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A Cheesy Lifestyle – Marmalades Royal Arcade Norwich

You probably already know, I love cheese. Grated, melted, deep fried, mature, soft, blue, coated, spread, sliced, on a burger, with pasta, on toast. I love all the cheese.

I don’t know how I’ve been blogging for almost three years yet I still haven’t spoken about the magical cheese on toast served at one of my favourite cafes in Norwich.

Situated between modern architecture and high street stores is Norwich’s Royal Arcade. Beautiful Art Nouveau design makes this a stunning contrast to the larger structures and grey paving that surrounds it.

Large archway leading inside Royal Arcade. Stone column and decorative tile work in blues and greys.

The grand entrance to Royal Arcade. This is a big open archway with curved glass work and an Art Nouveau style.

Looking down the long shopping area of Royal Arcade Norwich. There is a curved glass roof, and black metalwork ornate light fittings hanging down like lamps.

The Royal Arcade is a small roofed shopping arcade filled with independent shops, cafés and the much loved local toy shop, opened in the 1800’s, Langleys.

Although the shops can be quite small in the Royal Arcade, as this was built centuries ago, they do all have step free access to ground level. It’s an ideal area to dash inside if sudden rain falls, and have a little peruse.

Short historical context covered, let’s get to the cheese.

A photo taken outside Marmalades café yet still inside Royal Arcade. There is seating outside the café. Big windows give you a glimpse inside. There is Art Nouveau tile work on the architecture.

Marmalades is an independent café, that opened in the Royal Arcade during late 1990’s.

It’s great little eatery that does simple yet tasty food. You’ll find breakfasts, paninis, sandwiches, quiche, jacket potatoes, soup of the day, pastries, cakes and all things lunchy. Including cheese on toast.

The best cheese on toast I’ve even had. No question.

This photo is taken looking down on to a plate of cheese on toast. There are two slices of toast, each cut in half. Arranged attractively in triangles.

The same plate of cheese on toast. Photo taken from a side angle. Cheese is melting over the edges of the toast.

I’ve tried, well I haven’t because I can’t grate cheese or open a loaf of bread, or put the two together, but I’ve instructed people to try, and replicate this piece of genius. But I can’t. I watched how the Marmalades lady made it, step by step, yes I probably looked weird. They have a special grill though, maybe that’s the secret. Whatever it is, it works, because if I want cheese on toast this is where I head.

On one lunch date with friends I thought I’d have a change, try something different, don’t be predictable, order a sausage roll! It was ok, tasty even. But there’s not much I’ve regretted more. This is a place where I have to order that same food every time. No ‘having a change’ here. I’m predictable and I don’t care.

A close up photo of golden melted cheese.

There’s the option of white or brown bread, I always go for brown, not because of health reasons, I actually like it more. Another thing to add to my oddness.

The cheese is strong, obviously grated, and piled high. The toast is toasty. Don’t you hate it when you get bread-toast, the floppy warm kind? I do, I like a bite. As you bite into this piece of magic the cheese has a slightly crisp top, where it’s turned all golden. Then you bite down into gooeyness. A light fluffy stringy cheesy heaven. Be careful though, the heat can be deadly. Why is it molten cheese feels like the hottest substance on earth? Probably hotter than the centre of the earth.

Unfortunately I’m one of the slowest eaters in town, my friends have finished before I’ve even got through half a slice. It’s ok though, this cheese on toast doesn’t go chewy when cold unlike most. I don’t know what they do, but it’s good even then.

Another great thing is they have decaf tea and coffee, both tasty. It’s surprising how many places offer decaffeinated coffee but not tea. There’s not much better than tea and toast!

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Although step free, Marmalades is a little snug inside. It’s a popular place and once tables start to fill there isn’t much space for me to wheel around. I always try to arrive for an early lunch, a bit before the rush, and nab a table by the door. This means that when I do come to leave I don’t have to disturb many people. There’s nothing worse than interrupting somebody mid stringy-cheese bite.

