Taylors Of Harrogate Tea – Caffeine Free Infusions

Let’s talk tea.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a tea review post. Since this one way back when.

They say tea solves everything, and it’s been an odd few months so I’m pretty sure a brew review is called for.

A celebration, stress, time to unwind, procrastination, deliberation and devastation. A tea is what many of us turn to.

I don’t think it’s just me.

I have a tattoo saying ‘A World Without Tea Is Chaos’, something my late great friend used to say to me often. Laughing about my tea addiction.

I received this lovely looking treat from friends for my lockdown birthday, back in April when life turned upside down.

Everyone loves a selection box. What better than a chocolate selection box? One full of tea.

A photo taken looking down on to the tea selection box. There are eight varieties of tea each sealed in an individual paper sachet. The box is light great with splashes of oranges and pinks.

I don’t remember ever trying Taylors of Harrogate teas before, so this was a great way of tasting a variety before deciding on purchasing more.

There are two types of tea in this selection box. For this review I am covering all the caffeine free infusions.

Although I like a proper tea strong, steeping it for quite a while. Fruity teas can be a bit different. Many people keep the bag in, however I’m a 2 minute brewer then out. I don’t like it to stew as I feel sometimes an aftertaste is created. Also it gets all caught up on my straw, or causes a plug!

Sweet Rhubarb

I chose to start with this as I’m quite the rhubarb fan. Although rather partial to cake, I don’t have a major sweet tooth and I like the tartness rhubarb generally brings.

A rosy pink colour appeared as the tea started to brew, and it smelt powerfully of rhubarb. I would know that fragrance anywhere, reminds me of my childhood. Rhubarb crumble from my Nan’s garden. Not the crumble bit obviously. The home grown stalks with giant leaves that would be cooked sprinkled with plenty of brown sugar then topped with crumble that turned just the perfect caramel brown. Yum.

This had the same sweetness of those crumbles with a zing at the end.

Floral notes came through as an aftertaste and upon reading the ingredients I discover hibiscus and rosehip.

Thirst quenching, refreshing and soothing, it’s a flavour I could drink a lot of. May work well over ice too. I shall have to try that and report back.

Mandarin and Ginger

It’s purple.

I didn’t expect that when seeing the water poured over. I had another gander at the ingredient list and saw red poppy flower. Must be that?

The steam smelt warming and I little bit festive.

Ginger tea is something I often drink when unwell, sometimes with a dash of honey or lemon or both. It reminded me of that comforting sensation when I smelt it. But not the taste so much.

There was a warmth from the ginger but not very strong. The citrus didn’t have enough zing for me either. It was sweeter than I felt it should be. I wanted something energising.

An aftertaste lingers.

This isn’t a tea I’ll be repurchasing. However I may use the bags I’ve got as a base and add a slice of lemon to liven it up a bit.

Sour Cherry

Wow it certainly smells of cherries. That can’t be mistaken! Has a medicinal fragrance to it as well, I’m not sure what but it reminds me of being unwell. It’s weird how smells can take you to a place or time, or give you that deja vu feeling without really knowing why.

Yum, it tastes like a Bakewell tart, but with a hint of liquorice. I don’t usually like liquorice, but this is actually alright, not too powerful. Again inspecting the ingredients, I find liquorice root listed. I’m getting good at this taste test thing. Maybe food and beverage taster is my destiny!

Drinking it felt warm and comforting, a bit like eating cake. Filling a hole. Cherry pie hole! Sorry.

Could be a good tea if you’re looking for that sweet treat without too many calories. Although nothing beats the real thing.

This is one I could indeed purchase more of, and eat alongside a cherry bakewell. Or is that going too far?

Rose Lemonade

For starters I’m not sure what I think about having hot lemonade. I’m imagining it like when you have a drink in the sun or sitting in the car too long and it goes lukewarm. Pah.

I do drink a lot of hot lemon, though. Boiling water with a couple of slices and a good squeeze. Pretending I’m healthy.

Pouring on the boiling water the colour is surprising. It’s a lot darker than I expected. A rich purple, but a kind of sludgy purple.

