101 Pandemic Ponders

I’m full of unarticulated thoughts right now. So here you are….

1. I think I’ve got it.

2. I’m never gonna get it.

3. Of course I will.

4. Stay at home.

5. Is this really lockdown?

6. I need to read all the news.

7. I must not look at the news.

8. I need a Starbucks.

9. I’m shielding.

10. Why didn’t they give me a sword.

11. I can’t survive without people touching me.

12. Hold your breath.

13. I’ve always been a little socially distant.

14. This is when not being a hugger comes in handy.

15. And not being able to touch my face.

16. My garden isn’t just a thoroughfare.

17. Look at all the pretty flowers.

18. My cats couldn’t care less.

19. Why am I not a cat?

20. Did he just answer me?

21. I hate people.

22. Is common sense subjective?

23. I miss people.

24. I still need a Starbucks.

25. The sun is shining.

26. Please can I have a bigger garden.

27. When will I ever go out again.

28. I don’t think I should ever leave the house.

29. Just keep crafting.

30. I can’t say I’m bored.

31. Maybe I was made for isolation.

32. I need people.

33. Is ‘anti-bacing the antibac’ a thing?

34. Yes. Along with every other thing that anybody in history has ever touched.

35. I miss pre-made sandwiches.

36. How many films can I watch in one day.

37. A book read in three days.

38. We are setting records here.

39. Numbers make me anxious.

40. We are all just a number.

41. Is it day 73?

42. We don’t talk about Italy now do we.

43. My most used emojis are changing.

44. Am I changing?

45. Was that a cough, does my throat hurt?

46. What’s everyone doing with all the flour?

47. Is it a secret cure?

48. I do not want to do a Facebook daily challenge!

49. Out for lunch. In the garden.

50. Who knew I’d get sunburnt in lockdown.

51. The birds are so loud.

52. Will they takeover when we are all gone?

53. Maybe that’s the plan.

54. I have short term plans.

55. Like eating cake tomorrow.

56. Everyone is making or baking.

57. Keep calm and carry on.

58. No.

59. When did the NHS become a charity?

60. Hero’s don’t need breaks and higher pay?

61. The days are going faster than expected.

62. As are the hours.

63. Don’t let them be a waste.

64. The year we all stood still.

65. I bet they’ll make a film of it.

66. I haven’t been to the cinema this year.

67. I miss gigs.

68. I want to walk in an eerie city.

69. And a forest.

70. But every other human being will be there.

71. There’s coughing in every tv show.

72. They’re not social distancing.

73. I’m obsessed.

74. I can finally see in people’s houses.

75. I should video chat more.

76. Am I more sociable in lockdown?

77. I still don’t know what lockdown is.

78. I better dye my hair.

79. There’s live theatre online.

80. What will I ever need to leave the house for?

81. Am I forgetting what a real life person looks like?

82. My friends are all flat images.

83. What will crowds be like?

84. The flowers are still wild.

85. Could I be any more alert?!

86. What is an unskilled worker?

87. Now everyone knows what PPE is.

88. Where can I get some?

89. Don’t wear a mask.

90. Wear a mask.

91. Make sure it’s the right one.

92. I’m not leaving the house anyway.

93. We are not all in the same boat.

94. I need a holiday. Alone.

95. I’m allowed to meet a friend.

96. Who would I choose?

97. Where will be the first place I go?

98. I miss busses. I do.

99. I want to people watch.

100. I’m not leaving the house.

101. I haven’t sacrificed 11 weeks of life to risk loosing it now.

What have you been pondering?

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36 thoughts on “101 Pandemic Ponders”

  1. I feel for you all over there Gemma, just watching the stats each day is enough to give me an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach! I hear restrictions are starting to ease but there still seem to be so many new cases. We are opening up more here in Aus but I am finding it hard to relax when out and about always wondering if someone nearby will infect everyone! Your thoughts are a great reminder of this particular time. Hope you’re keeping well. Our little Dottie is still being shielded at home too. Take care and ponder on.

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    1. It’s so scary. The easing is too soon and too fast if you ask me. Cases no where near low enough for me to want to venture far. I hope Dottie is keeping well.
      Your side of the world seem to have a little better control over this. Take care.

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  2. 101. I haven’t sacrificed 11 weeks of life to risk loosing it now.
    Felt that one and so many of your other thoughts here. I think mine would probably be a bit more ranty and filled with a lot more curse words 😀 I particularly identified with the when did common sense become subjective one.

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  3. I’m virtually sending you starbucks and we have a chat of these similar thoughts. For the meantime, we carry on and continue to be safe. This will be over soon, now that we aren’t talking about Italy.