Tables are fairly close together but great for wheeling under as all have central legs and majority are round. A circular table is generally an accessible table, the curve making it easy to wheel under, and more sociable. I find the tables slightly on the low side, but fortunately my wheelchair has a raise function which enables me to lower the seat slightly if need be. There is also seating outside Marmalades yet still within the shelter of the Royal Arcade. However this can get chilly as a wind tunnel is created.

One downside is the toilet, this is most definitely not accessible. It is just about accessible for your average walker. Belonging to the café, it is outside and kind of round the back, down a narrow alleyway. Royal Arcade is just a short distance from the Castle Mall shopping centre, with a cut through just beside Marmalades café, there are ample accessible toilets here, which I tend to stop at before filling up on tea.

Anyway, all this talk of cheese has got me wanting a late night feast. Is it only my Nan that gave warnings of eating cheese before bed?

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Before I go I’ve got some exciting news…

Wheelescapades has been nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog at this years Annual Bloggers Bash awards. I’m so grateful to whoever nominated me, honoured to be in a line up with some epic lifestyles. I’ve never thought of myself as a Lifestyle Blogger, I don’t really know what I thought I was. A rambler, I’d win that one!

Voting for a winner isn’t open yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know when it is. In the meantime you can still make nominations for the awards.

An image of the Bloggers Bash logo. A purple circle with Bloggers Bash text and Best Lifestyle Blog written below.

39 thoughts on “A Cheesy Lifestyle – Marmalades Royal Arcade Norwich”

  1. I reeeeeally want cheese now! I love the stuff, but that cheese on toast sounds so good! I always take the brown bread option too!
    “No cheese before bed or it’ll make you dream!” That’s what my Nan always said too, and I never understood why that was a problem when I can wake myself up if I don’t like a dream! I guess not everyone can though.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha yes I can have as much cheese as I want to before bed! I read somewhere though that it leads to more vivid dreams and not necessarily nightmares. Vivid dreams that are good can be nice, so maybe poor old cheese shouldn’t have such a bad reputation!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on the nomination Gemma, the first one is always the most special 🙂 The subject of cheese, what is not to love? Unfortunately, at the present time it is banned from going anywhere near my lips as my hips need to be reduced 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. That arcade has beautiful architecture! I like modern buildings with lots of steel & glass, but places like this are getting rarer and it’s a shame because they’ve got such character. Oooh yes, cheese on toast. Love the stuff! It’s simple, no fuss, and delicious. But it has to be done well, and it’s strange how places can get it so wrong. Glad this place does it excellently and to your taste, Gemma. Tea and toast, tea and cheese on toast, and tea with a bacon sandwich. Some of the best combinations that exist in the world.
    PS. Huge congrats on your nomination! I’ve still not done my nominations yet but I will in the next couple of days. And you will certainly have more than one nomination, you rock!
    Now, for dinner tonight I’m thinking cheese on toast 😀
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, seeing architecture like this is getting rarer and it’s such a shame. Although we are lucky in the UK to still have quite a bit of history being kept alive.
      Ooh bacon sandwich with tea, you are spot on!
      Thank you, I’m yet to make my nominations either. There are so many talented and interesting bloggers out there. So chuffed I was even considered 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on your blogs nomination and yaaay for the cheese! I love a good cheese on toast too. Do you ever get them to add a splash of Lee&Perrin’s? For me, that makes it eeeeven better!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve been to Norwich a couple of times but never really had a chance to look around. What a glorious arcade! I do love art nouveau, and like you I also love cheese (never met a cheese I didn’t like). This year I’m not going to be travelling abroad much because we’re having major building work done on the house and we don’t want to turn our backs on the builders so we thought we’d do some exploring of the UK – I think Norwich may need to be put on the list of potential destinations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes the best places to explore are on our doorsteps, we don’t think of it as travel in the same way, but people come here to travel! I look forward to reading about Norwich if you decide to visit.


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