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Best Brunch in Town – House Cafe Norwich

I think I’ve found THE best ‘Full English’ breakfast in Norwich. Which is quite a statement for myself, as I love a good brunch. I am quite fussy though in the way that it is cooked, runny yolk, not greasy, quality sausage, crispy bacon. So to please me it must be great!

I had this breakfast on my second visit to House Cafe Norwich, on my first visit I had cheese on toast, which too was delicious.

I only discovered the place this summer, I’d heard a lot about it, but it’s a little bit out of the main centre of Norwich, and so just never got around to dining here.

I recently got recommended a new salon to get my hair done (I don’t have anything fancy, a cut and blow dry, I dye it at home) and noticed that House was merely a few steps/wheels away. After a well needed chop of the barnet I thought I’d pop in for a spot of lunch, that’s when I had the cheese on toast, it was remarkably tasty! Cheddar, brie tomatoes and a spread of wholegrain mustard underneath. Yum.

So when meeting friends for a little hen brunch before the big day (not mine), I suggested brunch here. The girls had both been before and were happy to return.

Visiting House is a bit like visiting your Nan’s. Only cooler (and your cheek doesn’t get squeezed). Retro mismatch furniture fills the room, it is a little cramped but I like it, it’s homely, and I can just about navigate my wheels around the furniture and guests. It’s not nearly as squished as some places….. A cosy sofa in 70’s shade of green is nestled against the coffee table where you can chill out with a morning coffee and newspaper, there’s even a basket of knitting if it takes your fancy! I love this, the idea that you can pick up where someone else has left off, a big communal knitting project, just don’t drop those stitches!

Squishy sofa and cushions

The place is a little cluttered, but cluttered with treasure. Books, board games for kids and adults, and toys make it all the more welcoming and relaxed. It’s somewhere that openly welcomes kids, probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid at a little tantrum and some baked beans spilled on the floor.

It’s right up my street, quirky, eccentric and chilled.

When we arrived it was fairly busy, late morning being prime brunch time, so we took a seat on the sofa (well I had my own seat, handy that!). To get through the door there was just a tiny lip, maybe 3-4 centimetres, but with a mat inside it wasn’t much of a drop.

House has a mixture of sized tables, these all mismatch too, there were five of us including my wheels and a pushchair, so we waited for a larger table to become free. Table sharing at House isn’t seen as weird, so once a couple left this other lady on a large table reading the paper by herself we dived in, asking permission to join her obviously.

Light coming through large windows

The table was easy for me to access from one side (just the right height for my knees to go under and me to get close), as the other side was fairly close to the wall. My friends shuffled in there and it was spacious enough at the end for the pushchair.

Munching on brunch

I decided to go for the children’s breakfast. As I’m a small eater I do sometimes look at the kids menu (as long as it’s more enticing than fish fingers and beans, although I do love a fish finger sandwich, but I’m sure we’ll talk about that some other time, I mustn’t digress too much, I’m all too good at that!) or ask for a smaller portion of roast at a carvery. Some restaurants can be a bit funny about it and don’t always let me order a child’s portion, silly really because I only end up getting a questioning look from the waitress when I’m finished and she takes away my half full plate to go and throw the leftovers in the bin. Leftovers that could easily have fed a child. I don’t like waste but I can’t always help it. Unless my friends are with me and they finish off my lunch!

Anyway, digressing again. House Cafe were perfectly fine with me ordering the childs Full English, and it suited me perfectly as it has all the suspects of the larger breakfast yet smaller quantities. Again a bit like eating at your Nan’s, the kids get fed the same, just less.

My ‘mini’ Full English

It was delicious home cooked food. Generous in portion, even for the kids. My bacon was crispy and my yolk runny. Yes! 

It was served on mismatched retro crockery, again the kind you’d find at your Nan’s, or local charity shop. (This is literally how I would live, love a bit of mismatch, but the right kind of mismatch!).

I also had a chai latte, served in a pot with strainer and a mix of actual spices, none of that powder or sweet syrupy stuff.

Pot of chai

We had a good catch up and chat about the big day, the relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff make you feel comfortable to take your time, nobody is hovering over you waiting to clear the table and rush the next order in.

So that’s THE best brunch according to me. In a cafe I would happily dine in regularly.

Do you think you’ve found the best brunch in Norwich or your local area? If so comment below to fill me in. Let’s see if we can find the worlds best brunch!

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  1. I am always on the look out for a great full English, its possibly my favourite traditional meal. My favourite in Cardiff is Cafe 37, an American style cafe and diner, who do a great ‘hangover full English’ which was ideal for those bleary mornings at uni!

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