If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #8

If we were having coffee I’d say it’s not been long has it. When in fact in real life it feels like forever.

These coffee chats could become a thing. I’m seeing less people, so pretending you’re here is good. I’m doing less things, so this format is great for rambling.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I miss writing about my escapades (I miss having them too), ranting about inaccessibility and reviewing delicious afternoon teas.

If we were having coffee mine would be a chai, and I’d offer you a slice of cake. That’s chai too. I made it. When you’re not going out for cake you make them.

A slice of loaf cake in a golden brown caramel colour. It’s sponge cake with a layer of icing on top. It’s placed on a white surface.

I’ve become obsessed with chai again. It’s the autumnal weather and festivities approaching. No pumpkin spiced latte means I’m craving alternatives. I’m all about the seasonal flavours. Mince pies are coming but it’s still too soon.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I got my flu jab invitation. Yes it said invitation on the letter. First party I’ve been to in a while. But you’ve got to get your fun where you can these days.

A head shot of me in a rainbow striped knitted hat, a white and purple pattered face mask, a black and cream mandala pattered shawl and a black neck support.

Between neck support, shawl, mask and woolly hat I could hardly move and barely speak. It’s a cold and germy world out there, though.

If we were having coffee you’d know I got flu earlier this year. I don’t think I’ve had it before, and I don’t want it again. I ended up in hospital, and if I hadn’t had the jab things could have been worse.

If you can get the flu jab please do.

If we were having coffee you may remember when I said isolation was accessible? I read this guest post on Invisibly Me by Kirsty and it struck a cord.

Isolation doesn’t feel so accessible anymore. There’s less online, less zoom, less exciting food delivery, less comraderie, and less empathy. There are more questions, more assumptions and bigger gaps between people.

There seemed a great community spirit earlier in the year. But now I feel we as a people are becoming more and more divided.

If we were having coffee you may also remember favourite hob ring chat from our previous coffee.

Well mundane conversation has progressed to wheelie bin chat. Who knew there were so many colour combinations, and that each colour can mean so many different things depending on where you live. Even within a mile.

When the country can’t be consistent and unite over bins, what chance do we have really.

If we were having coffee I’d ask if you watch GBBO. Great British Bake Off. Everything is an acronym now. During autumn my diet is planned around what week it is on Bake Off. Bread week being my weakness. I swear the show is to blame for my cake indulging.

Who knew watching bread prove and cakes rise would make for such a tense watch.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I got a weighted blanket. It’s like having a hug, only I’m not really the hugging kind. Especially now. So this is ideal.

It’s great for feeling cosy, relieving aches and falling asleep faster. I’m also down to only one hot water bottle, so it must be warm.

If we were having coffee we’d talk about the clocks going back. Because even though it happens every year it’s still a shock and a novelty. We were given the opportunity for a whole extra hour in 2020. I have to say I wasn’t grateful.

I always reset the actual physical clock (I still have one that isn’t just on my phone), the night before. It gives that excited feeling of having an early night. The one you only get when you reach your 30’s.

How did you spend your bonus hour?

Mine was spent in that half sleep half awake state of bliss. Until the cats realised they hadn’t turned back their clocks and demanded breakfast.

If we were having coffee I’d explain that I have a book hangover. It’s when you’re head is wrapped in a book long after the end. I read The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. I urge you to if you haven’t. It’s one of those that stays with you. Like having too much red wine, only better. I feel the need to high five Nora even though I can’t high five.

If we were having coffee I’d ask what you’ve been reading? Books, blogs and anything in between.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you about Bob Ross Wednesdays. If you don’t know who Bob Ross is then we probably shouldn’t be friends. I urge you to give him a Google or YouTube and then come back. If you do know who Bob Ross is, which you should by now, then you’ll know what I say when I describe him as the Morgan Freeman of the art world. That therapeutic and soothing voice.

As a child of the 80’s it was almost religion that we’d sit and watch Bob of a weekend. You can imagine the delight and nostalgia when I discovered his shows were being rerun on BBC4. One of the better reruns during the pandemic I have to say.

