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Twenty Questions With – Carrie

Being part of the blogging community is something I’ve only got involved with recently, and am finding it really enjoyable. I’ve joined a couple of blogging groups, and earlier this month wrote my first guest post. Until then I was in a world of my own, doing my little blog and reading a few others. One blog I really enjoyed following was Life On The Slow Lane, a fellow disability blogger. We started to chat and thought it would be good to work together somehow, to collaborate on a post. Not knowing where to start we decided what better way to get to know more about a person than to ask them questions!

Blogging is a great media for giving your options, tips, and telling people what life is like for you. I’m a nosey person, eavesdropping and people watching are some of my favourite pastimes! So I love hearing random facts about people, and knowing their opinion. but it was particularly interesting for me to interview somebody with a very similar condition to myself. We both have a Neuromuscular Disease, a form of Muscular Dystrophy.

Disability is different for everyone, and disability should not be used to define somebody. They are still an individual with a personality. What better way to show that than to ask a person twenty random questions!

My Questions/Carrie’s Answers

1. What made you decide to write a blog?

I had been thinking about it for a long time, though it took me several months to begin. I wanted to do something productive and worthwhile but didn’t think anyone would care or be interested in what I have to say.
They say you should write what you know. I have been disabled since birth and so consider this my expert subject. However, disability isn’t a particularly popular or fashionable topic to blog about. I knew it would be a challenge and it has been. I do feel like I’m constantly playing catch-up and at times I wonder if it’s worth the time and effort. But when I receive positive responses from complete strangers, I am reminded why I’m doing it.

2. What do you want your blog to achieve?

I want to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy, particularly Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy which is the rare and little-known form that I have. I want to share my thoughts and experiences, having lived my whole life as a physically disabled individual, in the hope that it may in some way help others.

3. What is the most difficult thing for you about having a disability?

Blimey, I could write a list! There are many challenges and frustrations. My condition is progressive and so the difficulties become greater with age. I think perhaps, for me, the most difficult thing about living with Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, is the limitations it inflicts. I am limited physically – I cannot run, dance, walk or even weight-bear. Just to be able to stand and support my own weight would make a world of difference! I am life-limited! Yes, UCMD is a life-limiting condition. I will not grow old or see my new baby nephew become an adult. Furthermore, my quality of life is limited. To put it briefly, when I am ill I’m REALLY ill. I have spent much time in hospital with respiratory related issues including repeated bouts of pneumonia, pleurisy, and a collapsed lung. I have literally lost months of my life to UCMD – housebound, unable to eat and reliant on non-invasive ventilation.

4. What is the biggest positive about having a disability?

The positives are much more light-hearted! Concessions, being able to skip to the front of the queue and designated parking (although disabled bays are often occupied by sports cars lacking a blue badge!)

5. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Hmm, tricky! I do like variety. I guess I’d have to choose… mash potato?! That way I could always mix it up by adding herbs from the garden (or is that cheating??)

6. An apocalypse is imminent, you have 30 minutes to prepare, what 3 items do you pack?

Well, I guess if the apocalypse is coming then it doesn’t really matter as we’re all doomed anyway?! But, I think I would still pack a bottle of Lucozade (I live on it! Purely for the energy boost), my dog and my family!

7. When making tea would you pour the milk or water in first?


8. What is your favourite way to relax?

I like to shut myself away, snuggle up in bed and listen to music or watch a good film.

9. If you could interview any human, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you ask?

Wow, I really don’t know. God! (who I don’t believe in – what a cop-out) He has a lot to answer for.

10. What would be your dream job?

I’m one of those people who never knew what they wanted to do. I’ve never been career focused or academically ambitious. All I ever wanted was to have kids! But, if I could be absolutely anything, I think I’d be a dancer. I’ve always loved everything about dance. And yes, I’m a huge Strictly fan!

11. You’ve just won 10 million pounds (congratulations!), what 3 things would you do with the money?

Sort my family out – erase any debts and buy them homes, cars and whatever else they might need or want. Make sure my closest friends are comfortable! Buy a holiday home(s). And finally, a home for myself, FULLY adapted!

12. Where in the world would you most like to visit and why?

Australia. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to visit Australia. The snakes are a little off-putting but still, that’s where I’d head to first. Closely followed by America. I’d absolutely love to do a road trip – Route 66!

13. What one thing would you change about yourself?

Only one?! Again, I could write a list. Buy I’d have to say my body. It doesn’t work too well and I’m flipping uncomfortable in it!

14. If you could play any part in a film, past or future, real or fiction, who would you be?

Men get all the really great roles! So, if I were male I think I’d play the Joker in The Dark Knight. How much fun would that be! Since I’m not a man, I’d play… I don’t know!! Maybe one of the sisters in A League of Their Own (1992) or Uma Thurman’s roles in either Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill.

15. If there was a pill that would freeze you at your current age and you could live forever as you are now, would you take it? And why?

Nope, definitely not. I wouldn’t to live forever. It would get pretty boring after a while! Plus outliving all my family and friends would be Hell.

16. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?

My brother. He has the life I’ve always wanted. He is physically fit, handsome, funny, charming, popular, successful and he has a lovely wife, baby and home. Of course I don’t resent him for it and I want nothing more than for him to be healthy, happy and fulfilled. But to experience his life for just one day would be bliss. I’d never ask for anything else.

17. If you could time travel, where would you go?

Good question. There are so many periods throughout history that I’d like to visit. But it would be great to go back around 50 years, when my parents were kids and my grandparents were young. I never knew my maternal granddad who died when I was a baby. So I’d especially love to meet him.

18. If you were made Queen and allowed to pass one new law, what would it be, and why?

Argh, the pressure! I have no good answer to this. So I think I’ll just say longer sentences and harsher punishments for serious crimes. There really is no deterrent in this country.

