Accessible Toilets, Norfolk

Coast to Coast Norwich Riverside

Last weekend I enjoyed brunch at Coast to Coast for a friends 30th birthday. You can read more about the delicious celebrations here.

Menu cover

Below I review their accessible toilet.

Convenient for me as I drink way to much tea! This bathroom was situation very near our table so I didn’t have to navigate the restaurant and other diners when I needed to use the facilities. Saying this I don’t think it would have been as issue wherever I sat as the restaurant was spacious enough to find my way thorough.
To reach the accessible toilet you go through a set of double doors which also lead to the stairs (the ‘normal’ loos are upstairs), here there is a large hallway with the bathroom to your left.

View from the door

Upon entering, the door is very wide and swings open lightly allowing easy access. Inside it was a little on the small side, roomy enough for me, my wheels and my PA, however I didn’t really have any turning space. 
I would say there was just enough space for somebody to transfer from their wheelchair, still ample bins (as is the fashion with accessible bathrooms), but these were positioned well so that there was a gap beside the toilet to park your wheels.

You can just see the mirror on the far right of photo

Something that caught my eye was a large mirror on the back of the door, which was the right height for myself to use, and given its size probably usable to somebody standing too. This is quite the rarity in accessible toilets. Often when they do actually consider that disabled people might need to check their appearance or reapply some make up, they put the mirror too high, too low, or just in a really random place like beside the toilet! This mirror was situated well and easy to use.

Emergency cord, handrails, sink and dryer within reach

Practical and safe to use there were plenty of handrails, by the toilet and sink. Everything was within reach, the sink, soap, loo roll and hand dryer.

The red emergency cord was actually hanging to the floor beside the toilet. Why wouldn’t it be I hear you say? Well this is another rarity. I say this often enough but please if you see an emergency cord tied up, untie it, if it’s been cut short, report it. An emergency cord is there for that precise reason. An emergency! If somebody falls and is lying on the floor they need to be able to alarm for help. Nagging over.

Little white set of drawers in the corner

The room was very clean and fresh with modern crisp decor. It didn’t feel clinical at all, it even had a little set of drawers in the corner containing spare toilet rolls (yes of course I had a look inside! Wouldn’t you?). 
If you could class a toilet as welcoming, then this one was!


Changing Places 0/10

Space 7/10

Cleanliness 9/10

Decor 7/10

Safety 8/10

Practicality 8/10

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