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February Blues and Other News

So February came accompanied by the usual illnesses. For me February seems to be the worst month for catching germs (those little critters!). I think it’s a combination of things, the weather is wet, dull and cold, but there are also changes happening as spring slowly appears. The weather doesn’t know what it’s doing and neither does my body. It can’t cope with change, it gets a bit grumpy about it, just like I do really! We go out less in February (well I seem to), there’s not much going on, it’s too miserable to leave the house, we stay inside with the heating on and the germs having a fab time multiplying.

It all started with a sore throat, which is generally the case for me. That turned into a chest infection. My nemesis. One of my biggest gripes with SMA is having crappy lungs. Poor lung capacity and overall weakness means that I have the most pathetic cough you can imagine. I sound more feeble than a cat. Not being able to effectively cough gunk up means that it settles on my chest more easily. Anyways after some antibiotics, a lot of hot tea, time in bed and chest physio I am on the mend. I’m still not quite my normal. But I’m recovering.

Having a pathetic cough does use up a lot of energy, this and the fact that I’ve lost the routine of writing (watched too many Disney films) means that I haven’t had the focus to write or be creative. That does however mean that I’ve had plenty of time for reading blogs and taking part in the little blogging community. This is something I really enjoy about the blogging world but it can be quite time consuming if you let it. One link can lead to another, my inbox fills will daily updates. Before you know it hours have passed and your iPhone battery is dead. Damn iPhone barriers!

There are some great writers out there, and depending on what I read it can really change my mood or thoughts or inspire some writing myself.

As February isn’t my favourite month, and many people seem to be suffering with the ol’ health lately, I thought I’d share with you today 5 posts that have encouraged me this week. I’m not sure I like the word motivating, but these posts give you a little shove, a boost, a little lift, a think.

Feel Good February: Practising Positivity – The Emma Edit

Anxiety & Us – Gin & Lemonade

Like to Love – Fancy Paper

How To Get Back Into Something After It’s Been A While – The Nelly Bean

I Love – Adventure With Amanda

As well as reading blogs I’ve spent time reading books, as I find this relaxing and easy to do when you’re not feeling great. In January I joined an online book club, which I’m loving. It’s also helping me to achieve one of my 2018 aims of reading more.

I’ve always kind of liked the idea of being part of a book club, but wondered if I’d fit in or read the books quick enough. I enjoy reading and discussing books with friends, as luckily we seem to have similar taste in books. That’s nothing organised though and we don’t always read books simultaneously so it can be a few months between reading a book and then recommending it to a friend or be recommended it before the chats start.

I discovered The Surviving Life Book Club through a blog I enjoy reading. It’s a new group and was set up with people like me in mind. People that maybe can’t always get out to attend clubs for various health reasons. This group is on Facebook so you are free to chat in your leisure and you can leave a comment any time of day that suits you. We are currently on our first book, The Husbands Secret, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. At the end of the month a chat post will open where we can all discuss our thoughts on the novel. I love how relaxed yet fun this group is, and that as well as introducing me to new books and focusing my reading, it gives me the opportunity to ‘meet’ likeminded people from all over the world.

Even though I haven’t actually written a post for a little while, (although I do aim to change that this week as I’ve got a new tea and cake discovery in Norwich to tell you all about!) I do have a guest post/interview over at A Chronic Voice to share. You may remember back in November I interviewed the lovely Sheryl as part of my Twenty Questions series.

Well the lovely Sheryl has also interviewed me! She asked some brilliant questions including…

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

What would your dream wheelchair be like?

What’s your favourite hair colour?

To find out my answers and read the full interview head on over to ‘Getting to Know Gemma of “Wheelescapades” in 20 Random Questions’. I would also love to hear some of your answers or what you thought of mine, so feel free to drop a comment here or over at A Chronic Voice.

Bonus news of the day!

I am officially a contributor at The Mighty. Whoop! This is pretty exciting for me. It’s all lovely writing my little blog and having people read it and comment. But submitting a piece to The Mighty and to actually have it acknowledged and published on a well known website, as a an actual piece of writing worth reading and possibly assisting and informing people, that’s something else.

Check out which post was published by heading over to my Mighty Profile. You can also sign up or follow me. I hope this is only the start to my contribution with The Mighty.

52 thoughts on “February Blues and Other News”

  1. Hi Gemma. Hopefully this February will be healthier for you than last years. I actually like Feb because I see the buds forming on the trees and hedges. We actually have daffodils out this year already because the weather has been quite mild.
    Oh I know it’s a sick month for many people and I’ve had bouts of the flu and colds myself, but when I’m good I wrap up well and then warm up with a ‘special’ hot chocolate! 😉

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  2. This is such a rough time for coughs, colds, and flus- they seem to be going around continually and changing juuuuust enough to get you sick again. I am happy to hear that you are on the mend and feeling better!! And maybe all of that time off with Disney films means we can expect a Disney themed post?? 😀 (I think hearing people’s thoughts on Disney is the key to figuring them out haha)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m snowed in now so hoping the big freeze will kill off any remaining germs!
      A lot of my recent Disney watching has been chosen by the 2 and 5 year old girls here. But my choice would be old school Disney. Bambi, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty. What does that make you think? 😊


  3. So glad you’re recovering, and congratulations on being a Mighty contributor! I followed you! I’ve been writing for The Mighty for just over a year, and it’s been an amazing experience. Hope yours is too!

