Festivities and Kindness

It’s been a bit of a week. Two firsts for me, I had the paramedics out in the middle of Asda, and I left Father Christmas hanging. Not both at the same time I might add. There are days that go by smoothly and you forget you have a disability. Well not really forget, but… Continue reading Festivities and Kindness

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Booking Accessible Tickets – Mission (almost) Impossible

Warning: this post may contain rants. In fact it is probably one big long rant! So Muse are on tour again, my single favourite band in the world. I loved them as a teen and then saw them at V Festival 2004. Why does 2004 not sound that long ago when it’s actually almost 15… Continue reading Booking Accessible Tickets – Mission (almost) Impossible

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Friends and Fireworks on a Rooftop

I’ve never much celebrated Guy Fawkes night. As a kid I remember standing (sitting) around waiting no end of time for something that lasted just a few minutes.  That was when there were bonfires, do these things still have bonfires or is that another thing health and safety stole? Anyway I’d be freezing my driving… Continue reading Friends and Fireworks on a Rooftop