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Top 10 Tea Posts – National Tea Day

It’s that day of the year made for me. Not Easter, although it is that too and it does mean I’ll be eating a tasty roast, followed by a hot cross bun, surrounded by mini Creme Eggs. Oh I do love seasonal foods!

Today is also National Tea Day. Easter and National Tea Day, what a delicious combination.

Oh, it’s also the Queens birthday, but I wasn’t invited to that.

Yesterday I went to one of my favourite places for afternoon tea, The Assembly House in Norwich. It was Easter themed and oh so cute! Afternoon tea involves mass consumption of tea along with dainty tasty treats. My tea of choice yesterday was a loose leaf decaffeinated earl grey. I’m generally a regular tea drinker at home, so like to be a bit adventurous when out. The Assembly House is the perfect place to experiment a little as they have such a vast variety. My earl grey, without milk, had just the right amount of floral and a deep flavour of tea. None of this warm milk with a dash of colour for me.

This Easter themed event was aptly titled ‘Honey Bunny Afternoon Tea’ and included your usual suspects, finger sandwiches, mini toastie, brioche roll, cheese and fruit scone. It’s the top tier that was special and varies per season.

Looking down onto the top tier of the afternoon tea. There is a yellow layered gateau style cake, a yellow macaron with a bumble bee made of icing on top, a mini cupcake that has a white rabbits bum and legs sticking out made of icing, and a small glass filled with mousse topped with a which chocolate bunny face.

It’s adorable isn’t it?

The Caramac Bunny Cheesecake with a white chocolate rabbit was by far my favourite from the top tier. I also quite liked the Honey Bunny macaron, topped with the cutest bee you ever did see, it was light and crisp with a delicate touch of honey. I was really looking forward to the lemon sponge version of The Assembly House signature Gateau Opera, however was a little disappointed. It was tasty, airy, creamy, but lacked that punch of lemon I was counting on. Follow the White Rabbit Chocolate Cake, the little cupcake with a bunny bum sticking out, was genius, yet also failed slightly on taste for me.

Today, I thought I would share with you some of my top tea posts to celebrate National Tea Day. Tea doesn’t go far without the words ‘and cake’ in my world, so as you’ll see many of them involve that too!

Not Just Any Afternoon Tea – M&S Norwich

I have to start with this post as it’s my most Googled and most viewed post ever. I don’t know why, it’s an ok post, but I wouldn’t say I was at my best. Sometimes you just get things right I guess. And that’s what M&S did with this tea. If you’re looking for a spontaneous afternoon tea, without booking, at a great price, then this is the one for you.

Titanic Tea – My Heart Will Go On

A special post for me this one. My blogging pal Losing The Plot sent me tea, by actual post, and when that happens you’re connected for life. Not only did this tea make me burst out in song (in my head, I’m not the singing kind but my mind is great at it) and take me back to my teens, it also tasted deliciously rich and kept me in supplies for a while.

Compostable, Biodegradable, Favourite – Cinema City Norwich

This isn’t a post about tea as such although tea is involved. As you’ll know I like to rant about the so called plastic straw ban, but that’s only because my life and independence relies on them. Without an appropriate straw I would not be the tea obsessive I am today, I would not be able to enjoy a tea. So on a cinema trip earlier this year I was so excited to discover the perfect straw, I just had to write about it.

Tea Is Served – I’m A Guest

Tea was the subject of my first ever guest post. As a person that cannot make a brew for themselves, I give my recipe for the perfect cuppa, describe some of the atrocious so called teas I’ve been served and tell you what tea means to me.

Tea Revv Advent – Day 6-11

The avid tea drinker that I am, a couple of Christmases ago I treated myself to a loose leaf tea advent calendar. This was a great way to discover new flavours without having to purchase in large quantities. The daily treat that’s even better than chocolate!

Road Trip To Claridge’s

If the content of your first ever blog post is a sign of what’s to come, then mine pretty much was. Although way too fancy, far away and expensive for regular visits, this is by far the best afternoon tea I have ever had. The day was an experience in itself. A trip to London, a browse around Selfridges, a plastic straw served on a silver tray. What more could I have wanted. It was delicious, the service of another life, and the decor stunning and grand. Claridge’s, one day I shall return!

The Barnham Broom Afternoon Tea Experience

This recent find for me is one of my new favourites. A lighter, mini version, it was perfect for me and those that want a lighter option. I need more rhubarb posset…

A Jolly Good Brew

Sometimes you see businesses and suppliers looking for bloggers to review their products, this was one of those times. Jolly Brew Tea Co sent me samples in return for honest feedback, and I am nothing if not honest.

Chocolate High Tea – The Assembly House Norwich

Tea and chocolate in my favourite local venue. Need I say more…

Battle And A Brew – Thirsty Meeples

I’ll finish on this quirky find in Oxford. A board game café. This gem serves tea, along with snacks and alcoholic beverages, while you explore and play a selection of more than 2,500 board games. I only wish it was closer!

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Are you a fellow tea drinker? What is your brew of choice?

If not, what National Day is made for you?


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Tea Posts – National Tea Day”

  1. Errrr, this day is definitely THE day. Its tea day! As you well know, me and afternoon tea go together like egg and chips, beans on toast, bread and jam….you get my point. It is our day to rejoice Gemma, I will clink my tea cup to you! xx

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  2. Wooop, this is a day I can totally get behind – Happy National Tea Day!
    That place sounds incredible, and I LOVE the idea of a Caramac Bunny Cheesecake. Very cutely themed indeed =]
    Great tea-inspired round-up, Gemma. ‘Make tea not war’, it’s good for the soul xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry you weren’t invited to the Queen’s birthday, but if you happen to run into her at the grocery, please tell her I’ve admired her since childhood. I’m just finishing my morning Twining’s English breakfast tea with a bit of milk and raw sugar. Sandy and I have had a true afternoon tea only a few times. Once in Weymouth, in a true tea shop in Florida (which is now closed, the shop, not Florida), and high tea at the Grand Floridian Hotel at Disney. National Tea Day, definitely a holiday to celebrate. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t know how she forgot my invite, it must have got lost somewhere.

      Afternoon tea at Disney! That’s something I need in my life. I like a good Twining’s English Breakfast tea 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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