If We Were Having Festive Coffee In Limbo – Life Musing #4

If we were having coffee you may need a pad and paper to take my order. I’m the kind of person you regret asking if they’d like a coffee while out, because when given the option I have the works. Plus I’m fussy and awkward and rather specific. It’s not all my fault though.

I’ll have a skinny-decaf-toffee-nut-latte-with-cream-and-not-the-sugar-free-syrup-because-calories-aren’t-the-reason-I-have-skinny-and-I-think-sweeteners-are-evil. I’ll also have a paper cup, unless I’ve brought my own, as the coffee shop ones are never practical. Saving the planet one coffee at a time with my reusable thermos. Don’t worry though, I’m balancing that good act out with my plastic straw use. Although I don’t use them at home now, I use metal ones, I still have a stash that I carry around to use while out.

If we were having coffee you’d struggle to stop my plastic straw rant. Why is it that still after two years of #TheLastStraw have we still only focused on straws?! I had grapes the other day that were wrapped in three types of plastic. Oh and Christmas. How much of that extravagance is recyclable?!

I had a paper straw the other day. In my hot chocolate. Because I need straws with every beverage. Have you tried drinking a creamy hot drink with a floppy paper straw? I think I’d pretty much consumed the straw too by the end of my drink. It turned into papier mache on the way to my mouth. Is there meltable glue in those straws? How many calories does a paper straw contain?

If we were having coffee I’d ask if you knew what day of the week it is? I’m totally lost. The days between Christmas and New Year are some of my favourites, relaxed yet slightly on edge. Limbo. Groundhog Day. My life is defined by structure and organisation. When you can’t physically do much yourself, you have to be super on it and schedule people to do things for you and things to do.

It can be quite the thrill when you don’t know what time you’re getting up or when you’ll next leave the house.

I’ve been colouring. That’s my Christmas limbo thing. Although I started a bit earlier this year, in the pre-Christmas limbo when everything is done and sorted and I’m awaiting the big day.

A page from a colouring book with a picture of a robin on a branch with holly and leaves around. It’s coloured in reds, greens and oranges.

A partly coloured in picture of a gingerbread house. It’s covered in sweets and has candy canes.

A partly coloured in Christmas wreath. There is holly, leaves, pine cones and swirls.

If we were having coffee I’d ask if you had a good Christmas? Mine was a chilled one with plenty of food. There’s still cheese if you want any?

If we were having coffee I’d boast to you about going out two days in a row this week, after not leaving the house for eight days.

If we were having coffee you’d know that not leaving the house for a bit is quite ok with me. I’m good at keeping busy with crafts and Netflix.

If we were having coffee I’d ask if you have any tv binge recommendations?

So I left the house on two consecutive days. The first being a pre booked trip to London for Disney On Ice. Yes I love Disney, it’s my guilty pleasure and I don’t even feel guilty. It was mainly for the nieces. Honest.

The show was great and everything you’d expect. Princesses, talking toys, a suicidal fork, forgetful fish, an annoying ice queen and popcorn for £11 a bucket. No lie. I refused to buy any. There was a row of ice skating Genies and a giant dragon, what more could you need. Cheaper popcorn.

Mulan is on stage skating with a giant dragon made from multiple people. There is a red curtain backdrop.

Aladdin is skating with a row of blue Genies behind him.

Elsa is standing on a high metal platform with stairs in the centre of the ice rink. She is singing with her arms stretched upwards.

If we were having coffee I’d confess to loving Cats, the movie everyone hates. That was my second day out this limbo week.

If we were having coffee I’d rant too much about critics that criticise something they don’t seem to know. Cats, the poems by T.S. Elliot, Cats the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, are trippy and surreal and just about cats. It’s a glimpse into a world going on inside ours. Just a moment of a lifestyle, not a saga or soap opera or action adventure.

Yes they have human hands, feet and faces too. It’s not The Lion King, and isn’t meant to be.

I’m also obsessed with cats the animal, so maybe that helps. If we were having coffee you’d know I have four.

If we were having coffee I’d ask if you’ve been for afternoon tea lately. I went, and I’ve got two more planned in January. Got to keep the treats going during the longest month of the year. January has 263 days yes?

If we were having coffee I’d annoy you with photos of delicious cakes and dainty sandwiches, because other people’s photographs are never as exciting as your own.

It was a festive themed afternoon tea at The Assembly House Norwich. If we were having coffee, not for the first time, you would know this is one of my favourite places. Definitely my favourite place in Norfolk, and I really think they should employ me as chief taster. I’ve said it before, I wouldn’t even need paying. Cake is the best form of currency anyway!

The highlight for me this visit was the brioche roll filled with roasted turkey, stuffing, bacon, and mayonnaise. Like a mini Christmas dinner in every bite.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you how amazing the Coconut Madeleine Snowman was, once I removed his nose and hat. I don’t go much for icing.

