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Christmas, New Year, and those in between

So Christmas is over, or the apocalypse as I like to refer to it by. We’ve stuffed ourselves silly like there’s no tomorrow. Stocked up on a months supply of food for 2 days. And now January is here, fitness ads are on the telly, we are ready for detox!

A bit of a cynic I hear you say. I’m not known by friends as being the most festive person, however I do actually enjoy some aspects of it, more so the run up to it I guess. I like the notion of giving gifts, searching for that ‘thing’ to make someone smile on Christmas Day. Showing them how much you appreciate them.

I try to get the main chunk of my Christmas shopping done by December, the chunk that involves browsing the high street for inspiration. Before the desperate shoppers are out in their thousands, queues to the door, bags in my face (having wheels allows my head to be the perfect height for elbows and handbags!) and coffee shops too full for my regular 2 hours break!

So the gifts are delivered. This is where I sympathise with Father Christmas, it’s work enough trying to deliver to my 10 friends and family members! The arranging, the meeting, the eating, the drinking!

The big dinner is here, basically a slightly posher roast. Why don’t we eat turkey any other time of the year?!

Then there’s the limbo between Christmas and New Year, where nobody’s quite sure what day of the week it is, or if there even are days anymore as they are comatose on cheese! If you’re not working or have no structure or routine during those hours, it all just feels like one long Sunday!

Here I’d like to take the time to appreciate those who did work, emergency services, nurses, doctors, carers, and for some unknown reason corner shops. I’m sure we could manage for one day on our stockpile of groceries couldn’t we….

They say New Year is a time to reflect. Review your past year and make goals for the future. I like the prospect of a new year, a fresh start, however I’m not one for New Years resolutions. There’s no specific thing I think we should or should not aim for. Life’s too short for denying yourself something. It’s also too short to wait till New Year to do something you desperately want to do. So I say live well, challenge yourself, do what you feel, be content, have adventures (big and small), and drink plenty of tea!

So a Happy New Year to everyone, and let’s hope 2017 is the best one yet!

17 thoughts on “Christmas, New Year, and those in between”

  1. I can relate to this post!!! I love the section about resolutions too!!! It always feels great to have a goal, however my goals are often short lived. I should just focus on one achievable goal. Your post was a great reminder to do just that.

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