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The Barnham Broom Afternoon Tea Experience

It’s been a while since we’ve chatted about afternoon tea, but I already have my fourth one of the year in it’s planning stages!

I had a new afternoon tea discovery last month, I don’t know how the place had passed me by until now. But you know, it’s the places that are near you that slip your attention.

An ‘afternoon tea experience’ at Barnham Broom Country Club was being advertised on Facebook. See, those people stealing your data, reading your mind and knowing your personal interests aren’t all that bad!

Not that I’m lacking experience really, but if any afternoon tea is spoken of then it is my duty to taste it.

I say I’ve never been to Barnham Broom Country Club before, but I can’t be certain. I have this childhood memory, more of a broken flashback really, where I’m almost certain I was there attending a Muscular Dystrophy group catch up, conference thing. When I was younger my family would get together with others experiencing a relatable life-spanner-in-the-works. We would meet those with similar conditions and life challenges, share experiences, tips and tricks, knowledge and basically catch up. These things still happen, and that’s great, but I’m not too involved now. I don’t know why.

A photo taken wheeling towards the main entrance at Barnham Broom Country Club. It is a long l shaped brick building. The sky is grey with clouds.

As we drove up the drive towards the carpark, these flashbacks returned. I believe we attended a function here back in the day, although nobody else remembers. Maybe it was in another life. Surely you can’t have a déjà vu before actually arriving?!

Anyway, going through the main entrance I was hit by the fragrances of a spa. Essential oils, floral and herbal smells. I could have had a facial and scalp massage right there. However this was not the aim of the day. Maybe next time I should make a day of it and check in to the spa too.

Wheeling down a corridor to the right the smell transformed into that of a roast dinner, meaty, comforting and warm. It’s amazing what a smell can do to the mind.

We were shown to a large room, through a room, with another room just beyond. Like a room of rooms.

A photo taken looking down onto the large round table. There are plates at napkins at the place settings and a large window in the background.

Myself and my Mum seated at the large table.

The three of us were seated at a large round table by the window. You’ll know by now that round tables are my table of choice, not only are they more sociable, I can also drive upto and under them easily without table legs and wheelchair parts getting in the way.

The room was nice and peaceful without being quiet in an uncomfortable way. I could imaging chilling out after a facial while waiting for my manicure appointment.

Menus were brought over and tea was discussed. For the ‘afternoon tea experience’ we could order two drinks each from a list of teas, coffee, or a cold drink. I started with a loose leaf earl grey and later moved on to a breakfast decaf. Because it isn’t just for breakfast.

When the afternoon tea stand arrived we drooled with delight. It was a mini tea, but still there was plenty. Especially as this was a lunchtime treat and I’m not a big eater.

The afternoon tea stand in the centre of our table with a teapot to the left. There are colourful desserts on the top layer, scones in the middle, and sandwiches at the bottom.

A bit of everything was arranged elegantly on the tiers, your usual afternoon tea suspects. Working from bottom to top (because that’s the only way you should work an afternoon tea!) we began with the sandwiches.

Dainty fingers, slightly smaller than your usual finger, we had four each. It’s hard to choose a favourite as they were all delicious. I love that we were given cream cheese and cucumber, this is a tradition I believe should be followed with all teas. I enjoy the delicacy and freshness. There was also a smoked salmon, dill and creme fraiche. The salmon was finely chopped and served on brown bread, the smokiness just right. I’m not always a fan of beef, finding some meats a bit like hard work on the jaw. This tender slice with rocket and horseradish however was perfect. Finally, my fourth favourite in no particular order was the chicken baconnaise salad. The word baconnaise being one of my recent favourites. Two great things combined! I had bacon jam recently too, I think bacon condiments could be the new big thing. Baconutchup, baconustard, baconickle. Name me a condiment that wouldn’t be improved with bacon?!

I could easily discuss bacon all day but we must move on to the middle tier, the tier of scones.

A close up of the afternoon tea stand, focussing on the scones. There a six mini scones with pots of cream, jam and butter.