19. What personal trait has gotten you in the most trouble?

Voicing my opinion and failing to filter! Over the years I have become more outspoken and more impassioned about certain issues. I tend to over-analyse and question everything. Oh and I am rather stubborn. If I believe something in something, I won’t budge.

20. As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?

Just happy I guess. As I said before, I never had a particular job or career in mind. I’ve considered various options and ideas over the years. But all I ever really wanted was a home and a family of my own. That’s it. Not much to ask, eh?

I don’t think it is. 

It like to thank Carrie for answering my questions and being brutally honest.

I’d also like to congratulate her for answering question 7 correctly!

You can find my answers to Carrie’s questions over at Life On The Slow Lane.

You can also connect with Carrie on Twitter and Facebook if you want to be updated on what else she is getting up to.

I’d love to find out more about all of my fellow bloggers, so feel free to answer one or more of my questions below in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Twenty Questions With – Carrie”

  1. Thanks for following my blog Gemma! And great idea on the 20 questions.
    Q2. With my blog Rock For Disability, I aim to share my experiences of living with CP and being registered blind, show my journalism and multimedia work, show my love for rock music, gigs and festivals and hopefully one day we trending around the world! 😉
    Q9 JK Rowling because I have so many unanswered Harry Potter questions and she is my writing idol
    Q10 a music journalist – joining my two passions: music and writing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing you blog and answers with us. I also have MD (Nemaline Myopathy) and recently started my own blog. It’s not all about disability because like you said it can be difficult and many don’t relate, but I like for the world to see that we also have the same desires and emotions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s great that the blogging world is full of such diverse people. It’s always good to tell your story, as somebody out there will relate!
      Yes absolutely we all have the same emotions and desires.

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  3. This is such a fab post! Great questions. One of my answers is to the time travel one, I would personally love to go into the future and see where we will be, will the technology be incredibly advanced, will we be flattened? The possibilities are endless for my curious mind haah x

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  4. I have to say, some of these answers made me emotional. Huge love and respect for you xx.
    I started my blog because of my love or writing and feeling like once you hit 40 people think you should be in twinset and pearls. If I could only eat one food it would be roast potatoes. My 3 items that I would pack, (excluding my family and pets) would be my laptop, my mascara and my bath, I love my bath. If I could play a roll in a film Id probably choose Angelina Jolies role in Tomb Raider, she was kick arse! When I was growing up I wanted to be a forensic scientist

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh roast potatoes! Good choice I hadn’t thought of those. Forensic scientist would be so interesting!
      I enjoy reading your blog, so I’m glad you’re showing the world it’s definitely not all twinsets and pearls 😊
      Thank you for joining in with answering my Twenty Questions. I had great fun answering some of Carrie’s over on her blog.


  5. 1. I think too much and enjoy writing, so blogging is a good way of me getting my thoughts down on ‘paper’, or screen!
    2. I like to think that people can relate to my experiences or some of the topics I write about. I hope that what I say helps bring more awareness or comforts people in some way.
    6. My cat and dog would definitely be coming with me. I think I’d also have to take my phone so I could ring people and tell them I love them! Obviously my husband would come too but I don’t need to pack him!
    9. It would have to be my father. I would love to find out more about him as a person, his likes and dislikes, and just give him a huge cuddle!
    12. I’ve been to Las Vegas but I’d love to visit other parts of America, like Chicago and California.
    13. I’d love to worry less and stop thinking so much of all the ‘what ifs.
    15. As much as I worry about death, I could not imagine living forever. Death is a natural part of life and so I’m hoping to grow old disgracefully!

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    1. Growing old disgracefully is definitely the best way!
      Ha, hopefully the husband can manage without being packed 😊
      I think it’s great reading blogs that you can relate to.
      Thank you for joining in with my Twenty Questions. I love reading all the different responses.

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  6. I was very moved by some of your answers. I have the utmost respect for you & love that you live your best life.

    Here’s some of my answers:

    5. Cheese, cheese & more cheese!
    6. Teabags, pens & paper. No more internet. No more blogging. I’ll have to go back to good old fashioned writing.
    7. Water! People who put milk first should be abolished.
    8. A book, a glass of wine & a cat.
    9. My paternal Grandfather & I’d ask him about how he survived Dunkirk.
    10. Singer, actor, writer, radio DJ or a Britain’s Got Talent judge.
    12. Iceland or African Safari
    13. My body too, but for different reasons. I’d like my hearing back & to not have chronic pain anymore.
    14. Either Beverly in Abigail’s Party or Sarah Connor in The Terminator
    17. So many time periods! The 70s to watch Bowie live, the 30s for the clothes, Victorian times to spend an idyllic Victorian Christmas, medieval times to see how rank to was back then to name but a few!
    18. Three day weekend.
    19. As a teenager, being gobby.
    20. Singer or actor. I did it for a bit!

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    1. I gave cheese up for lent one year (no religious reason I’m just slightly mad) and you wouldn’t believe how hard it was. I couldn’t even have pesto!
      Yes to packing teabags! Although I always carry them in my bag anyway in case of emergency 😂
      Bowie live, can I come?
      Also that’s a great way to relax. My cats are so calming. Mostly.
      Great answers, thank you so much for taking part! 😊

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  7. Oh, these are some great questions! Let me see – I started blogging on a whim back in about 2006/7, when blogging was still the next big thing! I wasn’t pretty inconsistent with it, though. I only found my blogging feet, so to speak, last year, when I finally hit upon my niche – or my big why: art, tarot, and soulful living!

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    1. Wow that’s a long time blogging. Impressed! I’ve only been doing it just over a year, it took me quite a while to get into the swing of things. Not that I really am yet!
      Thank you for taking part, it’s great reading responses and good to find out a bit more about people!


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