of mine!

I’m struggling to explain the flavour because obviously I don’t like it. It’s quite strong and intense, the smokiness completely took over for me.

Don’t let me put you off though, If smoky flavours are your thing, give this a go.

I’ve had a good few brews from the first two pouches (I couldn’t bring myself to try Celtic Campfire again!). I used a steeper in a mug, you’d get a fair few brews in a pot!

As well as loose leaf tea Jolly also sell tea bags, to use on the go or if you don’t want the faff of using a steeper. What makes these even better is that they are plastic free bags and are biodegradable.

Jolly also provide a tea subscription (which should really come under prescription for me!) where you can get tea delivered straight to your door so that you never run out. Imagine the thought!

Thank you to Jolly’s for letting me sample some of your blends. I feel it’s important to support small businesses, so if you love tea I’d highly recommend Jolly Brew Co. Although based in Oxfordshire you can also order online.

Now to decide which Jolly teas to try next…

44 thoughts on “A Jolly Good Brew”

  1. Hey Gemma! My first time visiting your blog. As a tea person, I thoroughly enjoyed your tea posts, especially this one! As an Indian, I am spoilt for tea varieties here-the latest being from up north of the country! Cheers!

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    1. Hi there, thanks for visiting. Great to find a fellow tea lover! I do enjoy discovering new flavours. I currently have an Indian masala tea brought for me from India by my uncle, I haven’t tried it yet though.

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  2. I love tea. I am second generation American, grandparents coming from Scotland, Ireland, and Germany. Tea solved everything, and still does, colds, chills, sadness, you name it and a cup of tea will appear. I collect tea pots and actually have one from London, my girls were visiting a tea shop and wanted to buy me one. They told the shopkeeper that I collected them and used them and he produced the most beautiful pot that made the flight over in one piece. This shop sounds like heaven, wish I could visit it. Thanks for this. Love reading about tea… and yes, I do like it iced as well with a hefty dose of lemon added to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh iced tea is fab too. Especially in the heat we are having this summer in England!
      You’re certainly right, a cup of tea is the answer to most things, and I think does actually help in some way.
      I would love to see your teapot collection!

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  3. I was once given a very smoky-flavored tea, which I didn’t even know existed. It was actually confusing, and it turned me from tea for quite some time, I have to be honest. It was awful. I still steer clear of most flavored teas in favor of the straight-up stuff. I do love the company name too!

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  4. Honest reviews are the best ones Gemma. Not sure about minty tea as I’m really not a fan of mint. Spiced apple intrigued me, but the last one… eek… as you started the assessment I was already thinking Lapsang Souchong and burnt wood. They call them acquired tastes, but seriously…. how can you drink enough to acquire one? Each to their own I guess…but burnt wood…just wrong.

    Love the manufacturers logo though and if packaging is recyclable then kudos to them. No excuses not to be going as green as possible now.

    Apologies for being a day late from BUYB too!

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    1. I’m not sure I could ever drink enough to acquire the taste! I’ve never tried Lapsang Souchong, but if it’s smokey then maybe I shouldn’t!
      Yes the packaging is brilliant.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. Eek, never tried it…just don’t… burnt wood all day long! I’m with you too. If I need to “aquire” a taste then it means way too long not liking it before your taste buds go numb… why? Just why would you? 🤔

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      1. I find the packet masala teas quite strong so like to make it fresh myself (or use a masala ground by my mum with all the ingredients ready)but the cardamom infused tea bags are lovely for a light flavour with the tea! They go with me to work!

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      2. Thanks for the tip! I have a packet of masala blend leaves my uncle brought back from India. Will let you know how I get on with them 😃


  5. I think your honesty is perfect and exactly what we need in reviews. The first two teas look lovely and sound like they have a nice flavor. I’m sipping my half-caf coffee and wondering if I should give tea a trial.

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  6. I should become a tea drinker. Maybe it would help me with my struggle with diet soda. I’m trying to find a caffeine replacement for in the morning. I drink one caffeinated soda in the morning even though I know it isn’t good for me. I’m avoiding the caffeine headache. I think I might try tea and see if that’ll help ween me off of the soda. I love the name of this tea company by the way!

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    1. The name is brilliant!
      I use to drink round 8 caffeinated teas a day, but about 2-3 years ago I cut down dramatically and now I only have 1 first thing in the morning. Unless I’m out and alternatives aren’t available. But then I try not to still.

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  7. You’re encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and try new tea flavours. I confess, I always go back to my favourite – mint tea!

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  8. MMmm I’m quite partial to a nice cup of peppermint tea now and again but there are huge variations- that one looks lovely!

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  9. Exciting getting to sample and blog about a product you enjoy. Good report. I think I would try the apple and peppermint not so much the Campfire. Maybe for the Campfire they should give those sampling cups out at the store?? for testing.

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    1. I was so excited to try them when they arrived. It’s great companies do this so that you can give an honest review. Yes, I like it when store offer a ‘try before you buy’.


  10. Haha I love your honesty! The apple one sounds good and I developed more of a liking for mint tea after someone made me some when I wasn’t feeling well and it really helped. I don’t like it when it’s sweet though. Nice selection – shame about the last one!

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