So, if we were having coffee I’d tell you about the ritual of Bob Ross Wednesdays, started by myself and taken up by my friends. Like a weekly meditation session I watch his masterpieces appear in real time. The hypnotic voice and trance inducing repetition, he creates ‘happy little highlights’, from ‘teeny tiny’ strokes, where you can ‘bounce and play and have fun’, all his words not mine. I’ve not been drinking that much tea. Who needs yoga.

Delightful it is. Give it a go and get back to me with your thoughts.

If we were having coffee what would you tell me?

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35 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – Life Musing #8”

  1. If we were having coffee, we could maybe swap flu vaccination stories. I was scared – not because of the needle, but because of the people and the fact it was probably the most humans I’d been near in one place for months. As it happened, it was all really well-organised – it was done in the car park and everyone was wearing masks and keeping away!

    I’ve had a weighted blanket for a couple of years now. I don’t use it for sleeping, but when sensory overstimulation gets too much – something that happens less frequently in lockdown – but when it does, I like hiding under the weighted blanket!

    I joked to my fiance that when I was a child, I liked the extra hour in autumn because it meant I could read for an extra hour while my grandparents were still sleeping. Now I just either sleep longer or stay in bed! I am officially an adult!

    I agree about the greater divisions now. The second lockdown hasn’t really changed much – in some ways it just pushes us further apart because people somehow forget that some of us never stopped shielding. Oh well, it’s also a time for new connections – and baking!

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    1. Oh yes I know what you mean about being around more people than you have in a while. It was a weird feeling, and I’m someone that usually plans half my life around music festivals and concerts with 50,000 plus people. I wonder if it will ever feel the same.
      I’m glad it went smoothly for you though. It did here too. Not in a carpark, but the queue was and it was a one way system in and out of a big town hall.
      I wonder how this Covid jab will go. What are your thoughts?
      Your blog is actually one of the reasons I went for the weighted blanket. So thanks!
      For some of us the whole year is one big lockdown, unfortunately many seem to forget or ignore that.
      Enjoy your baking, maybe you can blog some recipes.


      1. Oh yes baking – I haven’t really done much because a university assignment took up most of my free time! I need to do it before Christmas though so thanks for the reminder.

        I really hope the vaccination roll-out goes well. I know it will be hard to co-ordinate everything, but I want to have it. I think it’s fine and good to want to be well-informed, but I hope the misinformation won’t spread like the virus has.

        Glad you liked the weighted blanket tip. I’d actually forgotten about that post, but it was a really nice Christmas present and I’m glad I found out about them.

        Stay safe and warm!

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      2. We made some tasty cheesy shortbread that tasted pretty good. I hope your assignments are going well?
        I’ll be taking my place in the vaccine queue too, hopefully it will all go smoothly and successfully.

        Just to let you know, your comment isn’t telling me you’re Kirsty, it just says ‘someone’ in the title. I don’t know why?

        Take care.


      3. How bizarre – I’m anonymous! And I didn’t even use the excuse to write something outrageous! Oh well – hopefully my name is showing now. What is this cheese shortbread I hear of? I didn’t even know that was a thing. I have to find out now!

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      4. You’re no longer anonymous! You should have used that opportunity to say whatever you like.
        Cheese shortbread is yum and super easy to make. Flour, butter and cheese. Then add a little rosemary, black pepper, chilli flakes or herb or your choice.


  2. Over coffee I’d tell you I’m still at work. I work at a health centre so have been there the whole time. We are not in lockdown again (yet). We started mandatory masking in all public places about three months ago (??) Cases are raising mainly due to travel. I haven’t watched Bob Ross but I am part of an on-line paint night which I am enjoying. Did a fall picture of a pumpkin. Did get my flu shot at work – lucky there. It is surreal and people are getting fatigued which scares me as this is not over. So keep safe. Maybe we need an SIPB Skype call? Work on time zones.

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    1. It mush be both rewarding and worrying to be working within health during a pandemic. Good to have routine and normality too.
      Glad you’re enjoying the painting. I think you be would enjoy Bob Ross, you’ll have to try some YouTube or IPlayer.