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    1. Thank you, and thank you for the follow. I’m struggling to work out how to find people on The Mighty and how to know who is following me. It’s surprising I can blog really! 😂


  4. Hi Gemma, hope you are on the mend x it sucks being sick especially as Feb is a dull month too.
    I have followed your profile on the Mighty, very exciting! Looking forward to s few good reads.
    Thank you for including me in the post by the way,am very touched. I love dipping into new blogs too so once again you are leading me to the right place!
    Feel better x lots of tea and TLC

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the well wishes and the tea (I’m drinking plenty of that!). It’s 1st March now so I’m hoping February and it’s dreaded germs have gone. Plus we have #thebeastfromtheeast here. I went out today (stupid) and a passerby had to push me and my skidding wheels up a ramp. I will freeze those germs! 😃


  5. Sounds like a mixed bag so far in February for you. I hope you’re feeling better soon there’s a lot of different lurgy doing the rounds at the minute. You’ve got some exciting things happening too though!!

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  6. Well done you for you Mighty post!! That is a really big deal…I have often looked and then not been brave enough! We have man flu in our house again and they been threatened to keep away from me…..but this cold spell is killing me with a horrible pain flare. You keep well xxx

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  7. Congratulations on being published on The Mighty! That is wonderful news! I’m sorry you are feeling lousy, and I hope this bit of great news lifts you up at least a little. Thanks for the reading recommendations. I’ve been reading a lot myself these days, and I’m constantly looking for my next big thing to lose myself in.

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  8. February is definitely the worst month for any kind of ailments. I’m on sick leave until 18th of march and then possibly having to undergo surgery so I feel you on being sick, honestly. I hope you’ll get better soon though! An online book club sounds like a good idea! I have a very particular taste in books so I can never find anyone to chat with about them so looking online could be an idea. x


    1. Oh no I hope you are recovered soon too!
      Yes the book club is a great idea. I’m sure there must be something out there to join for people that enjoy the same genre books as you do.


  9. What brilliant news! congratulations, I am more than thrilled for you!

    Totally sympathiese on the sick front too, an also off sick at the mo, and fed up to the back teeth.

    However, back to you, I hope this is just the start, and that you go onwards and upwards 🙂
    Well done, you deserve every bit of success! Xxx

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  10. Thanks for sharing some great blog reads, and I was really happy to have you on my blog for the interview, too! Like you, I aim to read more books this year, but am also unsure if I could read fast enough to keep up with a book club haha. I hope that pesky cough is receding x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for having me over at A Chronic Voice, I really enjoyed answering your questions!
      The pace of this book club is working well for me so far, and there is no pressure to join in with every book 😊


  11. Hope you’re feeling better now. I’ve joined the book club too and love the idea of an online club which I think works well for different kinds of accessibility needs, including my own. Also, it doesn’t just limit you to people in your local area.

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  12. Ohh Gemma Im sorry that you have been feeling so unwell. Lots of rest and making sure you dot rush back to anything, it took me 6 weeks to feel back to normal after my bought of Ozzie Flu, look after yourself xxx. Well done on The Mighty published piece, what a great boost. Well deserved, fabulous! I hope you continue to regain health, and its great to read a catch up. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sooo many people I know have been ill recently, it’s a bad time of year. I’m glad you’re feeling better though. I’m trying hard to rest up and get there.
      I’m pleased about The Mighty, hope I get chance to contribute more.
      Thanks for stopping by and for the support.

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  13. I’m sorry you’ve been so ill recently, I hope you start to pick up a bit soon. Congratulations on becoming a contributor at The Mighty, that sounds great! Thank you so much for sharing how much you’re enjoying The Surviving Life Book Club, that means a lot to me. I’m having loads of fun chatting books with everyone over there too, I can’t wait for our first proper discussion next week 🙂!!!

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  14. Nat’s book club is great! And fab news about The Mighty – they’ve just accepted my recent submission too so I’ll check out your profile & follow you now 🙂
    I’m sorry you’ve been struggling lately and feeling unwell, the miserable, cold weather certainly isn’t fun. I hope you’re feeling brighter & a little healthier soon – spring can’t come quickly enough! Sending hugs your way… xx

    Liked by 2 people

  15. I’m sorry you’ve been so poorly. I thought it was a bit quiet over here. Hope you feel better and better during the rest of the week. Congratulations on The Mighty publication – I will certainly be checking that out. I nominated you for a blog award over on my site. No pressure to participate if it isn’t your thing, but just wanted to make sure that you knew, either way, that i think your blog is terrific!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw the nomination, thank you so much for the kind words, I will get round to accepting it soon!
      I’m chuffed about The Mighty, hopefully I’ll have chance to share more of my thoughts there soon. Thanks for stopping by 😊


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