Keeping to the mini ‘experience’ theme our scones were small but oh so adorable! Why is it small things are so cute? Oh have you watched those tiny kitchen cooking vlog thingys on the internet? They pop up on my Facebook sometimes and distract me for hours. If not, then go google it AFTER reading the rest of this, because I’m pretty sure you’ll get sucked in to the never ending www and forget to return.

Back to the scones, the first being savoury. When I read that this cheese scone contained walnuts, I have to confess I was a little apprehensive. Could one of my favourite parts of an afternoon tea have been ruined? But no. Another genius food combination discovered. Both scones were served slightly warm, warmer if I ate faster and talked less. But then what fun is that.

On to the sweet scone, apricot and sultana. Again a slight twist to the norm but just as tasty. Served with lashings of clotted cream and jam, and being with a crazy human that doesn’t like cream, I made the most of it and asked for mine to be piled high.

The top and final tier was reached.

Looking down on to the top tier of desserts. There are three tarts, three macarons, three halves of choux bun and three small jars filled with pink posset.

I’ve never quite decided what I think of macarons. I’m probably meant to like them, (I actually like the coconut kind more, macaroons are they? Words can be too similar, there are so many letter variations to use, why use the same ones?!). it’s something I’d assume myself to like, they’re small, quirky. I’ve never disliked them. They’re just not generally something I get excited about. Maybe it’s because there’s not much to excite. A fluffy, crispy air. But this pistachio and lime macaron was tasty. Delicious even.

Macarons can be extremely sweet. Now I love cake, we all know that. But I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth. Not the sugary sweet kind. I choose crisps over sweets. This macaron was zesty and refreshing, I could happily eat these again.

Next up was the choux bun filled with mocha cream. For this mini afternoon tea these were halved, one piece each. I tend to enjoy the combination of chocolate and coffee, two great flavours. Yet this fell a little short for me. The pastry was light and crisp, just right, however the filling wasn’t strong in flavour. I’m not sure I would have known it was coffee had I not read the menu.

Posset. Funny word. Makes me think of a little furry animal, a cute one. I know, it’s probably me linking it to the word possum. Anyway this led me to looking up the word and it’s origin. Posset that is. To discover it started as…

‘A drink made of hot milk curdled with ale, wine, or other alcohol and typically flavoured with spices’

Now a creamy dessert, we were served rhubarb posset with a gingerbread crumb. In the cutest tiny jar you ever did see! Rhubarb, the often overlooked vegetable (yes it’s actually a vegetable, who knew), is one of my favourites. Combined with ginger it was almost like they created it for me. This deliciously sweet yet tart dessert served in a clip top jar was only slightly smaller than the ones served with the regular sized teas, those being in shot glasses.

Last but certainly not least was the little blood orange curd tartlet topped with raspberry ripple meringue. Yes, it was as good as it sounds. A tart in more than one way, which is great with me. That orange curd should come in a jar and be stocked in my fridge!

An image to pin. The view looking down on to the desserts, title text is placed over. The Barnham Broom Afternoon Tea Experience. Pin this

I thoroughly enjoyed my second? visit to Barnham Broom. This afternoon tea was up there in my list of favourites. And at just £10 per person it was brilliant value for money.

Although this deal was a Monday-Friday thing running through till the end of March, I have since seen that it has been extended during April.

For a small eater like myself, somebody wanting a lighter lunch, or those wishing to trial something for their first afternoon tea, this is an excellent idea and option. I do hope this becomes a regular choice at Barnham Broom and that other restaurants consider the idea. It makes afternoon tea that little more affordable, and gives me good reason to eat them more often! Yes that is possible.

Super excited & proud to announce that I have been nominated for the 2nd year running in the Bloggers Bash awards!
If you enjoy what you read then please take a minute to vote for me in the ‘Lifestyle’ category.

33 thoughts on “The Barnham Broom Afternoon Tea Experience”

  1. It sounds like a wonderful afternoon. We have little access to afternoon tea in Central Florida, though I’ve managed a couple of times at or near Disney. However, I’m starting my day off with Twining’s English Breakfast and…. and a protein shake. lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your afternoon tea experience looked absolutely perfect! My husband’s grandmother grew up just outside of London where her family raised sheep. She just passed away a few years ago at 94 years old, but she always insisted on having afternoon teas for special occasions, and I’m so happy she did. My in-laws had an afternoon tea for me in celebration of my engagement to my then fiance. His family has perfected many of the afternoon tea delicacies, and I was so very lucky to experience my first afternoon tea with them. Everything was delicious, beautiful, and perfect. Your post brought back great memories.

