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Birthday Celebrations – The Waffle House Norwich

Just a quick(ish) hello today to tell you about a new exciting find of mine.

Well in no way is it actually new, in fact The Waffle House has been in Norwich for well over 30 years, and I’ve passed it on many occasions thinking I really must check this place out, as I’d heard so many great things. But whenever I’ve attempted to dine the small area I can access is full. Being a Georgian Grade 2 listed building The Waffle House is pretty inaccessible, there are just a couple of tables by the entrance in the window that I can get to, others are upstairs.

My birthday week was looming and trying to decide on a venue for a celebratory lunch with friends (reaching the ripe old age of 32 is definitely a cause for celebration!) The Waffle House popped into my mind.

Not wanting to turn up disappointed and find the accessible tables full I decided to walk/wheel by on my way to a hair appointment a few days before the planned feast. Enquiring with the waitress if I could book a table for that coming Saturday I was told that they don’t take bookings on a Saturday, and also don’t tend to take bookings for small parties. There were only 4 of us. 

The lovely lady, realising my situation, kindly asked the manager if she could book me a table, explaining that in the whole restaurant I can only access 2 tables for 4 people, leaving me at a disadvantage because others could sit anywhere.

I would happily queue and don’t ever expect special treatment. But when a table did come free, and it was my turn to be seated, chances are I wouldn’t be able to access it anyway.

They let me book!

I was warned by the waitress that this tiny area we were chatting in is the only part I can access, and that I wouldn’t be able to access the toilets if I needed to.

I’d been wanting to try The Waffle House for so long I decided to risk it, as much as I often try to make a stand against using inaccessible venues, sometimes you just have to live, not everything can be accessible right now, not every building can be adapted, sometimes you need to compromise, you have to work with your surroundings. And if I can’t use the toilet for 2 hours, then that’s how it is. The waffles win!

So waffle day had arrived!

After a coffee and customary gossip at Cafe Marzano (another jewel of the city I’m sure to blog about some other time!) off we went to find us some waffles. It was queued out the door, wow this place must be good, there are plenty of places to eat in Norwich, hundreds in the city centre alone.

A bit of a squeeze getting through the entrance, the people queuing had to move, our waiter, friendly and efficient got us to our table. A round table (always my shape of preference), it was easy to drive up to, enough space for my driving controls, and no table legs in the way. Round tables are always much more sociable, everyone can see everyone, not just the person opposite.

Drinks first, and I ordered water. Boring I know, being a small eater I wanted to leave as much room for waffles as possible! I liked the sound of pretty much everything on the menu. Hummus and avocado sounded particularly tasty, but then I eat hummus almost everyday anyway so thought go for something different.

The Specials

Pointed in the direction of the specials board right beside us, (observant!) I go for massaman chicken curry. I know, curry on a waffle might sound a little bizarre, as do most savoury things on a waffle. It was delicious. Yummy crispy waffle with creamy curry that was full of flavour and spices but wasn’t spicy hot. Perfect for me, all the waffles come in 2 size options. Small or large.

Unable to eat very much at a time I often feel guilty when I leave over half of my meal. Questioning looks from waiters when asking was my meal ok. Yes it was lovely but I just can’t eat very much.

Here at The Waffle House I could order a small portion, less waste, but also less worrying looks from waiters and offended chefs. Added bonus – less money.

Even though I ordered a small it was still generous in size for me, there were still leftovers (my friends happily pinched a taste) but not quite as much. Another reason I’d suggest to go for a small savoury waffle is to leave room for dessert. Nobody should go to a waffle restaurant to leave without a sweet version! 

The best chocolate mousse!

Again I order a small portion, this time a waffle topped with dark chocolate mousse, strawberries and a chocolate sauce. Delicious. So good I almost finished it off and felt like I couldn’t move! Good job I have wheels and didn’t have to move too much when we left, friends complaining they had to walk when all they really wanted was a nap!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lucy this happy!

I’d highly recommend you visit The Waffle House for a delicious feast as soon as you can. I know I shall be returning! The staff couldn’t have been more welcoming and attentive. Fussy eaters this is a place for you, I dined with a vegetarian and a fussy friend (you know who you are!) and the waiter informed us that we could mix and match pretty much any waffle toppings.

What waffle would you create?

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Photo Credits: Lucy Betts, Janette Hodds

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