  3. Just thinking about Bob Ross’s voice makes me feel sleepy! I think I spent the extra hour staying up too late at a neighbor’s bonfire party on Halloween and making up for it by sleeping extra late the next morning. Thank goodness my little guys are pretty independent! I’ve been writing a lot for work and not enough on my novel-in-progress but it’s getting there. And reading a lot. Any sort of escapism, at this point! Your weighted blanket, chai, and cake sound perfect. Hope you can manage to enjoy a little fall festiveness, even in lockdown!

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    1. Glad you managed to have a little celebration with the neighbours. We are currently back locked up and not allowed to have people in our gardens. Or see anyone really! I feel we’ve lost grip of it all here.
      At least we have Bob Ross!
      What reading for escapism would you currently recommend?

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      1. Yes, God love Bob Ross! Escapist reading–ooo, to really escape I think it’s necessary to read a story set in a different time and place. Since it’s getting colder, I feel like I need to read something set in a warm clime, like Italy. I might pick up The Night Portrait by Laura Morelli, about the making of one of Da Vinci’s most famous female portraits. That’s been on my radar lately. I really enjoyed Morelli’s The Gondola Maker and haven’t read her new one. I like historical fiction (also she’s an art historian, so very cool)–because I can escape and feel like I learned a bit of history at the same time! Do you know the blogger Bookish Beck? She’s in England and reads A TON and reviews for a living, and (though sometimes I can’t get the books she recommends on this side of the pond) is so knowledgeable about contemporary reads! Good luck with enduring lockdown. Hope it flies by and works to keep you and your friends and neighbors healthy!

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      2. It’s funny, I always opt for seasonal books for some reason. Like right now I’m looking for something set in the festive period, in summer I go for warmer reads. Maybe I’m doing this wrong!
        Ooh no I don’t think I know Bookish Beck, but I’m now about to check her out!

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  4. Woohoo – I got my invitation too! Yep, it’s the only invitation we’ll get for a while, so I’ll get my glad rags on and go along on Thursday.
    Bob Ross, I’ve been addicted to his shows in the past. His voice is quite hypnotic. When he says, “I think I’ll put a tree here,” just makes you feel that a tree should always be wherever he wants to put one.
    What is that chai cake? It looks lovely. You can’t share it with me, but please can you share the recipe?
    (I used to never drink tea or coffee. I was mostly a water drinker. Since my Dad died, I have become a tea drinker. I am loving tea. Weird. But I need to eat something with my tea and your chai cake looks like the perfect accompaniment.)

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    1. I hope your flu jab went well and you made an effort the occasion?!

      Ha yes, he voice just makes everything ok. I’d absolutely put a tree wherever he thought it should go!

      The chai cake was a little made up I have to confess! It’s a basic sponge recipes (eggs, self raising flour, sugar and butter) with a teaspoon each of cinnamon, ginger and all spice. I also have a chai drink powder and shoved a bit of that in too!

      Sorry to hear about your Dad. I’m glad you’re loving tea, there are so many tasty ones to discover. Let me know if you try the chai cake!


  5. Ooo chai cake, I’d be interested in trying that. Not interested in making it, just eating it.

    Great encouragement for the flu jab. I’ll leave my personal feelings aside because I still feel that, for most people, it’s a smart move and worth doing now if/when you get the chance. I know there’s been a shortage of vaccinations but it’s not everywhere. At least, not judging by the haranguing I’ve had from my GP practice about getting one.

    Thank you for including the guest post on InvisiblyMe. Kirsty made such excellent points and it’s interesting to think the lockdown is coming back for round 2 but I don’t think we’ll see the same levels of accessibility that we did the first time. It all kind of disappeared pretty quickly in my opinion. Despite my initial grumpiness, I started really enjoying this virtual pub quiz each week with my folks (it was mandated by my arse of a brother, hence my reluctance at doing what he tells us to do). As soon as pubs were about to be re-opened, they stopped. Not a second thought for all those not able or prepared to risk life and limb for a pint.