    Also, congratulations on your nomination!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on the ABBA nomination (we are in the same category with several blogging pals from our “groups”!!) – very well deserved. Are you coming to the bash?
    This looks fab, Gemma – a cup of tea and delicious cakes is always a winner in my book! Going to look this up to see if near enough for us to visit on our hols this year……we are coming to Cromer, so thought I’d message you to try to arrange a cuppa in Norwich?? Claire x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, congratulations back at you and best of luck! I’m honoured to be with such a fab line up. Unfortunately I can’t make the Bash this year, but I hope to one year!
      Oooh yes you’ll have to keep me informed about when you’re coming to Norfolk! Barnham Broom is probably just over 1 hour from Cromer. I go to Cromer and No1 fish bar for their amazing fish and chips!!
      Also if you’re visiting Norwich during your stay I would highly recommend Assembly House and their afternoon tea. Although a little more pricey it’s also delicious. There are a few trips there on my blog 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It sounds delightful! I’ve been to only 2 Afternoon Tea Experiences and enjoyed both. I should look for closer places near me as The Rittenhouse is at least an hour ride. I loved every minute and we were even able to talk the waitress into selling us a small amount of their special blend tea which tasted & smelled like flowers! Yummy. By the way, Traser Joe’s sells a variety box of Macarons with the Pistaccio being one of the flavors. They also have fig, Lemon… I can’t remember the other variety. There are only 12 (2 each of 6 different flavors in the prettiest box ever) Congrats on being nominated for the Bloggers award again! I hope you win! Take Care my Disney Friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, thanks 😊
      Oh that tea sounds lovely. I think a good loose leaf tea makes the occasion extra special. It’s not something I have that often at home, so enjoy it all the more when I go out.
      Fig macaron sounds intriguing!


  5. You’re right, it’s often the places that we pass regularly or are nearby that can often get overlooked. There are so many cafes in my town I’ve wanted to go to but have never been too, I should start making my way through a few of them! Glad to see Facebook advertising has been successful in this instance!
    Mmm I love the smell of a nice roast dinner. A good way to be greeted to an eating establishment. Or bacon, I love the smell of that too!

    This sounds lovely, though I couldn’t do baconnaise. I love bacon, but not mayonnaise, that’s the stuff of nightmares for me. Bacon jam is a new one to me, didn’t know that existed! I can’t say I’ve seen any tiny kitchen cooking vlogs either. Do you mean literally a miniature kitchen? How do the people fit in it? I’m so confused at how this works. I’m not sure that Googling ‘tiny kitchen cooking’ will bring up the results you’re talking about, but I’ll try it after I leave my comment!

    Yeah, I’m not too sure about macarons either. If they’re a good flavour then they’re delicious. If they’re a so-so flavour then the whole thing is a bit ‘meh’. I’m surprised at the price, that’s a lot better than I was expecting!
    Fantastic review, Gemma =]
    Caz xx
    PS. Huuuuuge congrats on the very well-deserved Bloggers Bash nomination! xx

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    1. Yes, there’s a café just round the corner from me. I keep calling it new, but it’s probably been there a couple of years now and I’m still yet to enquire as to whether they have a ramp and go for a visit.
      Haha, did you Google the tiny kitchen baking videos? They are mini kitchens with small ovens and cooking equipment, you only see the bakers fingers. Everything just looks so cute!

      Thank you, and a huge congratulations back at you!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my goodness these all sound excellent Gemma.
    – Plus one for loving bacon jam. If you add some to cheese toast (I know you like that…) it makes it even better!!
    – Macaroons vs macarons: I know what you mean, I think I like the coconut ones better too.
    – Rhubarb posset with a gingerbread crumb sounds divine!

    Liked by 1 person

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