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Best Nine of 2017

I’ve very much enjoyed my first attempt at blogmas, my ‘Sporadic Blogmas’ this year. I know I haven’t posted everyday, but I did warn you that was never going to happen. I couldn’t keep up the momentum and I’d probably run out of interesting things to say. That’s if anything I say is ‘interesting’! It has given me the chance to enjoy Christmas in a diffferent way, and the opportunity to blog in a different way too. I’m usually very focused on disability and access, and although I still am, and there’ll be lots more of that to come next year. Next year is next week. Next week is 2018. Can you believe it?! I’ve branched out a little during blogmas, and I liked it.

Although 2017 hasn’t been my favourite year in life, it has been my favourite in blogging. Not that I’ve been blogging long, I only started in 2016. I still feel very new to it and like I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing technically. I’m learning though! And it’s fun.

Blogging is becoming a part of me and I’m becoming more through my blog. It’s scary putting yourself out there, your thoughts and opinions. But it’s amazing when I get an idea and get lost in it and write and get all passionate and inspired. Then it’s out there, floating around in the clouds, for everybody and nobody at the same time.

I enjoy blogging more and more as time goes on. One of my main loves, and a huge discovery for me this year is the blogging community and the interaction blogging creates.

I wouldn’t say figures and stats are important to me, but readers and feedback. So in a way that means figures are crucial. I write because I enjoy the process (mostly), but also because I want others to enjoy it or find it useful.

I’m going to end blogmas and this year on a high. With a list of my top 9 posts from 2017. They’ve all made the list for different reasons. So it’s not really a rated list. They are all on the same level. All winners. As such they will not be numbered.

Most Liked: Countdown to Christmas – Sporadic Blogmas

Most Viewed: Pleasure to Eat You – Figbar Norwich

Most Comments: Just a Little Respect

Most Retweeted: Books and Blogs – I’m a Guest

Most Facebook Reach: Birthday Celebrations – The Waffle House Norwich

Most Liked on Instagram: Russell Brand Re:Birth – Norwich

Most Rewarding: Please Stand Up – Bella Italia

Most Exciting: Naidex – The NEC Birmingham

Most Magical: The Magical Latitude Festival

Do you have a favourite blog post of mine? Or a request of a subject I could discuss or place I could visit in 2018?

Feedback welcomed and appreciated!

57 thoughts on “Best Nine of 2017”

  1. This is such a good idea! I have been reading through some of your top posts and think that it is such a nice idea to do a ‘show and tell’ of your blogging year, according to the statistics. I had never really worked out what blogmas was all about, so was pleased to be enlightened. How anyone manages to post everyday throughout Advent is a mystery to me – I certainly couldn’t do it, so hats off to them!

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  2. My first visit (from Chronic Illness Bloggers FB group) – glad you had such a great blogging year! I was confused by “blogmas” at first – thought it rhymed with dogmas – but I looked it up and see it actually rhymes with Christmas – now I get it! I had no time at all to blog during the holidays, so I’m impressed you did so well!

    Happy New Year – hope 2018 is another great blogging year for you!


    Living with ME/CFS

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    1. Ha Dogmas, never occurred to me!
      It was quite a challenge and I didn’t manage to blog everyday. But did post a lot more than normal. It got me motivated to write. I feel for me that the more I write, the more I can write. If you get me.

      Thank you for stopping by. I wish you a great 2018.


  3. Have to agree with you – I’ve learned so much from blogging and interacting too! And like you, I enjoyed 2017 in relation to blogging at least. Looking forward to getting to know you better in 2018! x

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    1. There are some great blogging friends out there.
      You’ll know more about me very soon…. I’ve almost answered all of your questions and can’t wait to feature on your fabulous blog!


  4. Happy New Year Gemma, as most have already pointed you are indeed an inspiration. Quietly making your mark in a big way, I like it 🙂

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  5. Have to say I enjoyed everyone of these posts for different reasons! The latitude festival was an eye opener as I never thought of a festival like that. The Figbar made me feel food envy!! I love the guest posts too. A little respect might have stayed in my mind the longest. Genuinely honest, well written and inspiring blog overall Gemma looking forward to more!

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  6. Participating in Blogmas is definitely on my list of things to do in the near future though I hope you don’t mind if I run with the idea of doing it sporadically lol I don’t think I’m Christmasy enough to carry on everyday until what? Is it Christmas or the whole month of December? I’m not sure exactly but Happy New Year and blog on!

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  7. I am so glad you’re here in the blogosphere! It is a brave thing putting your voice out in the universe, and you do it well, the brave and your voice! I am hideously tardy in thanking you for the Liebster! Thank you. My sincere thanks to you, Gemma! I looooove answering the types of questions you posed, and I’m looking forward to it. All the best to you in 2018! Keep writing. I will keep reading.

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  8. Brilliant post 🙂 It was great to see some of the posts J had already enjoyed and see a few more that I haven’t interacted with yet. All the best for 2018 xx

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