A floral smell drifts up. Rose I assume. Floral and fruity. The fragrance of Turkish delight. Now I’m more excited.

Tastes a little like it too. The lemon does come through in zestiness. But overall it is quite floral. A bit soapy. Which I like more than you’d think.

I actually enjoyed the tea more than I expected, it didn’t remind me too much of a drink gone warm. Saying that, it might be another that works well chilled. I’ve plenty of bags to try, so stay tuned.

Having never knowingly tried Taylors Or Harrogate teas before I can say these fruity infusions were very enjoyable indeed.

I’m predominantly a decaf drinker, so this selection is the perfect introduction. The other half of the box are green teas, these do contain caffeine so I’ll go steady! The next post may be a bit jittery… come back soon to find out.

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27 thoughts on “Taylors Of Harrogate Tea – Caffeine Free Infusions”

  1. I must admit a good cup of builder’s brew is my favourite tipple and for years have been the only tea drinker in a house of coffee lovers. It has only taken 30 years and a pandemic to turn my hubby into a tea drinker…….my 17 year old daughter too. My sons, neither currently living here, can quite believe it.
    I don’t normally do fruity teas and def can’t cope with perfumed ones……but you’ve nearly sold me to fill a “cherry pie hole” along with a cherry bakewell. The jury is out though for the sludgy purple, floral rose!!
    Fab review, Gemma – thanks for making me smile, Claire(PainPalsBlog)x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I could almost taste that rhubarb tea as you described it. I’d have enjoyed that, but you did put me in the mood for a rhubarb crumble!
    My Mum used to heat lemonade for me if I had a cold. It is strangely nice. But if the Rose and Lemon smells like Turkish Delight, I’d be sitting here inhaling a mug of that all day.
    Look forward to hearing about the green teas too. Hope the caffeine doesn’t have a bad effect.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’m glad it made you want crumble too! I’ve still got the craving.
      I’ve not heard of hearing lemonade, but after liking that tea I may well give it a try.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love ginger tea. Whenever I’m not feeling well, I’ll make some ginger tea and add lemon, honey and I’ll also let garlic cloves seep in the tea as well. Yum

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great review post, must admit I’m a little envious. Would love to get my hands on a selection box like that and savour. I have a tea related tattoo as well, not a quote yet but working on that.


  5. My ex and I in high school used to say “Make Tea, Not War”. He used the slogan on t-shirts and stuff he made too. He was a money-maker even back then. I should have taken a leaf out of his book. Your late friend got it right with that expression and it’s awesome you’ve got that as a tattoo both in memory of her and in memory of the importance of tea.

    I don’t do Taylors often but that’s because of the price, but I’ve loved it on the rare occasions I’ve had it. I really need to try more flavoured teas, they’ve just seemed odd to me before (warm and fruit just doesn’t go in my mind). I do, however, love green tea, so I could get behind a strawberry and vanilla. I guess because they’re bags rather than loose leaf I never considered that leaving them to stew for longer could cause plugs in a straw. You must get pretty peeved settling in for a nice cuppa for that to happen!

    Shame about the mandarin and ginger. I would have hoped for a really zesty orange and very little ginger. I’d basically want to drink the Original Source orange shower gel.

    Such a cool selection box for gifting or self-gifting. Great write-up of all the teas, Gemma. You did Taylors & the whole tea community proud! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh those Original Source shower gels… so zingy. They do wake me up!
      I have wooden sign of letters hung together spelling ‘make tea not war’ maybe that was inspired by you!
      If I leave the bag in tea it can get partly sucked up my straw or just stuck to the end, but I like the bag out, so alls ok.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Just when you think you’re reading a proper English infusion tea taste-test post, you get a “cherry pie hole.” Lol!!! You do seem to be quite good at this though. I’m impressed how many minor ingredients you got right. I don’t drink much tea–herbal or otherwise. Things like rose, that soapiness you mentioned, are really off-putting to me. If I’m not feeling well, I do as you do–lemon and hot water, maybe a little honey, and if I’m really sick, a shot of whatever booze I can find! Fun review, Gemma!

    Liked by 1 person

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