Accessible Toilets, Oxford

The Randolf Hotel Oxford

After devouring the most delicious afternoon tea at The Randolf in Oxford recently (you can read about the yummy, Bond-esque experience here), and drinking way too much tea, I needed to visit their facilities.

I need no excuse to check out any accessible loo!

I’m sure there is more than one accessible toilet within The Randolf Hotel, however without looking slightly bizarre and demanding to see all of them I only got to check out the one on this visit.

The loo in question was down a small corridor to the right of the reception desk, just past the door to the tea lounge. The corridors were plenty wide enough and corners easy to turn, I reached the bathroom with ease.

Entering the accessible bathroom

There was an extra wide easy to swing door, that stayed where you put it as to not squish you while entering. The door had a low handrail on the inside so that you could pull the door closed with ease. Also on the back of the door was a clothes hook where you could hang up your coat or bag. Although I’m informed this is a common accessory in most regular toilets, it’s surprisingly rarer than you’d think in an accessible bathroom. Surely having wheels doesn’t mean that I don’t have a bag or coat (or indeed a magnitude of shopping bags!), in fact my PA often struggles to find somewhere to hang her belongings while assisting me.

Anyway hook rant over, this accessible toilet was a little on the small size. Enough room for myself and PA, but no turning space, I’d have to exit in reverse.

Sparklingly clean yet a little modern looking compared to the rest of the hotel I’d seen, it was like opening a door on to the future.

Fluffy towels

Fluffy cotton towels, a pile of wash cloths and Molton Brown hand wash and cream gave you a sense of luxury.

If you didn’t like the thought of using a towel that others had touched there were also paper towels available.

Overhanging sink is easy to access. Fragrant soap and hand cream

A mirror hung above the easy to access sink. The mirror was at perfect height for somebody standing to check their make up or rearrange their hair. I didn’t stand a chance at seeing anything in the mirror other than the wall opposite.

Mirror high above the sink

Due to the position of two of the three bins, if someone needed to transfer from either side of the toilet then some furniture rearranging would be required. Handrails were positioned usefully to assist people in moving.

There was a red emergency cord in the far left corner. Yet again, as in so many cases this call bell had been inconveniently tucked away so as not to be caught by mistake. It’s better for these cords to be pulled by mistake on the odd occasion, than to be tucked out of reach when somebody needs help. If you see this, or one tied up, please release it. The next person in there could have an emergency.

Red emergency cord tucked out of reach

Changing Places 0/10

Space 6/10

Cleanliness 9/10

Decor 8/10

Safety 6/10

Practicality 7/10

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