Afternoon tea cake stand. On the bottom are finger sandwiches, in the middle is a mini roll, mini toastie, and mini cheese straw. On the top is a selection of cakes including a shot glass with trifle in and a snowman head covered in coconut.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I’m reading my first ever Christmas book. I think. Although it’s not totally about Christmas, December is in its title. One Day In December it’s called. I’ve not got to the end yet, so no spoilers please.

If we were having coffee I’d wish you a happy new year now, because I’ll probably be reading my book and then asleep by 10pm.


If we were having festive coffee in limbo, what would you tell me?

An image to pin. If We Were Having Festive Coffee In Limbo - Life Musing #4 title text placed over a sparkling Christmas tree and a glass of Prosecco.

32 thoughts on “If We Were Having Festive Coffee In Limbo – Life Musing #4”

  1. I enjoyed this post SO MUCH! Love your cheeky wit and humor!!! Agree with you on the straw business COMPLETELY! I may run for office on this platform alone as our city has decided to fully outlaw ALL plastic straws. Not the plastic lids, cups, drink stirrers (aren’t they just skinny mini straws?) or the little plastic plugs they slip in the drinking hole to prevent the hot beverage from splashing out? Or is it to keep it hot during transport? Either way thanks for sharing and I’m pretty sure we’d be great coffee buddies (even though I only drink ice tea). 😁🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’m quite the tea drinker too, so I’m sure we’d get along well. Although only iced during the warmer months. It’s too chilly here right now!
      Oh yes it makes me rage that straws are the target when there is so much unnecessary plastic used on a daily basis.


  2. Happy New Year. Enjoyed getting caught up with you. I took vacation between Christmas and New Years and so enjoyed being home with no set agenda. Watched Netflix (The Witcher), wrote, read, yoga all good. Today last day before heading back to work Monday.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If we were having coffee…I would order a warm flat white…no froth please …and warm…not hot…dont give me hot or I will hand it back…in a real cup…with full cream milk thank you….hahaha having been a trained barista in our restaurant I have had to make so many different types. One customer wanted a bitter coffee…huh? so we did an extra pour…and he was happy. Happy New Year xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bitter coffee doesn’t sound like something I would request, not sure I could handle double shot either!
      Apologies for the delay, I was in hospital with flu when I received your comment. Am feeling much better now but still catching up with life.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Another reason I’d love to have a beverage with you. I’m a double shot hazelnut latte, half-shot syrup. But I tell my husband if his order’s more than four words we can’t be friends. Not true, obvs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I had a double shot I’d be on the ceiling or the floor. Probably both in that order, unless it’s decaf. I do like a hazelnut though when seasonal flavours aren’t around.


  5. How many calories is a straw 😀😂😃 A cheese one is 93,
    a paper one made from a tree is probably free.
    Woops I am in rhyming mode. Jokes aside you can get a stainless steel straw that you take with you very good for the environment as you never need another. But someone had a cocktail with said steel straw in a nightclub (I read) a fool banged the back of her head and gave her a tracheotomy. So use with care. Happy 2020 neighbour.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oooh I’d much prefer a cheese one, even with the calories!
      I use the stainless steel ones at home. Just haven’t taken them out and about. Thanks for the warning! I also read that one went through someone’s eye… wonder if they’d be classed as a weapon at gigs and confiscated?!
      Happy 2020!


      1. I’ve also read that stainless straws can get dangerously hot or cold. (Depending on whether the drink is hot or cold. 😳) It seems like, no matter what we do, we simply substitute a new problem. That said, I seldom get the same thing twice in a row.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sorry for my delayed response, January has been a month of illness and I ended up in hospital with flu!
        All recovered now and the energy is coming back.
        Metal straws do get really hot! The ones I use come with silicone ends that you can put on to suck, but when I actually touch the metal bit it’s very hot.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. If we were having coffee, I too would have whipped out my case of disposable plastic straws that I carry with me. Like you, I need a straw for all drinks. Paper straws are the worst!!! And because going out uses precious energy, I do not wish to waste it washing reusable straws while out. I will use reusable at home, but they are not practical for me to use while on the go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well while they are only focussing on straws and not banning all the useless unnecessary plastic, like packaging, I’d say we aren’t the most awful beings around.
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, I’m still catching up with comments since being in hospital with flu.


  7. Lovely to read your update Gemma and I liker your colouring in skills, mine are almost non-existent! Your coffee order sounds interesting 🙂 . I’ll just have a simple black tea! I’m currently needing distracting due to the dreadful fire situation back at home in Aus. We’re having a great time with our daughter and baby Dottie but the fires are on all our minds all the time. So far our house has been saved but another big fire risk day is coming on Saturday – as if once wasn’t enough! Happy new year to you and I’m glad to know you enjoyed the Disney on Ice and your other outings. Enjoy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope Dottie is well, and your home was safe from fires? Is it correct they have calmed down a bit?
      I do love a tea, and got quite used to it being black when our fridge broke at Art School!
      I do apologise for my delayed reply. January was a write off for me. I was in hospital with flu for a while, but am now back on it with life and feeling much better.
      Happy new year!


  8. These posts make me so happy! And let us know what you think of one day in December, I’m putting off reading it but think I might eventually go for it 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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