  4. “Why didn’t they give me a sword” 😂😂😂😂

    As for number 22, yes, I think common sense is subjective. I think I have a far different concept of common sense than a lot of people I’ve seen out in the shops recently. It terrifies me every time I go out. And yes to number 33 – don’t forget to anti-bac the anti-bac! I’ve been doing that a lot lately, spraying Dettol on the anti-bac hand wash and the taps, then putting Dettol on a wipe to clean the Dettol bottle. Makes me dizzy anti-baccing the hell out of everything. I think the virus has warped my mind because I’ll watch something on a TV show and cringe thinking how the people are coughing and too close to one another and not washing their hands before picking up the sandwich. It’s like watching a horror film and you want to shout ‘noooooooo’! Then you remember it was recorded ten years ago.

    I love love LOVE this list. I’ve been wondering whether I’m losing my marbles with all the stuff going around in my head, then I read what you’re pondering and I feel better. Or maybe we’re both just losing it. Who knows. xx

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    1. Ha! Well I’m glad I’m not the only one having most of these thoughts, and if it is just us going crazy, then at least we have each other! 😂
      I’m terrible with the tv, I just can escape right now from the thoughts of coughing and social distance. Maybe that’s why I’ve been reading more. They can social distance in my head!
      I swear my house has never been cleaner, or smelt more like a hospital. Even with the shielding I have to have people come and go to keep me alive. I’m tempted to anti bac them on the way in. Do you think that’s going a little too far?

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  5. Hi Gemma,
    I’m new here, but I’m glad I arrived. A link to this particular blog post was sent to me by one of the writers contributing to an anthology project I’m currently working on, and he suggested I take a look and see if I thought it might be suitable.

    So I took a look, and yes, yes, yes! Your piece ‘101 Pandemic Ponders’ would be excellent in my anthology “Plague Invasion – Creative Writing Responses to Covid-19” I have been blogging about the project a lot since the idea came to me, on my blog:
    If you could take a look, and let me know whether you’re interested in being involved too, please let me know. Many thanks,


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    1. Hi Carolyn, thanks for taking the time to read my piece. It all just started as a load of jumbled thoughts, which I feel is probably how many of us feel right now.
      I’ve been over to check out your blog and I would definitely be interested in getting involved. Just let me know the what and how.

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      1. This is awesome Gemma! If you could send me this particular piece, amended if you feel the need for it, and send it to me via email, I will definitely put it in the book.
        I can’t pay you money for this, as such, but it will go into an impressive anthology, with other very worthy pieces about Covid-19, and I will post you a copy of the book, on payment of the postage cost, once I know what it is.
        And you’ll be able to buy further book/s if you want to, and a reduced cost too.
        I will need you to say where this work pas been published (ie your website), and I will need a writers bio from you, of up to 100 words, including your website address and other related things, as you wish.
        I’ll obviously need your postal address too, but that can wait until closer to when the book is finished and ready to be printed and launched.

        Many thanks to you for wanted to be involved in this project, I appreciate it, hugely!

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  6. Well said! We are all setting records now, aren’t we. Good ones. Less good ones. But I think you’re right, no sense risking your health by throwing caution to the wind now. I do get the sense, here in the U.S., anyway, that people are just sick of the isolation and done with this whole pandemic thing. I ordered masks a couple weeks ago so that my kids can eventually go somewhere. (They’re still not here.) One of them said the other day, I think it’s worth the risk. I just really want to go to the mall, to a birthday party–anywhere. Do I let 10 year olds make that decision for themselves? Probably not. But after keeping their distance at the park yesterday, they did chat with another kid and swing next to him on the swings. I could tell they so enjoyed meeting someone new!

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    1. Yes I get that feeling too as I see images of filled up beaches and parks. I just hope we don’t get too careless that all the initial efforts are wasted.
      It must be difficult with children of the age where they start making choices. You want to keep them and others safe but want them to be happy. That’s great that they kept their distance though. Sometimes I think that the younger amongst us are dealing with this the best and considering others.

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  7. I relate to some of these!

    Here are a couple more
    Who has houses stacked full of toilet rolls?
    What do dogs think about lockdown?
    Will people forget about all the fun we had in video conferences now that many people are meeting again whilst others of us are still isolating?

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  8. So many similar thoughts! We are really missing family and friends but we are still not seeing anyone. I don’t have much faith in Boris and his cretins – do what you can to protect yourself and minimise the risk – that is what we are doing. Some days I feel ok others it just hits me – all the things we used to take for granted and Elsie missing out on so much but there’s people in worse positions than I am in and for that I am grateful.

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    1. I don’t have much trust in the government either. Like you say, we all need to do what we can to keep safe and hope that those around us do too.
      It must be difficult with a small baby or young children, keeping them safe but also happy and entertained. The bonus I guess is that many parents have been able to spend more time with their families.

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