Accessible Toilets

The Assembly House Norwich

I’ve visited The Assembly House Norwich on a few occasions, my most recent being to enjoy their Rainbow Unicorn Afternoon Tea in celebration of Norwich Pride. You can read more about this magical enchanting tea here.

This post is to describe their accessible toilet. As we know I’m easily excited by toilets, you can find some of my other bathroom discoveries here.

I’ve only ever used the one accessible bathroom in The Assembly House, I am sure there must be others of which I am yet to explore, in this review I am just discussing the one on the ground floor down the corridor on the right of the main hallway.

All doorways and the corridor are wide and easy to access, the accessible bathroom is in an alcove on the left side of the corridor with ample turning space to face the door. 

The door is very wide and opens outwards, slightly heavy but swings easily for those that have some mobility.

Once inside there is plenty of space, much larger than most standard accessible toilets. More than enough space for myself and my PA. It’s not a Changing Places, I don’t think it’s quite large enough to be turned into one, although this could be worth considering.

The toilet (just seen in the edge of the photo) is in the corner of the large room meaning that if you transfer it would have to be on your left side.

Both the sink and hand dryer are overhanging allowing easy access when seated, the hand soap and cream within reach just to the right of the sink at a reachable height.

The decor is very simple in contrast to the rest of what I’ve seen in The Assembly House. All the basics are there with the added luxury of hand cream, it was also sparkling clean, which is rarer than you’d think, you should see the state of some accessible toilets. Well I’m sure some ‘normal’ loos are a mess too! All I would say is the mirror above the sink is slightly too high to make use of when seated in a wheelchair.

There is a red pull cord alarm in the corner by the toilet (sorry no photo), which was hanging loosely to the floor. Due to the bathroom being quite large it’s possible that if another emergency cord was placed on the other side of the room it would improve safety. As the current one wouldn’t be reachable to me in my chair as I couldn’t stretch over the toilet. But that could just be me being a little picky. We all know that I am!

Overall one of the best and most spacious, non Changing Places, accessible bathrooms I’ve come across. And there was no unnecessary clutter, or too many bins, in the way!

Changing Places 0/10

Space 8/10

Cleanliness 9/10

Decor 8/10

Safety 8/10

Practicality 7/10

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