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100th Ramble – 100 Things I Love

Believe it or not this is my 100th blog post. I have written 100 of these things, that are now floating around the internet. That’s quite scary to think about actually. I’ve written way more in my head, and there’s a stack of them in my notes app. But not everything reads as well to… Continue reading 100th Ramble – 100 Things I Love

Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions With – Rachael

It’s that time again. I have another Twenty Questions for you and this time it’s one that gets you thinking! An interview that discusses poverty, the NHS, politics, economy, the monarchy and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (all things that get my head turning) I thoroughly enjoyed this one and it got me nodding along in agreement… Continue reading Twenty Questions With – Rachael

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Getting To Know Me – Twenty Questions

You might remember last month I interviewed fellow disability blogger Carrie of Life On The Slow Lane. She very honestly and openly answered my Twenty Questions (you can catch up with that here, and answer them yourselves if you like!). Meanwhile here I was busy working away on replies to Twenty Questions Carrie had composed… Continue reading Getting To Know Me – Twenty Questions