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Twenty Questions With – Sonia

It’s time for my first Twenty Questions of 2018, and what a great interview I’ve got for you!

This month the lovely Sonia at Losing The Plot has answered my questions with humour, honesty and grit.

I ‘met’ Sonia and her blog via the lovely Blogs in Bloom network a few months ago. I think I’ve discovered somebody with a very similar sense of humour to mine (a little dark!). If you like a chuckle, some brilliant stories, and a writer that makes you feel as if you lived those words, I suggest you go check out Losing The Plot now. Well, after you’ve finished finding out the nitty gritty here!

I have to agree with you on question 4 Sonia, a sense of humour and the ability to laugh through a situation can be a huge benefit.

As to question 6, if there ever is an apocalypse I’m headed Sonia’s way!

Yes! Question 18 is a brilliant idea. Every politician should experience what life is actually like for some people. It might give them some compassion, understanding and allow them to make better decisions.

As for question 19, In my opinion honesty is a great thing Sonia, and it’s probably other people that have the issue, not you!

My Questions/Sonia’s Answers

1.What made you decide to write a blog?

I had an accident, that really put me out of action for a while I was in Hospital; followed by a nursing home, and then a further 6 months off work at home. During this time, I kept myself busy and in contact with people running a mini blog on my FB profile. From this a number of people kept suggesting that I take it a step further and so eventually now, I have taken the plunge and started.

2. What do you want your blog to achieve?

I want people to come away from my blog either entertained, inspired or having learnt something new.

3. What is your biggest flaw?

I could be better organised; I have an aversion to too much organisation.

4.What is your biggest attribute?

My husband would say there are two – however I reckon I have a decent sense of humour which has definitely helped though many a difficult situation.

5. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Difficult one, I love my grub… tempted to say Tiramisu but even I might get bored of that after a while… fruit salad, I could probably eat that forever.

6. An apocalypse is imminent, you have 30 minutes, what do you pack?

Now, we’re talking I’m born for crisis management. Boil the kettle now. My Gerber Multi-tool, everyone should have one! First Aid Kit (with painkillers) – obviously, I was in the St Johns Ambulance for years, first aid kit goes everywhere. Glue gun, hadn’t planned on that but it just came to mind and could be useful; I have a good torch, but the husband has at least two head torches which are better, so them. Warm, waterproof clothing/hiking boots and clean knickers. I am the flask lady, so (from the collection) my big Aladdin steel flask (full, remember I boiled the kettle earlier) Hubs is a Carp Fisherman, so I’d pack the bivvy (note how It’s now ‘the’ bivvy, not ‘his’?) and despite buying all the ingredients to make a Christmas cake, I didn’t get round to making it, so grab the dried fruit & nuts, the kids, the dogs and we’re good to go.

7. When you make tea, do you pour milk or water first?

Water, back in the heady days of University, my housemates always nicked the milk, so I got used to drinking tea/coffee black, these days I drink herbal teas (mmmmm Pukka’s 3 Cinnamon, yum!) or black coffee.

8. What is your favourite way to relax?

A picnic on a warm summer’s day, somewhere with no bitey annoying insects, and my kids on best behaviour, being nice to each other and eating the food ……. Oh sorry, in real life? Catching up with my girlfriends.

9. If you could interview any human, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you ask?

Leonardo da Vinci – why are you vegetarian? (I am too). Then I’d tell him that his designs for a helicopter were tested in the 20th Century and they work.

10. What would be your dream job?

I used to think it would be a photographer for National Geographic but now I think the reality of this might be a lot different to the illusion in my head. Maybe producing animated films – I have the stories, I just need a platform to tell them.

11. You have just won £10M (Congratulations) what 3 things would you do with the money?

I’d set up a foundation for the kids that currently have to work at the port in Kolkata. It would have accommodation, a school, and a range of training facilities to give these children a future. I haven’t been there, but from watching a programme years ago, I’ve had a picture in my head ever since. The idea is wracked with problems and not well thought out, but, first and foremost I’d want to do something to help children with absolutely nothing. I’d set up an enterprise scheme in the town where I live to help small business get established and bring their products to market. I’d build my own house. Green energy, well thought out space… working electrics… no hole in the roof… a garden, basically everything I don’t have now lol!

12. Where in the world would you most like to visit and why?

Yellowstone National Park, I think it would be a once in a lifetime amazing experience.

13. What one thing would you change about yourself?

I’d get rid of the crippling self-criticising voice in my head that brings on anxiety.

14. If you could play any part in a film, who would you be?

Han Solo – I know! I mean who doesn’t want to be an intergalactic smuggler with a walking carpet as your BFF? I’d then also get to drive the Millennium Falcon and spar with Carrie Fischer. Minerva McGonagall gave him good run for his money though.

15. If there was a pill that could freeze you at your current age and you could live forever as you are now, would you take it, and why?

No, I still aspire to losing the lard arse someday.

16. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day, who would it be and why?

Kristalina Gorgieva. Who? The Chief Executive Officer of the World Bank, my God I would create some utter chaos cancelling or wiping out world debt and funding projects that ought to be happening at an equitable rate. Interest rates on unethical projects that discriminate, wreak the environment, displace indigenous people or fuel the arms trade might spiral though, just saying.

17. If you could time travel, where would you go?

If I went too far into the past I’d be burnt as a witch, executed for something (being gobby?) or just die of stupidity, so despite a strong interest in history, instead I would go back to the ‘80’s and tell myself to avoid all those blooming diet foods (in fact just don’t diet but go easy on sugar), and buy shares in Facebook & Apple.

18. If you were made Queen and allowed to pass one new law, what would it be and why?

Politicians have to live on the minimum wage for the duration of their tenure, with a maximum of two terms.

19. What personal trait has got you into the most trouble?

Being too outspoken – be honest, at this stage are you surprised?

20. As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?

I just wanted to make people happy.

Sonia I have a confession… I’ve only ever watched the first Star Wars (the first by date made), and that wasn’t all the way through!

Thank you to Sonia for such a brilliant interview. If you enjoyed her responses and want to see more from this fabulous blogger then head over to Losing The Plot. Why not check out Sonia and her antics on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

I hope you’re enjoying these Twenty Questions as much as I am. I would love to hear your answers (I’m nosey!), do get in touch if you want to take part!

30 thoughts on “Twenty Questions With – Sonia”

  1. Some very interesting questions and answers – Just checking out Losing The Plot Now 🙂
    I’d love to visit Yellowstone National Park too, I think that would be incredible. I hope you get to go one day and take some photos (which you could sell to the National Geographic…)!
    Caz x

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