    I’ve long since been wondering about getting a weighted blanket but being a tight arse with money means I still haven’t tried one. I use my regular blanket and weight it down with my dressing gown. It’s a year-round affair. Except now I’m weighted down myself with 5 jumpers as well.

    I spent my bonus hour even more confused about where I was and what day it was than usual. It didn’t help that I’d changed the manual clocks myself, then so did my mother, and suddenly we’d gained two extra hours and couldn’t work out what the right bloody time was.

    Ooo I like Matt Haig. Pretty sure I follow him on Twitter. I’m glad you liked Midnight Library, I’ll have to add that to my endless TBR (ironically nobody will be able to pick it up at the library because they’ll all be shut again). Mental high five for that reading hangover, Gemma.

    I’ve caught Bob Ross on in the living room a lot more often recently with my dad watching it. It’s like the circle of life. I wonder if he’ll watch Sister Sister, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Art Attack next. I also spotted another blogger writing about it actually so it’s definitely catching on – It’s nice to see Bob carrying people through the pandemic. xx


    1. Ha. I’d make you some if you were closer. Or maybe pigeon carrier?!

      Don’t leave your personal feelings aside, we are all about the ranting here.

      I don’t think there is the same camaraderie in lockdown 2.0, I think many people are don’t with it all. Even though some of us it here still in a continuous lockdown, like 2 isn’t really a thing. It’s just one long extended one for many.

      Oh the weighted blanket is a great investment. Treat yourself for Christmas, or put it in a note for Father Christmas!

      Not 2 extra hours of 2020!

      I love that your dad is a Bob Ross fan – great taste. I have to confess to owning Button Moon, Thundercats and Count Duckula on DVD. Maybe I should get those out and see if I can turn back time.

      Just so you know I love it when you comment, it’s like having a good ol’ chat.
      Stay safe.


    1. I have to confess I’m more a tea drinker unless it’s fancy flavoured coffee. I still say shall we meet for a coffee though, it’s a phrase instilled in me I guess.
      No afternoon tea is definitely worthy of whinging over!


  6. True. I think that in the beginning of the virus, it was easy for everyone to get caught up in the community spirit. But now everyone seems divided and frustrated. Some people just can’t take the isolation and regulations anymore I guess, even though they’re still very important. Hang in there! I’m sure that you’ll be having that cup of coffeee soon.

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  7. If we were having tea, I would let you know that I have been loving this green Chai lately. Very Autumn flavored, does that even make sense?
    I would also tell you that I too am feeling a bit of Pandemic Overload. We have to close our tattoo shop for 4 weeks starting tomorrow. Yet, hair dressers can stay open. If we are going to mandate closures, lets make it all across the board shall we? But, what do I know..just a nurse for about 18 years. OK, pandemic rant over. We will be fine.
    Stay healthy my friend!

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    1. Ooh I’ve not had a green chai, but know exactly what you mean by autumn flavoured, my favourite.
      That’s a little harsh on tattoo artists if hair salons are staying open. We have a 4 week lockdown now, bar education. All non essential shops closed, and only takeaway food. It’s like one lockdown after another with no progress in between.
      Rant all you like over here, it makes a change from it being me!
      Stay safe.

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  8. I just came across your blog. I enjoyed reading this. If we were having coffee I might be having tea depending on the time of day. And I would tell you that the GBBO is the cause of many failed sponge cakes in my house. They don’t rise, sometimes they are hockey pucks! Give me a good old butter cake recipe any day. Stay safe and be well.

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  9. If we were having coffee I would tell you that GBBO is so great we are re-watching the first seasons again just for the pure enjoyment of it! I would also say that I’m sorry you had a bad case of the flu, glad you are over it, and glad you are staying safe enthuse most dangerous of times…we will all get through this by supporting each other and offering words of support when needed!

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    1. Oh I’m glad you’re also a GBBO fan, I do love rewatching old episodes and seeing how the show has changed over the years!
      Absolutely, supporting each other is a must. England UK go back in lockdown this week.
      Stay safe


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