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Countdown to Christmas – Sporadic Blogmas

So it’s December and Christmas is fast approaching. It’s now acceptable for those Blogmas blog posts to start arriving in your inbox. And here’s one from me!

There are various ways of partaking in Blogmas, the most traditional being a post a day throughout December, leading up to Christmas Day. A bit like a blogging advent calendar I guess. Now this is an impossible task for me, so I am going to do a sporadic Blogmas, keeping in routine with my usual blogging style!

Speaking of advent I’m a massive fan of advent calendars. Who doesn’t love a treat everyday?! There are so many advent calendars available now, from the traditional chocolate a day, to bottles of beer, cosmetics and jewellery. There’s even a cheese advent. Yes cheese! I was quite tempted with this as I do love cheese. As you all know though I am totally obsessed with tea. So this year I decided on the Tea 24 box from Tea Revv.

This is an ‘advent stack’ as such, no door opening required. You start in the top of the box and work your way down the stack of individual envelopes. A sachet of loose leaf tea is your daily gift, including Tea Revv favourites and limited edition festive flavours.

Each sachet is numbered on the front with the date you open and named on the back along with a list of ingredients. There is enough for 2 cups of tea per flavour per day. You could use a pot, but I’m more of a mug girl for ease and have a little strainer, so each of mine will probably allow for 2 uses.

I love the packaging and simplicity of the winter design on the box, it is easy to store and doesn’t take up much space.

The tea is prettily wrapped too with a transparent front to the envelope you can see the dried leaves and flavours inside.

As it’s the 1st of December today I could finally open up the box!

Day 1 – Pumpkin Pie Chai

I’m a huge fan of ‘pumpkin spiced’ flavoured things, and get excited when coffee shops start serving the lattes around autumn time. So this was a good start!

The label said ‘best hot/lattea’ which I’m assuming means you can put milk in it, or actually make it with milk. For my first cup I decided to just go black, that way I could get the pure flavours. I let the leaves brew in my strainer for about 4-5 minutes as I like my tea strong. An autumnal smell drifted upwards, I can’t really describe the smell any other way. Think crispy leaves falling to the ground. Although maybe that’s not an enticing scent! The tea certainly was.

It quickly went dark, I was worried it would be too strong, however it was delicious! You could really taste the nutmeg, it had a warming feel to it, I’m not a huge fan of cloves, tasting a bit too medicinal for me, but these didn’t stand out to me at all even though listed in the ingredients.

For my second cup I decided to add a splash of milk. Personally I didn’t like this so much, I preferred it black. It may taste better made completely with milk, like a traditional chai latte, however I don’t have any left now to try!

There was a little bit of powdery tea in the bottom of my cup, but that was due mostly to my my rubbish strainer. Maybe Father Christmas will buy me a new one… hint hint.

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41 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas – Sporadic Blogmas”

  1. I also an working my way through a tea advent calendar! So far I’ve very much enjoyed my teas😊 (Chocolate macaroon is probably my favourite!) Thus is my fourth year with a tea calendar, I don’t think I could go without one now! Ps: I hope Santa brings you a new steeper!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh Chocolate Macaroon sounds yum! Which brand do you have? Four years, wow. Do you always stick with the same one? This is my first one, I’ve had candle and nail polish ones before.
      I’ve just posted an update of my first few teas.


  2. My sister gave me a makeup advent calendar last year and it was so cool! What you have there is really cool! I can’t do a blog post every night up until Christmas but I’m trying to do one every few days of the Elf on the Shelf in completely inapporpriate situations. I love doing it!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes and no. I used the basic stuff like the mascara and the “pour perfect” stuff that minimized pours. As for the bubble gum pink lip gloss and I think another lipstick color, I didn’t want to look like a harlot. The brand I believe was Benefits. As for the Elf on the Shelf, you probably don’t want my ideas. LOL! I do adult themes then feature them here on my blog. It’s a way I cope with having to move it every night. 🙂


  3. I was in the grocery store yesterday(when am I NOT in the grocery store?). Anyway, I was nearly run down by parents and their children getting their Advent calendars, it was chaos! The rack was all a mess. I didn’t see any lovely tea or cheese calendars, but they did have some that had booze filled chocolates. I may go back to the store to have another look, A nice new tea each day sounds wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really enjoying it so far, will update on the flavours soon!
      Ah yes I know how you feel, it’s as if there is always something I need from the shops, and then I always come back with everything I didn’t need!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no I haven’t! I’ll look them up thanks 😊
      I hadn’t heard of Tea Revv until I was googling to find an interesting tea advent. So far they are really good quality though.


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