Taylors Of Harrogate Tea – Caffeine Free Infusions

Let’s talk tea. It’s been a while since I’ve written a tea review post. Since this one way back when. They say tea solves everything, and it’s been an odd few months so I’m pretty sure a brew review is called for. A celebration, stress, time to unwind, procrastination, deliberation and devastation. A tea is… Continue reading Taylors Of Harrogate Tea – Caffeine Free Infusions

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Tea Revv Advent – Day 2-5

Here’s a little update of my Tea Revv advent calendar for all you fellow tea drinkers out there. (If you don’t drink tea there’s something up with you, but you could check out my Festive Feelings post instead, where there’s no tea to be found. Well not much.) You can read more about the advent… Continue reading Tea Revv Advent – Day 2-5